WeedSeedsExpress Review 2022

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WeedSeedsExpress is one of the best seed banks in the market.

If you haven’t heard of this seed bank yet then don’t worry.

We are going to dig out deep with the WeedSeedsExpress review and let you know if this is a legit seed bank to buy seeds from.

Let’s get started:

Is WeedSeedsExpress Legit Seed Bank?

First thing first, yes, is a completely legit online seed bank.

They are based in Haarlem (also known as Little Amsterdam), Netherlands, and operating since 2005.

Therefore, your money will be completely safe here, and in return, you can assure yourself of getting high-quality weed seeds.

Further, they cover a huge audience of weed growers across the world. Thanks to their top-notch services and guaranteed delivery to almost every location around the globe.

Though we will move forward to their different services and sections step-by-step, let’s know their history first:

History of WeedSeedsExpress

Weed Seeds Express was started by a group of three friends Roger, Frank, and David with an aim to provide fresh and high-quality marijuana seeds to growers across the world.

They have started on this aim since 2005 and have come a far way.

While before starting this seed bank, they were cultivating marijuana on their own.

They were producing their own unique strains and breeding genetics, which were new to the people.

Then, finally, with years of experience, they decided to share their idea, goal, and experience with the growers around the world.

And, this is how they launched WeedSeedsExpress in 2005.

The founders were already aware of the poor shopping experience back at that time. Because they had also bought weed seeds from stores and online seed banks.

Therefore, they were aware of the difficulties that growers were facing while buying seeds.

Even sometimes, they also got scammed.

Fortunately, this experience made them avoid these issues through their store.

And, they decided to provide the ultimate best online shopping experience through their online seed store i.e., WeedSeedsExpress.

That is why now, they proudly claim to provide one of the best online shopping experiences through WeedSeedsExpress.

Quick Review of WeedSeedsExpress

Here is my quick and short review:

Established – in 2005, based in Haarlem, Netherlands.

Seeds availability – over 100+ different marijuana strains, feminized, auto-flowering, regular including different varieties.

Shipping and delivery – worldwide shipping, same-day shipping available, with guaranteed delivery, discreet packaging.

Pricing – reasonable pricing, $13 (11 Euros) to $15 (13 Euros) per seed price.

Reviews – excellent 4.8 out of 5.0 with 500+ reviews on Trustpilot.

Official Website

Detailed Review of WeedSeedsExpress

Now, let’s dive deeper into it:

1. Seeds Availability and Quality

Weed Seeds Express stocks over 100 different marijuana strains.

The best part of buying seeds from their website is their different varieties and categories, which makes finding favorite strains easy.

Either it is about regular, feminized, or auto-flowering, you can get almost every variety depending upon your growing skills.

With that said, WeedSeedsExpress also contains a special stock of seeds for beginners.

Where the newbie growers with basic growing techniques can get the most out of their garden with those seeds in less effort.

Additionally, you will also have the seeds categorized accordingly Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, high THC, high CBD, low THC, and many more.

However, you don’t get the mixed strains section or a bulk section. That means, you have to separately buy the seeds, which is something I didn’t like.

Coming to the quality of these seeds then it is fantastic.

Weed Seeds Express provides you 90% germination rate on their all seeds.

Above that, you get freebies with your orders to make sure you get the 100% out of your seeds.

Here are some of their best seller seeds of 2022:

  • Sexxpot Feminized Seeds
  • Grand Daddy Purple Seeds
  • Charlotte’s Web Seeds
  • AK 47
  • Acapulco Gold

2. Shipping and Delivery Service

This seed bank ships to every country in the world.

Until or unless there are no legal boundaries.

I have to say this, WeedSeedsExpress has one of the finest shipping and delivery services in the world.

Irrespective of your location, they are capable to ship your order within the same day. Which is something that even premium seed banks lack.

While they guarantee their delivery. It shows how confident they are with their shipping and delivery services.

Though the shipment is done via regular post services and not from private courier services.

This has its own pros and cons.

While the major advantage as a buyer is that you can get your order to any PO box.

Additionally, the packaging at WeedSeedsExpress is quite discreet and stealthy.

The company makes sure they haven’t mentioned any suspicious information or mark on the package.

And, if needed, they also pack the seeds in some unusual objects.

Their top discreet packaging has made them provide guaranteed delivery services across the different locations in the world.

However, the tracking facility at WeedSeedsExpress is available for orders above 100 Euros only.

Still, if you want to get the tracking with smaller orders then you can pay a nominal tracking fee of 7.50 Euros.

Keep in mind that for Canada and Australia orders, WeedSeedsExpress doesn’t provide tracking at all.

Coming to the delivery time then it is comparatively faster.

As said before, they ship the same day within 8 hours of payment received.

While the average delivery time from WeedSeedsExpress is 4 to 15 days depending upon your location.

Also, this delivery time may vary according to different countries, regions, and continents.

Still, if I sum up, then you can expect a better and faster delivery time at WeedSeedsExpress.

3. Customer Service

Customer service is one of the sections where WeedSeedsExpress shines the most.

As said before, the founders had a terrible experience with online stores during their times. Even sometimes, they got scammed.

That is why when they come up with this online seed bank, they promised 100% customer-satisfying customer support.

And, they stood on their words in real.

Weed Seeds Express provides you unmatchable shopping experience with their faster, supportive, and friendly customer support staff.

They have fantastic customer service.

You can reach to their backend team for help in case of any queries.  

You will have the customer support ticket, e-mail, and number to ring their team.

For calling, you can call anytime during the weekdays on the given number between 07:00 to 18:00 UTC. However, mail replies are responded, during the business days only.

Generally, their team responds faster, however, if they have an extra load then you might have to wait for a while.

Above that, if you have general queries then too, you can look at the online chat facility, which is available on the website itself.

Further, most of the online reviews at different forums and websites, don’t complain about their customer service.

So, all in all, you are sure to have a great shopping experience at the WeedSeedsExpress.

4. Payment Options

To be honest, this is where this seed bank has to improve the most.

As you will have very limited payment options at WeedSeedsExpress.

You got only two major payment methods:

  • Cryptocurrencies including bitcoin
  • Cash through registered mail

Being an online store operating for worldwide services, the company should provide more payment facilities.

Even Credit Cards or Bank Transfer is also not there right now.

This is where I felt they must improve.

Coming to the available methods, I will not recommend you to go with the cash option until or unless you are not from the city.

Because if you are buying seeds from here internationally, and sending cash through registered mail, it will not be a safe option.

On the other hand, Cryptocurrencies are good to go choice.

Even it is one of the discreet payment methods right now. That is why the whole world is adopting cryptos for transactions.

Therefore, if you are buying seeds from WeedSeedsExpress then I will recommend buying with crypto. As it is the safer option.

While if you are residing within a local address and comfortable taking the risk of sending cash then you will have also that option available.

5. Pricing

Pricing at WeedSeedsExpress is neither too cheap nor too high.

It is reasonably balanced.

The best-selling seeds at this seed bank are priced at 9 Euros per seed, which is quite affordable. Yet there are some cheaper seed banks.

However, considering the quality of seeds and germination rate that WeedSeedsExpress provides, the price is reasonable.

Even their top-shelf seeds start around 15 Euros.

Therefore, if you are a novice grower with a low budget then too, you can easily access high-quality marijuana seeds at WeedSeedsExpress without stretching your budget.

Moreover, their sale section will have even lower prices than the regular ones.

So, do check them out.

6. WeedSeedsExpress Website Review


Weed Seeds Express scores 100% on this test.

As they have got a professionally designed attractive website.

With everything mentioned on the homepage, you will get to know quickly what they offer in fact.

While the different sections, categories, varieties are quickly accessible. Thanks to easy navigation.

Additionally, you can scroll down to the bottom to know their different services on the website.

They have also a popular blog section where you can enhance your knowledge about marijuana and about growing it.

The best part about their website is that you will have a smooth experience.

Either it is about finding your favorite seeds or knowing this seed bank for the first time, the website has quickly got everything.

Further, if you want to connect with WeedSeedsExpress on different social media handles then you can connect with them on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

Overall, their website is eye-catching, professional, and contains all the info which is required from an ideal seed bank.

7. Market Reputation

As WeedSeedsExpress is a new seed bank in the market, therefore, it is building its reputation now.

Still, it has got mostly positive words with 500+ customer reviews at Trustpilot.

Although there are not many reviews to conclude its market reputation, however, the buyers who have interacted with this seed bank are mostly happy.

8. Promotional Offers and Discounts

This seed bank provides great promotional offers and discounts.

Right now, they are offering a “buy 10 get 10 free” offer.

Under which you can get the additional 10 free seeds for the same price of 10 seeds. Isn’t it amazing?

WeedSeedsExpress has also a separate sales section where you can get the ongoing sales or discounts at the website.

Keep in mind that, the store regularly updates its sales, discount codes, and other offers. So, you have to keep a regular eye on the website for grabbing amazing deals.

9. Return Policy

If you want to return the unused seeds to WeedSeedsExpress then you can do the same within 14 days of the order received.

For returning seeds to the seed bank, you need to contact their customer support first. They will guide you on it further.

While the good news is that this seed bank bears the cost of return shipment as well.

Above that, if you are eligible for the refund then they will do the same within 2 business days including the cost of the return shipment.

That is why the shopping experience at WeedSeedsExpress becomes better than ever!

Pros and Cons of WeedSeedsExpress Seed Bank


  • 100+ different strains available
  • Top-notch quality weed seeds
  • Reasonable priced
  • Same-day shipping with guaranteed delivery
  • Stealth packaging
  • Premium customer support
  • Discreet delivery
  • Attractive and easy interfaced website
  • Regular promotional and discount offers
  • Positive reviews


  • New seed bank
  • Limited payment options
  • Limited reviews

Frequently Asked Queries

  1. Is WeedSeedsExpress Legit?

Yes! 100%. They are a legit store in the industry since 2005.

2. What are the best-selling seeds at WeedSeedsExpress?

Northern Lights, ACDC Feminized, Sexxpot Feminized, Grand Daddy Purple, Blue Dream, and Charlotte’s Web Seeds are some of their best-selling seeds.

3. Can I place my order through Credit Card?

Unfortunately, right now, WeedSeedsExpress is not accepting payment through Credit Cards. You can only pay through either cash or cryptos.

4. Is there any germination guarantee?

No, there is no germination guarantee. However, the company claims that its seeds have more than a 90% germination rate.

5. I want to return my order, what should I do?

Make sure you don’t have used or damaged the product. Contact the customer support team regarding the same and in most cases, they will refund your amount. You can read detailed guidelines regarding the same on their website.

WeedSeedsExpress Review: Verdict

While summing up this WeedSeedsExpress review, I will 100% recommend you to buy weed seeds from here.

The seed quality is top-notch while the experience you get from here is premium and unmatchable.

Though there is still space for improvement but for starting your cultivation journey this will definitely be a perfect choice.

Happy Buying!

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