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What makes the True North seed bank one of the top-rated seed banks in the world?

Go through this True North Seed Bank Review to get the answers about its quality of strains, shipping methods, stealth packaging, modes of payment, offers, and many more exciting details.

True North Seed Bank is a well-known marijuana store.

This company offers high–yield cannabis seeds for your growing requirements. It’s a prestigious seller of cannabis seeds online that you can trust.

Besides, this seed bank has incredible features like quality strain category, tie-up with other seed banks, seeds in bulk, shipping guarantee, discreet packaging, different payment modes, promotions, offers, and much more.

Strains you love:
– Super Easy, Surprisingly Fast, Next Generation
– Brilliantly Stable, Incredibly Strong 100%
– Proven Landrace Indicas & Sativas Bursting with Raw Power
– Smokin’ Hot New Hybrids for The Best of All Possible Worlds
– Rock-Solid, Totally Old-School

Now, let’s explore some of the fascinating things about True North seed bank through this review article.

True North Seed Bank Review 2022

In the featured True North Seed Bank Review, we will talk about the different facets of the seed bank like new seeds stock, cannabis cup victors, great strain choice, online and offline selling stages, mass and discount selling, freebies, payment modes, and more.

This seed bank sells its highest quality strains in two different ways. It sells seeds online through its website and in-person through its retail outlets. It isn’t surprising that True North seed bank snaps in the list of top 10 Seed Banks in Canada.

True North Seed Bank Website

You can explore the company’s official website by the below-given link:

How the True North Seed Bank Started?

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The True North Seed Bank doesn’t provide much information on its website about its history or how the company started this business. Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter as the seed bank delivers impeccable quality seeds to fulfill its clients’ growing needs.

But what we know is that the True North Seed Bank (TNSB) is a reseller of Cannabis seeds based in Toronto, Canada. The company doesn’t breed any of its seeds. However, it works with some of the best seed breeders to distribute their Cannabis seeds worldwide through the True North store.

In its starting days, True North had been selling only medical marijuana seeds because of the strict laws of that time. As Cannabis is now legal to sell in Canada, their existing customers, as well as new customers, started purchasing it and put their firm trust in the seed bank.

Providing unique seeds is the distinction of this seed bank. True North is years old seed bank with gigantic experience in selling the best cannabis seeds online. 

Enormous strains, online and offline points of selling, excellent client support, positive reviews, germination guarantee, shipping guarantee, and various awards contribute genuinely to the improvement of this seed bank’s success.

Customer Trust, Ratings, and Awards

A more generous part of the seeds and strains from True North seed bank is that they have a 4.5+ star rating. This trait builds the trust, generosity, and faithfulness of the seed bank in the marketplace. In general, True North Seed Bank relishes a good reputation in the market. 

Consistently, different Seed Banks achieve various accomplishments in the field of Cannabis cultivation. One such esteemed honor in the field of cannabis cultivation is the ‘Cannabis cup.’ True North Seed Bank’s numerous seeds are the winners of this ‘Cannabis Cup’ award. 

True North’s Cannabis Cup Winner seeds:
Royal Queen Seeds, 818 headbands, Barbara bud feminized seeds, Sour OG feminized seeds, AK feminized seeds, and BC blueberry feminized seeds 

Customer Support and Contact Information

The True North has an impressive customer support service. True North has a pretty impressive contact information page with all the required details. You may contact them through a call or email.

You can also fill out the contact information form and set your priority of inquiry. If your preference is high, you will get your reply soon. The company remains close on Saturdays and Sundays.

The client care staff is helpful, brief, and cooperative. They are friendly and always available to help you from 10 in the morning to 7 in the evening.

However, as a consequence of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the company’s staffing has been reduced. The company took this step to sustain the health and safety of its customers and staff. The phone line of the company remains close until further notice. As a result, this seed bank also suspended shipping outside Canada. But don’t worry because it seems temporary, and the full-fledged service may resume as soon as the pandemic situation resolves.

Website Functionality

It seems that the seed bank has done pretty impressive stuff in designing its website. You can surf the seed bank’s website effortlessly as it has an easy GUI and user-friendly navigation. All the web pages, segments, and menu divisions are pleasant to utilize.

The seed bank’s website has a delicately given Delivery page, Bulk seeds page, Payment page, and Accessories page.

Moreover, True North seed bank’s website contrives the product comparison tool to look for the particular element in any seed as compared to another seed. Besides, True North Seed Bank has an advanced search finder that helps find different seeds and strains easily.

Selection of Seeds

High-quality and fresh seeds are the primary distinctive of this seed bank. Additionally, all the seeds and strains are of unrivaled qualities that guarantee extreme yields. Each seed passes quality tests and goes through thorough control practices. Directly after that procedure, they give it for further delivery.

Additionally, this seed bank gets seeds from other seed banks expert breeders, and professionals who handpick each seed and then pass it on for dispatch. Therefore, you can profoundly trust its unrivaled seed quality.

True North brings so many different types of Cannabis strains. The company gathers seeds from nearly 48 different seed banks. DJ Short, Aces, and CBD Crew are a couple of the seed banks, for instance. In this way, buyers can have a choice to select numerous versions of seeds.

Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, High THC, Low THC, High CBD, and Low CBD are some of the most common strains from this seed bank.

Another value worth mentioning of the True North seed bank is that it offers specific Genetics strains and Color Strains. These strains are the outcome of the challenging work, experimentation, and consistent endeavoring of numerous breeders and growers.

True North’s website also has a devoted ‘Bulk Seeds‘ segment, where it distributes seeds in mass to any wholesale buyer. The company provides different varieties, for example, the type of Flower, Common Seeds, Genetics, and Color. In the following passage, we have compiled a list of some strains from each class.

Most Common Seeds

Atomic bomb fem seeds, Auto Trans Siberian fem seeds, 8-ball Kush fem seeds

Award Winners:
Biddy early fem seeds, Animal cookies regular seeds, AK 47 feminized seeds, BC Hash plan fem seeds

New Arrivals:
Critical jack fast feminized seeds

Bulk Seeds:
Agent Orange regular seeds, Auto Blueberry feminized seeds, Amnesia feminized seeds, Afghan Hash feminized seeds, AK fast feminized seeds

Industrial Hemp Seeds:
Eletta Campana fem seeds, Cherry blossom fem seeds, Berry blossom fem seeds, Cherry wine feminized seeds

Strains by Flower Type

Regular Seeds:
AK 47 regular, Afghan Kush regular, 707 Headband Regular seeds, ACE mix regular seeds, A13 Haze regular

Auto-Regular Seeds:
Jet 47 auto flower seeds, California Haze auto regular seeds, Bubba cheese auto regular seeds, Holy man auto regular seeds, Blue Himalaya auto flower seeds

Feminized Seeds:
24 carats Auto feminized, Autochem OG feminized, 8-Ball Kush feminized seeds, 30th-anniversary mix (Dutch passion)

Auto-Feminized Seeds:
Auto anesthesia fem seeds, Annapurna super auto feminized seeds, auto AK feminized seeds, Amazing cherry super auto feminized seeds, Auto Big Gun Feminized seeds

Auto-Flowering Seeds:
Auto ACID auto-flowering seeds, Amnesia XXL auto-flowering, 60-day Lemon Auto Fem seeds, Ace auto flower fem seeds, Alien vs. triangle

Strains by Type

Coco melon regular seeds, Cannalope haze fem seeds, Auto Sativa mix pack, BC diesel fem seeds, Chazy auto fem seeds

Apollo 13 regular seeds, Auto Cinderella jack fem seeds, Atomic bomb feminized seeds, 24k Gold, Animal cookies regular seeds, Auto berry rider, Auto Big Gun feminized seeds, 818 headbands

High THC:
AK x critical mass auto fem seeds, all Kush feminized seeds, Acid feminized seeds, Afghan express

High CBD:
Auto Hindu Kush feminized, Auto great white shark feminized, Auto candy Kush feminized seeds, Auto lemon skunk feminized

White widow X big bud fem seeds, Gelato auto flower feminized seeds, Auto pineapple express, Pineapple chunk feminized seeds, Auto pounder fem seeds, Auto blueberry fem seeds, Blue widow fem seeds

Strains by Genetics

Diesel Strains:
BC diesel feminized seeds, Amherst sour diesel fem seeds, Auto Diesel Berry Fem Seeds

Cheese Strains:
Auto purple Stilton, Auto UK cheese, Blue cheese fem seeds, BC cheese feminized

Significant Bud Strains:
Northern light x big bud fem seeds, BC big bud regular, Big bud feminized seeds, Auto NL XBB fem seeds, Auto white widow x big bud, Dinafem

Blueberry Strains:
Auto blueberry, Auto berry rider, Auto Lemon Drop Fem Seeds

Strains by Color

Red Strains:
Red dwarf auto fem seeds, Dr. Grinspoon fem seeds, Acapulco gold fem seeds, Red poison auto fem seeds

Blue Strains:
Auto blueberry fem seeds, Auto blue mystic fem seeds, Blue Amnesia XXL

Purple Strains:
Auto dark purple, BC purple star seeds, Auto PK fem seeds

White strains:
Auto white Russian feminized, Albino fire skunk, Auto great white shark

Medical Strains

There are several specific high CBD and THC strains available with True North Seed bank. These strains have various therapeutic benefits. Some of the disorders in which these seeds are useful are mentioned in the following list:

Lupus, PTSD, Chronic Diseases, Mental Disorder, Insomnia, Muscle Pain, Migraines, Relaxation, Multiple Sclerosis, Headaches, Cramps, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Nausea, and many others.

Germination Guarantee

How might you feel if you get a guarantee of something? It builds your trust among products to go for it.

True North offers a convinced germination guarantee to its buyers. If your seeds don’t germinate, the seed bank will gladly resend another pack of seeds, and that too is free of any additional charge.


True North seed bank sends cannabis seeds throughout the globe. Although, the buyers need to deal with the guidelines and regulations identified with cannabis cultivation in their countries before requesting the seeds. Additionally, you can track your package using the bar code sticker. Besides, you may not need to sign at the time of delivery.

You can avail of the benefit of free delivery for orders above CAD 525 in Canada and the USA. The approximate time for delivery relies on different delivery areas.

Getting your bundle to the USA and Canada will cost you CAD 20, and it may take between 5 to 14 working days. For Europe orders, you should pay CAD 35 and wait for 3 to 14 working days. If you live in Costa Rica, you need to pay CAD 55, and it takes around 7 to 21 working days. For Africa, you may need to pay CAD 180, and it takes approximately 7 to 21 days.

If you reside in Australia and New Zealand, the delivery cost is CAD 75, and it may take between 7 to 21 working days. For the remaining part of the world, the delivery cost is CAD 70, and it takes around 25 working days to reach the seeds to their destination.

Moreover, there are two different ways of guaranteed delivery. Guaranteed Delivery Insurance is an alternative that comes with your order if you want to ensure the delivery of your bundle.

Apart from that, if your pack of Cannabis seeds doesn’t show up at your doorstep, the seed bank will reship your order without charging anything. You have to pay an additional CAD 15 to guarantee shipping delivery. Whatsoever, the Guaranteed Delivery Insurance option is open just for Canada and the USA.

Stealth Packaging

True North seed bank does a pretty good job when it comes to providing Cannabis seeds in stealth packaging. As we already know growing marijuana is as yet a subject of legal compliance in numerous parts of the world. Therefore, different states of different nations have separate laws concerning Cannabis purchasing, selling, consumption, and cultivation.

Because of the above situation, the True North Seed bank does stealth packing of the marijuana seeds for the specific requests. In this case, they put the seeds inside items like toys, t-shirts, pens, and other random things. Then, they pack it in a cushioned envelope to send it for delivery.

Moreover, the container includes just your location, stamp, and barcode sticker. Other details are not there on the envelope to keep your privacy intact. In this manner, your cannabis seeds are well protected, secure, and private utilizing stealth bundling.

Modes of Payment

True north seed bank offers many payment modes as given in the below-given list: 

  • Credit card* 
  • Debit card* 
  • International money order
  • E transfer 
  • Bitcoin and Litecoin 

(*The debit/credit card payment is accessible just for USA buyers.)

E-transfer is only available for customers in Canada. Apart from that, all your online transactions get security from the website’s integrated SSL certificate

On the other hand, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin present the safest and anonymous way to pay for your orders due to the decentralized nature of blockchain technology.

Discounts and Offers

Merchandising is one of the vital advertising ideas to remain in the hearts of buyers for a much longer time, and the True North has been doing it quite impressively.

There are different freebies bundles offered by True North Seed Bank. On occasion, they offer two seeds with each request, while at other times, you can benefit from a full box of free seeds with specific orders. Additionally, the True North has propelled a monthly scheme, which is helpful to all the buyers.

You may also be able to obtain True North Giveaways. For example, on the company’s tenth anniversary, they offered ‘get one seed free with each order of 5 seeds’ or ‘free vape pen with each request.’

Regular deals and promotions are an inevitable piece of the True North seed bank. In addition to that, the True North seed bank entertains additional highlights such as loyalty programs.

True North has a of its kind True North Loyalty Program. There are some alternatives by which you can earn points and redeem them later at the time of purchasing seeds. You can gather it while registering for your True North account.

Besides, you can collect your loyalty points via referral links and social media sharing. Along with that, you can earn it while purchasing your seeds or subscribing to the True North newsletters. You will get CAD 1 for each 500 loyalty points.

The only thing with this Loyalty Program is that your loyalty points only have a validity of 180 days.

Aside from prime-quality seeds, the company offers many useful accessories from its online store that includes jars, mugs, containers, smoking accessories, boveda, and apparel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What happens if products are out of stock?
A1: While the operates on a live inventory, it works on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. In this case, the stock is reserved for an order after you make the payment. The company will refund your money and send you an email in case your desired seeds are out of stock.

Q2: Is it required to register or log in to purchase seeds?
A2: No, it isn’t compulsory to register or log in. You can order seeds as a visitor also.

Q3: Is your shipping discreet?
A3: Yes! Your package will be shipped very discreetly, and your package may be shipped in many ways. The customer’s name, address, and return address are the only info on the parcel. For complete discretion, the company offers an optional Guaranteed Delivery Insurance for Canada & the USA only, for an extra CAD15. It also provides EXTRA SAFE Shipping that you can add to the cart or at checkout.

Q4 – Is True North Seed Bank legit?
A4 – Yes, True North Seed Bank is, in reality, a legit Seed Bank. Guarantees, positive reviews, buyers’ ratings, and quality of seeds make it a legit seed bank

Q5 – How much time does it take to transport to the USA?
A5 – It takes around 5 to 14 working days to deliver the seeds to the USA.

Final Verdict

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Altogether, our experts take a look at the service of this seed bank. We support our readers and growers with reliable and essential data so that they can select and choose to buy their seeds from nothing less than the best seed banks in the industry.

Seed quality, shipping guarantee, stealth packing, germination guarantee, SSL secured website, bitcoin payment, and buyers’ positive reviews make TNSB a highly recommended seed bank to purchase your marijuana seeds. 

True North seed bank is to be sure a top seed bank in the Cannabis market. Some features like an assortment of strains, therapeutic seeds, top-class seed quality, freebies, and discounts, make it a buyer’s favorite choice.

Are you looking for an alternative to the True North seed bank to buy your Cannabis seeds? Have a look at Crop King and ILoveGrowingMarijuana seed bank reviews from experts.

If you have any queries regarding True North seed bank and want to discuss them with us, feel free to leave your comments, recommendations, and questions. We will be happy to have a look and respond to it.

Happy growing!

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