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Serious Seeds is one of the popular seed banks.

It is known for its limited stock of award-winning, high-quality strains.

Also, this seed bank has been in the market for several years but still, it has only the premium inventory.

This Serious Seeds review will take you through different sections of this seed bank.

And, in the end, you will be able to conclude whether to buy seeds from Serious Seeds.

Let’s get started:

Serious Seeds is a Legit Seed Bank?

Yes, Serious Seeds is a 100% legit store.

It has been in the market for more than two decades.

Even the people who have been purchasing seeds from here are quite satisfied. Also, there have been tons of positive reviews for Serious Seeds.

Therefore, you can completely trust Serious Seeds for getting high-quality weed seeds.

Quick Review of Serious Seeds

Want to get a quick sneak peek about Serious Seeds?

Check this rapid review:

Established – in Holland in 1995.

Seeds Available – Including Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, Auto-flowering, Award-winning, Limited edition, medical, there are a total of 18 cannabis strains right now.

Shipping – worldwide to all the countries.

Pricing – budget-priced seeds, 9 Euros per seed rate.

Reviews – positive reviews on the website itself. A very few but positive reviews at Trustpilot as well.

Official Website

Pros and Cons of Serious Seeds


  • Premium weed seeds
  • Discreet packaging
  • Stealth shipping and faster delivery
  • Reputed seed bank
  • Professional and interactive website
  • Replacement policy
  • A high germination rate for seeds


  • Limited strains
  • No crypto is accepted as the payment method
  • No discounts or offers

History of Serious Seeds

Serious Seeds was founded by Simon in 1995.

He was a non-smoker at that time. Though at that time, he didn’t have explored the world of marijuana.

Simon studied biology at Amsterdam University and traveled to Africa. Where his perspective about cannabis changed a lot.

Then, after returning to Holland, Simon started collecting seeds for his own experiments. He started breeding some seeds to make some unique genetics.

The founder also worked at Sensi Seeds for some time.

And, once he got all the experience and knowledge, Serious Seeds was launched in 1995.

The best part of this journey is, in the same year, two strains of Serious Seeds won the prizes in Hight Times Cannabis Cup.

This is how much the founder’s experience, knowledge, and consistent hard work have made him succeed in less time.

And, after that, Serious Seeds didn’t look back!

Over time, Serious Seeds started developing more unique and premium strains. While in 2012, it acquired the Magus Genetics.

However, within these many years, there has been one common thing – serious seeds!

The company believed in quality over quantity.

And, that is why they launch a seed strain only when they have tested it completely for the quality to make a unique place in the market.

Summing up the journey of Serious Seeds then it comes out that it is founded with deep passion, knowledge, and experience.

While the quality of seeds is kept at the top of everything here.

Detailed Review of Serious Seeds Bank

Now, let’s dive deep into a detailed review:

1. Seeds Availability and Quality

Serious Seeds has a very limited strain selection.

Right now, they have only 18 strains in their inventory.

These are:

  • AK-47
  • Biddy Early
  • Bubble Gum
  • Chronic
  • Kali Mist
  • KaliBubba
  • White Russian
  • Warlock
  • Double Dutch
  • Motavation
  • Serious 6
  • Autoflowering White Russian #1
  • Serious Happiness
  • Serious Kush
  • CBD-Chronic
  • CBD-enriched Warlock
  • Strawberry-AKeil

While, the reason behind limited strain selection is their aim to keep only the premium, unique, and high-quality seeds in the stock.

Serious Seeds doesn’t believe in renaming the strains and show up the large stock just for the namesake.

Instead, they believe to develop, test, and breed such a strain which can be a revolution in the marijuana industry.

That is why it takes several years for Serious Seeds to launch a new strain.

Also, this is the reason that they have received over 100 awards for their unique and potent cannabis strains.

With that said, growers who want to grow some quality weed buds regularly buy weed seeds from Serious Seeds.

Therefore, you will find a limited yet powerful range of cannabis strains here which is less likely to be available elsewhere in original form.

While you will also get the germination guarantee here.

Just in case, your seeds don’t germinate (which is rare at Serious Seeds), you can reach the backend team of the seed bank. And, they will replace your seeds without any cost.

2. Shipping and Delivery Service

Shipping and delivery services at Serious Seeds are quite impressive.

They ship to every country in the world.

Once your payment is received by the company, they will ship your seeds instantly within the next 24 hours.

Keep in mind that shipping time also depends upon the payment method you choose.

For instance, credit cards are instant, so, it will not take time to pay, resulting in faster shipping. While the bank transfer might require up to 7 working days to reflect in their bank account.

Hence, it can take more time for shipment.

Therefore, choose the payment method appropriately.

Further, packaging of the seeds is done securely at Serious Seeds.

There will be no suspicious mark or information other than the required details.

Also, there are four different shipping methods that you can opt for. Standard, Stealth, registered (tracking included), and Stealth Registered with tracking.

Shipping charges for these methods vary from 5 Euros to 15 Euros, which is quite affordable.

Additionally, you can also be eligible for free shipping if you will order seeds worth 80 Euros or above.

However, if you are ordering below the free shipping limit, I’ll suggest opting for at least the registered method.

And, if you are buying internationally then ‘stealth registered’ will be the best option.

As in both options, you will get a tracking facility along with top-notch secure packaging of the seeds.

Under which, Serious Seeds re-packs the seeds and uses such ways to deliver the seeds that can completely be safe during transit to any location.

So, if you want your seeds to be safe while keeping an eye on them during transportation, go for the better options.

Coming to the delivery time then it is quite decent.

You will get your seeds within 1 or 2 weeks depending upon your location. While the international orders can even take up to 21 days in some cases.

3. Customer Support

Serious Seeds cares a lot for its customers’ satisfaction.

That is why it delivers top-notch customer service.

In case of any queries or issues, you can reach out to the backend team of Serious Seeds through the phone number, email, or even by the contact form given on the website.

Generally, the team responds within 4 to 24 working hours.

Also, their team is quite friendly, eager to help, and supportive. Therefore, you can expect a better shopping experience at this seed bank.

Also, I will recommend contacting them during the weekdays i.e., Monday to Friday.

As on the weekends, they are more likely to be off.

Further, considering the reviews on different forums and review sites, customers have no complaints from Serious Seeds regarding customer service, which is also a plus point.

Overall, you will be getting great customer support from Serious Seeds.

4. Payment Options

Fortunately, you will have ample payment options to complete your order at Serious Seeds.

The available payment options are:

  • Cash in mail
  • Credit card (Visa and Mastercard)
  • Bank transfer
  • iDeal

However, you will not have the crypto method or debit card as a payment option available.

Therefore, the best way to place an order at Serious Seeds will be a Credit card. As it is the more discreet, private, and faster way to place the order.

 Also, credit cards will not show up on the statement where you have done the transaction.

Above all, payment through CC is instant. That means your order will be processed instantly after receiving the payment. 

That ultimately leads to instant shipping of your seeds. Isn’t it amazing?

Well, yes.

While you will also have iDEAL as an alternative payment method for specific shoppers. Also, cash in the mail is not an ideal way to buy seeds nowadays. As it is quite risky.

5. Pricing

Being a premium seed bank for having unique strains, most people think it might be an expensive seed bank.

Well, that is not the truth.

Even, strains at Serious Seeds are priced quite affordable. The top-shelf seeds at Serious Seeds will cost you around 9 Euros only.

Therefore, even if a beginner grower wants to get the premium seeds he or she can easily get from Serious Seeds with a limited budget as well.

So, considering the price, no complaints to Serious Seeds.

6. Offers and Discounts

Well, there are no offers and discounts at Serious Seeds.

This is due to their limited selection of strains and more reasons.

However, the good news is that with every 60 Euros+ order, you will be eligible for the free cannabis seeds along with your purchased ones.

While the best part is that you can choose these freebies according to your need.

Therefore, even though you might not have direct discounts here but still, you will get freebies according to your choice, which is the plus point.

7. Website Review

The website is professional.

It looks attractive and catches eyes.

All required information about the seed bank is given on the homepage, which is a good thing.

That makes you easily get to know what you can expect from this virtual shop.

Although they have categorized their seeds accordingly to genetics. You can also access their top-shelf seeds directly from the three main categories – new strains, bestsellers, and award winners.

Scrolling down the page will give you access to different sections at the bottom. Such as their history, guarantee, FAQs, and more.

You can also connect to Serious Seeds on Instagram.

8. Market Reputation

Serious Seeds has a huge market reputation.

As said before, it is known for its limited and unique strain selection. That is why people who want to grow some potent yet unique cannabis buds in their garden, buy weed seeds from Serious Seeds.

However, the company’s review journey at Trustpilot is just started yet. Less than five reviews are there but all of them are positive for this seed bank.

While on different discussion forums, and review sites, Serious Seeds has been quite appreciated for its quality seeds and services.

Overall, there is no doubt, Serious Seeds is one of the world’s top seed banks for its premium quality weed seeds.

9. Return & Replacement Policy

If you are buying weed seeds from Serious Seeds then the company has got your back.

Although there is very little chance for the defective seeds, still, somehow if your bought seeds are not germinating then you can reach customer support.

They will replace the whole pack of seeds without asking any questions.

So, you can buy seeds from this seed bank without any hesitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Serious Seeds a safe seed bank to buy weed seeds?

Yes, 100%. They are safe and one of the trustworthy sources of high-quality weed seeds.

2. Do Serious Seeds ship to my location?

Yes, Serious Seeds ship to almost every country. Although if you are concerned about your location then you can also confirm it from the customer support team once.

3. Are there any better seed banks?

Yes. ILGM, MSNL, Crop King Seeds, and Seedsman are some of the other seed banks that growers refer to buy cannabis seeds.

4. Can I pay in cash at Serious Seeds?

Yes, there is a payment option available for payment in cash. However, it is not recommended. As it is quite risky.

5. Where are Serious Seeds located?

Serious Seeds is located in Holland, Netherlands.

Serious Seeds – Final Review

Till here, you must be aware that Serious Seeds is one of the quality seed banks where only premium seeds are available. Therefore, if you want to grow some unique genetics then go for buying weed seeds from here.

Also, the affordable pricing here made this virtual store ideal for beginner growers as well.

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