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In this Sensi Seeds review, I am going to share an honest experience of mine.

From the quality of seeds to services, pricing, payment options, market reputation, and almost everything will be covered in this detailed review.

While in the end, you will have a conclusion to decide whether to buy weed seeds from Sensi Seeds.

So, let’s get started:

Sensi Seeds is a Legit Seed Bank?

Yes, Sensi Seeds is a 100% legit and genuine cannabis seed store.

It has been in the market since 1985 and since then it is dominating the cannabis-seed world.

The store has great positive reviews and feedback on different forums and review sites, which makes it one of the reliable stores to look out for cannabis seeds.

Further, the store has been popular worldwide, and even you can find some seeds of Sensi Seeds from the re-seller near your location.

Therefore, considering all the information, Sensi Seeds is a 100% legit store, and you can completely rely on it for getting some quality weed seeds.

Quick Review of Sensi Seeds

sensi seeds bank

In a hurry? Check this quick review of Sensi Seeds to make an instant decision:

Established: in 1985 by Ben Dronkers (the one who started Amsterdam’s Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum in the Red Light District).

Seed Selection: auto-flowering, feminized, regular (CBD products, vaporizers, and hemp foods are available as well).

Shipping: across the European region, and some more countries (does not ship to the USA).

Pricing: reasonable, price per seed starts around just 10 Euros.

Reviews: 4.0+ out of 5.0 at Trustpilot.

Expert’s Recommendation: Yes.

Official Website:

About Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds was founded by Ben Dronkers in 1985.

The store was initially started from a small space and now it is one of the largest seed banks in Europe.

While Sensi Seeds also has its physical stores in Barcelona and Amsterdam.

Before starting the company in 1985, Ben, the founder, was keenly interested in collecting cannabis seeds and he started collecting marijuana seeds in the 70s.

While he also traveled across the world to know what unique genetics have been existing across the globe.

And this travel time taught Ben to introduce different and unique genetics to the Sensi Seeds store.

However, initially, the store had a very less seed selection in its inventory. Around the late 90s, Sensi Seeds had a stock of just 40 strains.

Well, Sensi Seeds worked on improving its genetics and selection which made this company win several cannabis cups as well.

This is how Sensi Seeds has become the store with one of the greatest seed selections, storing cup-winner strains, and providing top-notch services.

One thing that is quite appreciable for Sensi Seeds is that throughout its journey, the company consistently improved its quality and services, which made it to be as one of the top seedbanks.

Detailed Review of Sensi Seeds

Now, it is time to dive deeper:

Seed Selection and Quality

Sensi Seeds has one of the largest seed selections in its inventory.

Although apart from seed categories of auto-flowering, feminized, and regular seeds, they do offer some top-notch CBD products, vaporizers, and hemp foods as well.

Therefore, considering the seed selection, Sensi Seeds has done a very good job.

Some of their popular strains are:

  • Purple Bud
  • Super Skunk
  • Sensi Skunk
  • White Diesel
  • OG Kush

That is why doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur grower or an experienced one, you are sure to find most of the favorite strains on Sensi Seeds.

Coming to the quality then Sensi Seeds never compromises with it.

The company stocks only premium weed seeds which possess a higher germination rate.

And most of the growers which have bought the seeds from Sensi Seeds have been quite happy with the results.

Although there is no germination guarantee over their seeds.

Still, in the section on selecting strains and maintaining quality, Sensi Seeds is quite impressive.

2. Shipping and Delivery Service

Sensi Seeds ships to most of the countries in the European region. You can check the list of countries from the list on the checkout page.

However, it doesn’t ship to the U.S.

Though the good news is that you can get the seeds from the re-sellers.

The company ships the order within five business days once the payment is received. However, on average they ship within just 2 days of payment completion.

The shipping charges are as follows:

  • Standard – no tracking
  • Secure – tracking with insurance.

If you are ordering from a highly sensitive location, then I will recommend you to opt for getting secure shipping from the company.

Further, the packaging of the seeds at Sensi Seeds is quite good.

They don’t take the risks for the customs and that is why they discretely pack your seeds. Moreover, they don’t put any suspicious marks on the package so that it can get suspected.

Therefore, considering the privacy of your order, Sensi Seeds does everything from its side.

Further, once the order gets shipped, it takes around 15 working days to arrive at your door. Keep in mind that the delivery time varies according to your location.

Also, it arrives earlier in the EU regions.

Still, the maximum time an order can take is two weeks.

3. Customer Support

Customer service at Sensi Seeds is quite friendly and helpful.

However, the only thing that is the concern is their time for responding to a specific query.

Generally, their backend team reaches within 24 working hours whereas sometimes it can take more time as well.

Although if you can wait for a while then there should not be an issue at all.

Most of the buyers have reported happy feedback as well with the backend team of Sensi Seeds.

Therefore, you can expect a better interaction with this seed bank.

To reach the backend team of Sensi Seeds, you have to fill out the contact form on the website or put an email to them.

4. Payment Options

The available payment methods at Sensi Seeds are:

  • Credit Cards (Visa and Mastercard)
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash

Somehow, Sensi Seeds does not accept payment through cryptocurrency.

And, therefore, it is better to place orders with a credit card. As it is comparatively safe, secure, and instant.

Also, as the company ships the order only after receiving payment, therefore, you need an instant payment method to make it faster.

Sending cash for international orders is never a good choice.

As it is quite risky.

While the bank transfer transaction can take up to 7 working days to reflect on the other side.

That is why credit card becomes a reliable, safe, and better option than others.

5. Pricing

Pricing at Sensi Seeds is reasonable.

All their seeds are affordable, and that is why all-type of growers can get the weed seeds from here.

Even if you are low on budget, still, you can get some great quality seeds from Sensi Seeds.

However, the price per seed at Sensi Seeds starts from just 10 Euros.

Well, if you will buy more seeds then the company automatically cuts the price to some extent making you get the discounted price.

Therefore, considering the quality of seeds at Sensi Seeds, pricing is much more reasonable.

6. Website Review

This is the section where I can appreciate the company the most.

As they have made their website very professional and impressive at the same time.

Weed seeds are categorized perfectly into different categories.

While all the important information is given as well. That is why you easily get to know what you can expect from this store at a first glance.

The company has a special category for novices and there they have given the seeds which can produce impressive results in less effort.

And, at the bottom, you can get the other info about the store.

One thing that I liked the most about their website is its arrangement of the different content.

From categorizing the seeds to making the interface easy for a visitor, Sensi Seeds has done an excellent job here.

That is why overall you get an easy and smooth experience scrolling their website.

7. Market Reputation

Sensi Seeds has a great market reputation. Thanks to its long history and consistent quality work.

From 1985 to now, the company has been known for some great quality weed seeds.

While the best part of buying seeds from Sensi Seeds is that they are always on side of improving the quality, and this is something that impresses the most.

No doubt, it has a 4/5 store rating and a 4.2/5.0 rating at Trustpilot.

Therefore, considering the market reputation then you will be buying seeds from one of the highly reputed and trustworthy sources around the world.

8. Return Policy

Sensi Seeds offer 14 days return period just in case if you are not satisfied with your order.

Though most of the orders are delivered successfully without any error.

Still, somehow, if you want your seeds to get returned then you can contact their customer support team within the 14 days of the order received to know the steps further.

Most likely if your case is genuine and you didn’t have damaged the packaging then your seeds will be returned to the company.

9. Discounts and Offers

Well, there is no discount or offer page on the website.

Also, they don’t have any loyalty programs at all. Therefore, buyers who love discounts might not be happy here.

Still, the good news is that, for more quantity of seeds, Sensi Seeds offer an automatic discount.

For instance, the price per seed is 10 Euros and if you will be buying 3 packs of seeds then it will cost you just 25 Euros instead of 30.

Pros and Cons of Sensi Seeds


  • Great strain selection
  • Reasonable price
  • Fast shipping
  • Discrete packaging
  • Decent customer support


  • Ships to the specific countries
  • No freebies
  • Not many offers


If you have made it here then now, you must have a decision in your mind regarding buying weed seeds from Sensi Seeds.

However, from our side the conclusion will be yes, you can buy weed seeds from Sensi Seeds.

They have been in the market for several years and they know what a serious weed grower can look for. While their excellent services are cherries on the cake!

Though there are some better options available too, which you can check in this guide.

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