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Seedsman is one of the top seed banks when it comes to buying weed seeds.

Because they have got almost everything that you might need at the best seed banks.

From having a vast variety of seeds to shipping worldwide, it has been one of the world’s finest seed banks.

So, if you are confused about whether to buy weed seeds from this seed bank or not? then this Seedsman review will help you out.

In the end, you will be ready to decide whether to choose Seedsman seed bank for buying marijuana seeds.

Let’s get started:

Seedsman Quick Review

Weed lovers who are in a hurry here’s my quick and short review of Seedsman:

Established – in Spain in 2003, and since then it is operating online.

Seeds availability – more than 4000+ strain selections from over 100 seed companies across the world.

Shipping – ships worldwide and delivers within 7 to 15 days (across the world).

Price – budget pricing, affordable seeds, beginner to experienced grower can find the best one here.

Reviews – 4.5 out of 5-star rating with over 38,000 reviews on seed bank website itself, Trustpilot has not sufficient reviews of Seedsman.

Official Website

Seedsman Review In-Depth

1. Seeds Availability and Quality

Strain availability is one of the sections where Seedsman shines the most.

It has a huge strain selection.

Which makes growers across the world find almost every strain on the planet here.

With that said, Seedsman stocks over 4000+ different strains from 100+ seed companies in the world.

That is why in the section on seeds availability, you will find Seedsman at the top.

Seedsman has stocked cannabis seeds in different categories such as flowering type, cultivation method, award winners, and more.

Therefore, it becomes easy to find what you are looking for.

Further, Seedsman regularly updates its stock to keep the trending weed seeds in stock.

While the quality of seeds is top-notch.

You are sure to have a wonderful garden from the seeds of Seedsman.

This seed bank sells the seeds of different seed companies with its own bred seeds. Therefore, the quality varies accordingly to the seed company.

However, still, you get excellent quality weed seeds without a germination guarantee.

So, Seedsman is the seed bank where you can find every weed strain of the marijuana market. Even they have made available the same strain in auto-flowering and photoperiod variety too.

And, the best part is that, if you are not able to find your favorite strain elsewhere, you will probably find it on Seedsman for sure!

2. Shipping and Delivery Service

The shipping service at Seedsman is excellent.

They ship within 1 to 3 working days once they have received your order.

Though I liked that if you will order between weekdays then most probably, they will ship your seeds within the next day.

While the best part is that they charge you shipping costs depending upon your location.

That means, unlike the other seed banks they don’t charge random amounts or flat charges. Rather your location will be the main factor.

Also, the location-based shipping amount is quite reasonable too.

Even you can get free shipping within the UK for orders above 40 Euros and within EU regions for orders above 80 Euros.

Additionally, Seedsman has 4 different hubs from where they ship and deliver their orders.

For the orders within the UK, and EU regions, Seedsman usually takes around 3 to 15 working days. While worldwide it might take around 5 to 35 days.

For weed enthusiasts in the USA, the orders are received within 15 to 25 business days.

Seedsman should improve its delivery services in the USA.

Further, you will be able to track your order through the mail. And, also, you will be informed when your order will be dispatched from the company.

For the bulk orders or expensive ones, I will recommend choosing an insurance option. As it will protect your seeds against the loss in transit.

Especially when you are from a suspicious location.

3. Payment Methods

You get the following payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Card
  • Bitcoin and other cryptos
  • Bank/Wire transfer
  • Check
  • Money Order
  • Others (Zelle, BillPay, etc.)

Therefore, at Seedsman you will have multiple options to choose from for placing an order.

And, it will be quite easier for you to place the order with these payment methods. Thanks to their easy interface.

However, if you anywhere get stuck with their payment options, you can check out the payment page or drop a query to customer support as well.

From FAQs on the payments page, most of the queries are resolved, so, you can get some insight from there too.

Further, I mostly prefer choosing bitcoin or similar options to ensure discretion and privacy.

Cards also work fine to avoid the transaction tracing, just in case.

Though the best part is, that you get many options at Seedsman. And, therefore, you can choose any of them as per convenience.

4. Customer Support

Seedsman has excellent customer support.

You will be getting mail and calling facilities to reach them in case of queries. And, honestly, their mail service is better than calling.

Because in the case of calling it is an automated service, so, which is unlikely to get the answer from an automated system.

Though mails are responded to from their backend team.

And, their backend team is quite responsive, quick, and friendly. However, you can expect a reply from their end up to 24 hours.

Here, I think they should improve their reply timings as they are a large company.

However, I hadn’t any issues as such from Seedsman contacting me via email.

And, in most cases, you might not need their help. Because they provide you with a better shopping experience.

Still, just in case, if you got any, then you can drop them a mail, fill the support ticket at the website, or even ring their numbers.

5. Seedsman Marijuana Seeds Pricing

Pricing is one of the factors which I loved the most at Seedsman.

Because here, even a novice weed enthusiast with a low budget can have top-shelf seeds.

As the starting price of seeds at Seedsman is just 10 Euros.

While applying discounts, coupon codes, promotional offers, and during sales, you can have bulk seeds at a very cheaper price than the regular price.

That is why to every beginner weed enthusiast out there, I recommend kick-start your journey from Seedsman.

Because it has got everything under a low budget price segment.

6. Discounts and Promotional Offers

Seedsman has a lot of offers.

First of all, they give you freebies with every order worth 30 Euros.

Additionally, you also get a loyalty program where you can earn and spend reward points at the website to earn some discounts.

While their website always has some sales going on. So, make sure you frequently check that to keep yourself updated on what’s going on.

Even with payment methods like bitcoin, you get some offers like 15% to 25% off. If you will pay through bitcoin for an order above 200 Euros then you will get added 10% off.

Isn’t it amazing? Well, yes!

And, on the top of that, you get a special bonus on your birthday, reaching five orders in your account.

So, in short, you get tons of offers at Seedsman. And, therefore, the shopping experience here becomes very exciting for those who love discounts.

7. Return Policy

Yes! You also get the return and refund policy at Seedsman.

Which is rare to find nowadays at online seed banks.

You get up to 14 days period to return or apply for a refund if you got the wrong package.

Therefore, just in case you get defected item of merchandise or damaged seeds (which rarely happens) then you can replace your package or also apply for a refund.

However, the return process is based on certain conditions. In which, you must have your item unused with the bill as well.

You can read a detailed guideline on the website itself.

While the plus point here is that, the company provides you an option for a return or refund.

8. Market Reputation

Seedsman is one of the most popular and reputed seed banks across the world.

It has a huge reputation among weed lovers.

Also, this seed bank has been in the industry for over 15 years.

And, with its knowledge and experience the team, it is capable to survive in this cut-throat competition of providing high-quality weed seeds.

Further, on the website itself, the company has over 38,000 reviews above 4 stars. That itself says it all about the quality of services and seeds at Seedsman.

Therefore, don’t be worried about the market reputation of Seedsman.

You will surely be buying from one of the most reputed and trustworthy seed banks in the world.

9. Website Review

The website is designed professionally.

The interface is quite easy.

And, the best part is that you can find your favorite cannabis seeds with sorting categories.

Further, you also get the required information about the company, seeds, reviews, and more, which is a plus point for it.

You also get a special blog section on the website which will give you deep insights and stories to read about cannabis.

In short, you will have a better experience navigating through and scrolling the Seedsman website.

10. History of Seedbank

As said earlier, Seedsman is a company that started back in 2003 with the purpose of preserving cannabis genetics for future generations.

That is why they sell cannabis seeds for souvenir purposes. 

Further, the company was started with a team of experienced weed breeders and workers. And, now, this company became an empire in the cannabis world.

Additionally, the company also donates one of the parts of its profit to cannabis legalization across the world.

Therefore, summing up the historic journey of this seed bank, you will find a hard-working team for a better chance in the cannabis world.

Pros and Cons of Seedsman


Here are the things that stand out the Seedsman from other seed banks:

  • A very large strain selection
  • Very affordable pricing
  • Worldwide guaranteed shipping
  • Huge offers and regular discounts
  • Return policy
  • Excellent customer support
  • One of the most reputed seed banks since 2003
  • Positive reviews from previous customers
  • Regular stock update


  • Delivery time outside UK and EU regions can be improved
  • Trustpilot has not had sufficient reviews for this seed bank

Seedsman Alternative Seed Banks

  1. ILGM

One of the best seed banks that ships to the USA and Australia. Premium cannabis seeds. Reasonable pricing. Comparatively faster shipping and delivery. Top-notch customer support. Discounts available.


A seed bank with a large seed selection after Seedsman. Ships worldwide. Faster delivery in EU regions. Affordable price. Excellent customer support. Multiple payment methods.

3. Crop King Seeds

One of the best seed banks in Canada that ships worldwide. Regular seed stock updated. 24/7 online chat support available. Faster shipping and delivery in Canada. Excellent customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is seedsman a safe seed bank to buy weed seeds?

Yes! 100%. Seedsman is a legit seed bank which is established in 2003 and a completely safe seed bank to buy high-quality weed seeds.

2. Where does seedsman ship?

Seedsman ships to almost every country in the world. It is not restricted to any location until or unless legal guidelines are in favor.

3. What are the coupon codes at Seedsman?

You can check out the currently going on offers at the website. ‘Promotions’ section will let you know the latest deals. While if you are a novice buyer then you will receive freebies for order above 30 Euros.

4. Can I return or replace my seeds at Seedsman?

Yes, you can even replace or apply for a refund at the Seedsman. However, you have to do it within 14 days of the package being received. Contact their customer support team for more guidelines.

5. I got the wrong package, how to replace it?

Just ask their backend team through mail or support ticket, they will guide you on it more accurately.

Seedsman Review: Verdict

Seedsman is recommended for every weed grower and enthusiast. This seed bank offers you almost every feature that an ideal seed bank should provide. If you are looking for the best marijuana seed bank in the UK, you can give it a try at Seedsman as well.

No doubt, there is still room for improvement but for the price and quality of seeds it offers, it is one of the best seed banks.

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