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Seedsforme is one of the new seed banks in the U.S.

And, many growers doubt if they are legit.

Well, in this Seedsforme review, I am going to tell you everything about it.

While in the end, you will be able to know if it is a worthy seed bank to buy weed seeds.

Let’s get started:

Is Seedsforme a Legit Seed Bank?

First thing first, yes, Seedsforme is a legit seed bank.

Keeping everything aside, at least, they are not a “scammy” website that takes the money and doesn’t send anything at all.

Rather, they have a very wide seed selection, which we will discuss further.

Though there is not much information available about their history and existence, still, some weed growers have claimed that Seedsforme is in the market for the past several years.

Therefore, if you are doubting the legitimacy of Seedsforme then don’t worry, they are a safe seed bank.

However, if their seeds are worthy to invest in, you will find them soon.

Seedsforme Seed Bank Review

1. Seed Selection and Quality

Seedsforme has contact with around 24 top seed breeders.

While this seed bank doesn’t breed seeds on its own.

However, they stock a huge seed selection. Some of their quality breeders are 808 Genetics, 707 Seed Bank, Olympic Seeds, Legendary Genetix, SunLeaf Seed Co, Fast Buds, and many more.

Even Seedsforme seed bank has one of the quality strain selections which is exclusive to them only. You will not find those strains elsewhere.

Therefore, considering strain selection, Seedsforme has done a good job.

And, therefore, you are more likely to find most of your favorite strains here.

While the quality of seeds is commendable.

Though the company doesn’t provide you a germination guarantee.

Also, growers have reported a good experience from the seeds of Seedsforme seed bank, which is a plus point.

So, summing up everything, at Seedsforme, you will find a large strain selection from quality breeders.

Seeds quality is also great but you are not getting a germination guarantee which might be a concern for some growers.

2. Shipping and Delivery Services

Seedsforme ships to all 50 states of the U.S.

It also ships to Canada and European countries.

However, Seedsforme ships to European regions only if the order cost is above $200.

Shipping is done within 2 to 4 working days max. Though in most cases, they ship within 24 hours of receiving payment.

While the company offers guaranteed and tracked shipping options as well. For orders within the U.S, you will be charged $20 for guaranteed shipping.

Whereas a nominal fee of $5 will be charged if your order will be below $50.

International shipping charges are $25.

And, the point to be mentioned here is that under the guaranteed delivery option, there are certain conditions when the Seedsforme will be bound to do a replacement.

If you have entered a fake address or wrong address and the tracking system shows that your order is delivered irrespective of if you have received it or not, Seedsforme will not be responsible.

Well, you can read their shipping page to know more about the terms and conditions.

If I sum up the shipping and delivery services of Seedsforme, then it is above average. The delivery time is also average and not fast.

While the guaranteed delivery of seeds also has a lot of conditions.

So, all-in-all, Seedsforme has to do improvement in its services.

3. Customer Support

Customer support at Seedsforme is not good.

You just have the e-mail and contact ticket at the website for reaching out to the backend team for any query. Even the response time from the customer support team is not good.

They respond to you quite late, which might be a huge turn-off for some people.

And, in case of some issues to be tackled quickly, there is no instant option to contact the seed bank.

Therefore, the customer support at Seedsforme needs to be improved.

While if you have a general query about the strains and if you can wait for a while then this seed bank has got a good support team.

4. Pricing

Pricing at Seedsforme is decent.

The average price of seeds available at Seedsforme goes from $6 per seed to $15 per seed depending upon the quality and their specialty.

Of course, premium seeds will be expensive. While the brand will be also a major factor in price.

Therefore, even though you are a beginner weed enthusiast or pro-weed user, you can find cannabis seeds as per your budget at Seedsforme.

5. Payment Options

There are very limited payment options available on Seedsforme.

Cash, Square Cash, Transferwise (for international orders), Venmo, and PayPal are there.

Though there is no crypto and credit card option, which might be an inconvenience for some buyers.

And, in the available options, Cash is not an ideal way to place an order because it is highly risky.

The thing that I liked the most here is the availability of the PayPal option. As many seed banks don’t provide this option.

However, Seedsforme has done a good job by at least giving this option.

6. Market Reputation

Seedsforme is one of the new U.S seed banks in the market.

And, there is no information available about its market reputation. Even though there are no reviews at Trustpilot as well.

Further, this seed bank has got very few reviews on some forums. While those reviews are kind of mixed experiences of buyers.

Therefore, to conclude if this seed bank has a good or bad market reputation there is not much information available.

While to be one of the top U.S seed banks, Seedsforme has to do a lot of good work.

7. Website Review

The website of Seedsforme is quite average.

It has a very basic design, theme, and pages.

You can access your favorite seed strains quickly through the categories of the brand.

Though the required information about the store and its product is given as well but in a very old-school way.

At first glance, the website appears as a very basic website. At the top, the contact option is there. While scrolling down the page will let you know what you can expect from here.

And, at the bottom of the homepage, you can find the other info such as payment option, shipping, about the store, and stuff like that.

One thing that I didn’t like is that some pages are not available and kind of broken links but still they exist on the website.

Summing up, the website didn’t impress me. Though the information that you might need as a customer is there, which is a plus point.

8. Discounts and Offers

Unfortunately, there are no direct discount coupons or promotional offers available on the Seedsforme website.

Though you can check out the Master Cannabis Seed List where you can get some freebies seeds on specific brands.

Even right now the company is offering a pack of seeds on some brands. You can check out now.

9. Refund or Return Policy

There is no replacement policy at Seedsforme.

However, the good news is that company provides you refund for some specific orders. The condition for getting a refund is that you have to cancel your order until it is not shipped.

And, once your order is shipped then Seedsforme will not take any action for a refund or anything else.

Therefore, you have to place your order carefully on the website.

Moreover, after canceling your order, you have to reach out to their customer support team as soon as possible.

So, overall, there is no convenient option of refund or return. And, there should be this facility as being an online seed bank.

Pros and Cons of Seedsforme Seed Bank


  • A huge strain selection
  • High-quality seeds
  • Decent pricing
  • Decent delivery time for U.S states
  • PayPal as a payment option is there


  • No refund or return policy
  • Limited payment option for international buyers
  • Poor customer support
  • Delivery time for international orders is not good

Seedsforme Review : Verdict

In the end, I will not recommend you to buy weed seeds from Seedsforme seed bank. As there are better seed banks available such as ILGM, MSNL, and Crop King Seeds.

These seed banks can provide you with a better quality of seeds, better services, and a better shopping experience.

While Seedsforme has a lot to work on.

Still, if you want to give it a try then you can surely go ahead with small purchases and see if it gives you a good experience.

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