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Buying marijuana seeds is easy with all the online vendors on the internet. However, not many seed banks accept Paypal as a payment method. Paypal has banned cannabis-related transactions.

If a user or a company gets caught, their Paypal accounts might get suspended. Whatsoever, if you really need to order your marijuana seeds with Paypal, you can ask the customer service team of a particular online dispensary or seed bank; they might guide you on how to pay using PayPal for your seeds.

Sometimes, not all the payment methods are mentioned on the company’s website; all you have to do is a little digging to get the answers. There are some things to take care of, like NOT asking the seed bank through your PayPal account.

You can always contact the seed bank through the contact form on the website, phone, or email.

As narcotics products, including cannabis, are restricted for payments on PayPal, you will find that most vendors do not offer that mode of payment. You will rarely find seed banks that accept PayPal.

However, there’s a clutch if you really need to buy your marijuana seeds online by using Paypal. How to make it possible? What should be done to use Paypal for your cannabis? What are the seed banks that can let you pay using Paypal?

Well, read this post to go through the detailed answers. You will also find advantages and disadvantages of carrying out transactions with Paypal.

Seed Banks That Accept PayPal

If you plan to buy your cannabis seeds from the best online vendors that accept PayPal, there are some vendors that can accommodate you for the same. Here are some of the reputable seed banks that might accept PayPal if you ask them for the same. Note that the PayPal payment method is not mentioned on their websites, but you need to contact customer service to ask them about the same.

The above-mentioned seed banks are not guaranteed to accept PayPal, but you can always ask the customer support team if they still accept PayPal or not.

Crop King and ILGM have stopped accepting PayPal recently. But, if you really need to do so, an inquiry might clear your doubts.

Sunwest Genetics has not mentioned PayPal on the accepted modes of payment on its website. But you can talk over the phone or live chat to make sure.

Seedsman offers a wide range of payment methods to buy your marijuana seeds from its online store. However, PayPal is not there on the list. But as we mentioned earlier, you can make an inquiry about PayPal if you need to pay with the same. You may also need to ask them about the buying procedure if they accept PayPal.

Another Way to Buy Cannabis with Paypal

Now we know that most online seed banks do not accommodate PayPal directly; there’s a way by which you can use your PayPal account.

The alternative or indirect way of using PayPal for ordering marijuana seeds is through cryptocurrency. You can visit Localbitcoins or Paxful website to buy bitcoins, and for that, you can use your PayPal account to pay for your bitcoin. Once you receive your bitcoin, you can use it to purchase cannabis seeds from seed banks that accept bitcoin as a payment method.

The good news is that most reputable seed banks like ILGM, Seedsman, MSNL, Crop King Seeds, and many more are accepting bitcoins. Even more, they also offer discounts and promotional offers if you pay using bitcoin! Thus, you can buy your bitcoin using PayPal and use it for ordering your cannabis seeds with huge discounts.

Is Using PayPal With ILGM Safe?

ILGM offers payment methods of bank transfer, bitcoin, cash, and credit cards. The company has not listed PayPal for your purchase. Thus, you need to ask the customer service team if they, anyhow, accept PayPal or not.

You might need to send an email or call the support team to help you pay for your cannabis seeds. If you are allowed to use your PayPal information for your credit cards or bank accounts linked with PayPal, they will let you know the exact method to use it and process your purchase.

Why is PayPal the Best Payment Processor?

PayPal is one of the platforms of sending and receiving money securely. Your account is verified with PayPal, and it will keep your account and payment information safe. If you have any problem with payments, PayPal will resolve your issue if you explain your concern.

PayPal is an excellent payment processor by which you can send or receive money for your products and services worldwide. You can add numerous bank accounts to your PayPal account. Moreover, you can also add your Mastercards to the account. When you need to pay using PayPal, you will have an option to choose the mode of payment.

Apart from that, there’s a PayPal wallet that you can use to keep your available balance safe in the system. This feature helps you with frequent transactions as you might need to receive and transfer your money on many occasions.

Guaranteed Protection

When you use PayPal to pay for any product or service, PayPal ensures that you get what you order. If there’s an issue in between, PayPal will hold that money to go through the system. If you raise the dispute in genuine cases, the processor will get your money back to you.

User Privacy with PayPal

When you add your details on PayPal, you can rest assured that they will not be revealed to any third party. Your profile, data, payment information, and other private information will be kept safe. Still, if you don’t want your private information to be revealed, it’s better not to add it to the profile.

When you pay or receive money using PayPal, your bank account statement will show PayPal-related transactions. Apart from reference, they will not add any further details to the statements.

If you plan to buy cannabis seeds with PayPal, it’s essential to remain as confidential as possible. You can also provide the details of your business that will be displayed in the statements if any cannabis-related transactions will be there.

Most Reliable Payment Processor in the World

Since PayPal was established in 1998 by Elon Musk and Peter Thiel, it has been delivering an excellent electronic way for money transactions. You can review all your transactions and edit your details whenever you want. The usability is excellent with reliable privacy. The ease of use and supportive customer service make it easier for users to trust the platform.

Furthermore, you can use the mobile app or surf the website where you can find the customer service phone number and support email. PayPal can also accommodate you to talk with one of their agents in case you need to tell your concerns.

Free to Send or Receive Money Through PayPal

When you set up your account with all your bank details and personal information, PayPal can be easily used to pay or get money without any additional charges. In short, PayPal is free to use. When someone from the USA sends you money using their bank accounts, you will receive it without any additional cost.

Interestingly, the senders can also use PayPal Cash Plus and PayPal Cash to transact the money. Apart from that, if you have available PayPal cash, you can combine it with the bank account balance to use the total amount.

Easy to Use

When it’s payment-related web services or applications, we need an easy-to-use platform that can work smoothly without any hassle. PayPal is one of the easiest web services when it comes to making and managing payments. Besides, the company also has mobile applications for iOS and Android phones.

Mobile apps make it easy to navigate to different options, manage profiles, add or remove payment details, and send or receive money. Apart from that, you can enable fingerprint protection on the mobile app, so no one except you use the app.

Discounts With PayPal

As buying cannabis seeds with PayPal is not allowed, you will not any discounts on your order. However, if you use PayPal for general purposes, you will be given nice discounts in many cases.

Just make sure to check the discount panel to know how and where you can avail the offer that can save big money. Some online stores and e-commerce websites offer discounts when you pay with PayPal.

Disadvantages of Using Paypal

PayPal’s Use Policy

PayPal has a complex user agreement and merchant agreement. The company has set rules to use the services for different services and products. As cannabis and narcotics are not allowed for payment on PayPal, most seed banks do not offer PayPal payments to their users. When users create a PayPal account, they need to agree to the terms and conditions of using PayPal.

If they are caught violating it, their accounts might get suspended. Merchants also need to agree with the terms and use the services genuinely to offer PayPal payments to their users. The PayPal policy particularly mentioned ‘narcotics’ and ‘cannabis’ that are excluded for payments using PayPal.

Time Consuming Services in Resolving Disputes

If you come across any dispute with the merchant, you need to raise the ticket to resolve your problem; PayPal then verifies all the details of the transaction and the services. It will take some time before the issue is settling down.

Other than that, the customer service line is often busy, and you need to make frequent contacts to get to them. In many cases, PayPal takes more than 24 hours to complete the transaction, and meanwhile, you cannot make sure about your transaction with your bank.


As PayPal does not accept any cannabis-related transactions, you need to have some tricks for the same. The only way you can buy your seeds using PayPal is by buying bitcoins with PayPal and use that coin to pay for your seeds.

Consequently, you can also get amazing discounts and offers if you pay via bitcoin.

If you desire to use PayPal for ordering your cannabis seeds, you can always ask the vendor if they can accommodate your request or not. And if they do, make sure you follow all the instructions of transactions, and you will be fine.

Once you set up your PayPal account with all the required details, you can enjoy one of the most advanced electronic payment processors to send or receive money.

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