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With the growing popularity of bitcoin, many cannabis seed banks have started accepting bitcoin payments.

Now you can use the world’s most precious and versatile cryptocurrency to buy high-quality weed seeds and other products from the biggest and most secured seed banks in the market.

Learn more about this excellent alternative to a conventional currency here in the following article and get on-board with the digital money revolution. Also, explore the list of seed banks accepting bitcoin for cannabis seeds.

In simple words, bitcoin is a kind of currency that is easy to manage, decentralized, and secure.

It’s an open-source plan which has been gaining popularity around the globe in recent times. Bitcoin works on a peer-to-peer (person-to-person) interface, and you can use it across many gadgets like phones, tablets, and PCs.

You’ll be amazed to know that it is not regulated by a single organization, group, government, or bank. This means you can transfer and receive bitcoin anonymously. You can use this currency for free. It has minimum transactional charges, unlike most other currencies.

Buy Cannabis Seeds with Bitcoin

Online cannabis seed banks always strive to make their customers’ shopping experience a lot easier and more convenient. That’s why many reputable seed banks have started accepting bitcoin payments for those who want to keep their identity anonymous.

Just as with all other payment systems, anyone can use bitcoin to buy any of the products available across the entire menu. Bitcoins have been known globally for their unique services over and above standard currency in all its forms.

Especially when it comes to potentially controversial investments, bitcoins match the new global pattern for safe and secure purchases at every level.

If you are looking for some other payment method, we have also covered seed banks that accept PayPal payment methods.

List of Seed Banks Accepting Bitcoin

  1. Crop King Seeds
  2. ILGM
  3. MSNL
  4. The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store
  5. Royal Queen Seeds
  6. Seedsman
  7. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds
  8. Attitude Seed Bank
  9. Barney’s Farm
  10. Nirvana Shop
  11. Fast Buds
  12. Vision Seeds
  13. Sol Seeds
  14. Vancouver Seed Bank
  15. Seed City

Not only that, there are numerous other cannabis sellers on the internet that accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for cannabis-related products. Let’s take a deeper dive into the digital currency world for those who haven’t heard about bitcoin!

What Is Bitcoin?

For those who still follow the old-fashioned pattern, it’s time to change! Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency used for all sorts of online transactions, from new pairs of clothes to motorized vehicles.

What makes Bitcoin unique is that it’s indistinguishable, self-regulated, and most importantly, it’s hard to track. Hence, you see so much negative news and statements about it as the government and the banks don’t like something they can’t regulate.

The blockchain is a shared public record on which the whole Bitcoin network relies. It is a method of recording information that makes it hard or impossible to modify, hack, or trick the system.

You can keep your balance in control through this, and the bitcoin wallet can easily confirm the newer activities. There is the presence of cryptography where the sequential order and the integrity of the blockchain are being inflicted. This indicates that you have better records if you are going to buy cannabis with bitcoin.

How to Buy Bitcoin and Pay for Your Cannabis Order?

1.Create Wallet and Buy Bitcoins

Make a Bitcoin wallet where you can securely save bitcoins.

  a) Add Payment Mode (Credit/Debit/Bank Ac).

  b) Purchase Bitcoins.

2. Order From Your Preferred Seed Bank

  a) Select the Pay by Bitcoin option and proceed to Checkout.

  b) Copy Bitcoin Address & Amount.

3. Pay the Seed Bank with Bitcoins

Transfer Bitcoins from your wallet to the account your seed bank has provided.

 a) Send Bitcoin. Use Bitcoin Address & Amount given earlier in step 2.

When you transfer bitcoins from your wallet address, the amount gets deducted from the wallet. Let’s take an example and say you would like to buy cannabis seeds with bitcoins from the ILGM seed bank. Please remember that you only have 15 minutes to pay the Bitcoin invoice before the session expires – if it expires, you will have to either make a new order or get in touch with the seed bank so they can handle the payment immediately.

Is It Safe to Buy With Bitcoin? 

Since bitcoin is safe and you’re buying with it doesn’t mean that the person you’re paying would keep your data secure as bitcoin does. 

If you are concerned about traceability, we’d highly suggest you only buy from a legitimate source. After all, you never really know who will be accepting these unidentified bitcoins and what they might do with your data? Maybe they’re adding it to some list?

You also have to think about whether or not the company will send what you’re looking for. Don’t spend huge amounts of bitcoin without making extra sure the seller isn’t going to take your cash and run. Unlike credit and debit card payments, bitcoin transactions are irrevocable, and there is no security if anything goes wrong.

There are many approaches to tell if a seed bank is legit or not. Still, in experts’ opinion, the best way to learn about any retailer’s legitimacy is to look for reviews or testimonials.

Advantages of Buying Cannabis With Bitcoin

Bitcoins could give the cannabis industry an easy-to-use alternative to cash, and marijuana could provide bitcoins with public interest so they can say goodbye to old-fashioned schemes. As bitcoins are decentralized and open networks, any one organization or nation can not regulate them. That means nobody can advise you what you can buy or who you can take it from.

And, you won’t need to ask your bank to get approval to spend your own funds in a foreign state when you order marijuana seeds with bitcoins. Here’s the explanation why marijuana and bitcoins are a perfect match:

Keeping Your Identity Anonymous

If you don’t want your bank or any other person snooping around in your game, bitcoins are an excellent option. Bitcoin purchases are connected to the wallets they pass through. As long as you don’t link your wallet to your real identity, payments stay pretty much hidden.

Bitcoin wallets are free of cost, so you can make a new wallet with every purchase if you feel suspicious. 

The Bitcoin Network is Reliable and Secure 

Like any other currency, you need to be careful while keeping your bitcoins, but you don’t need to bother revealing your identity or credit card deception while using cryptocurrency. As long as your wallet is safe, it’s nearly impossible for anyone to withdraw your bitcoins. They’re uniquely encoded, and most wallets ask for a 2-stage authentication to transfer the currency.

For most advanced security, save your bitcoins in different wallets, including one that is equipment-based.

Earn Rewards By Paying Through Bitcoins 

Whether you’re purchasing a cured bud that is ready to burn or weed seeds with bitcoins, you can save big!

A new San Francisco company named Trees will offer you 40% off ordering your joint by their services. Moreover, many seed banks offer free seeds when you pay using cryptocurrency.

Faster and Cheaper International Transactions

When you pay your order with bitcoins, the network imposes a small transaction price, and the recipient can check the money in their bitcoin wallet within seconds. Credit card payments are fast, too, unless the client triggers an exaction caution or you’re not pre-authorized for foreign transactions.

Transaction costs differ from nothing to 10% of your charge if you go through a system your card company doesn’t care for, and there’s no practical way to know before you buy.

Transferring money or doing a bank transfer for a global order can be slow and expensive, too. International bank payments sometimes require an in-person visit to a regional office, and charges can exceed $40. This method may take a while, from a few hours to numerous days, for your payment to show up.

With cash, you’ll have no proof of when or IF it will show up except you pay for the extra charges for identifiable foreign mail. 

Marijuana Could Make Bitcoins More Accessible 

More and more people would start using bitcoins if they were easier to buy. You can purchase them on websites like Coinbase, Localbitcoins, and Circle, and the unique Bitcoin ATMs promise to make it very easy to top off your wallet.

So far, there are two segments where you’re most likely to see a bitcoin ATM. One is in bigger cities with many educated citizens and in countries that have approved cannabis.

Many, but not all, cannabis dispensaries allow bitcoin ATMs in these provinces. As legalization spreads and more weed shops open, it could bring new possibilities for more bitcoin ATMs. Additionally, this could bring more opportunities for people to access bitcoins.

Cash still governs the cannabis business, whether it’s legal or not in a particular region. However, bitcoins may present a safer alternative than online and offline transactions in the not-so-distant future.

Disadvantages of Buying Cannabis With Bitcoin

No Cashbacks or Refunds

Probably one of the biggest downsides of bitcoin is a lack of a regulated policy for cash backs or returns, as all credit card companies and popular online payment processors have.

Users affected by transaction distortion – for example, buying products that the seller never delivers – can’t ask for a refund through bitcoin.

In fact, the decentralized structure of bitcoin makes it difficult for any single party to negotiate disputes between users. While miners take charge of recording transactions, they’re not able to evaluate their legitimacy.


Cryptocurrency is technology-based, which indicates that this system is open to cyberattacks. Hacking is a serious risk since there is no genuine way to retrieve your lost or stolen bitcoins.

Several reports confirm that many buyers lose their finances in exchanges and mining losses. Markets are more likely to be hacked – even if you have the security of a smart wallet.

Moreover, if you have a wallet and forget or lose your unique key, there is hardly a way to recover your bitcoins. Carefully check your cryptocurrency wallets to make sure you have the most secure option. 


In addition to hacking, there is a common threat of corruption in the bitcoin market. Consumers and sellers tend to transfer bitcoins online. But some of these mediums can be deceitful since their surge in popularity.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) have warned against these activities where inexperienced investors are tricked out of their bitcoins in bogus exchanges.

This absence of protection forms a big risk for investors. While policies have been made to deal with these issues, safety remains a big issue.


If you’re a little nervous about ordering weed seeds online and looking for a certain level of secrecy, you can buy from the seed banks that we mentioned above using bitcoin.

Since there is a legal acquisition problem as federal regulation prohibits the companies from having a bank account, bitcoin turned into the best solution to buy weed online. What’s more, you don’t need to have a bank account to buy cannabis online.

Not only does bitcoin give you anonymity quite often, but the sellers are also pleased to offer hefty discounts and promotions to the customers who pay using bitcoins. This way, you can redeem the transaction cost as well. Moreover, getting free seeds will make you more excited!

Thus, you will have a convenient and anonymous online payment when you buy cannabis seeds with bitcoin.

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