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Are you planning to buy Cannabis Seeds online from the seed bank that offers reliable customer service and high-quality seeds?

You should go through this article on Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review to learn exciting things about this seed bank. 

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Quebec Seeds serves recreation and medicinal seeds as per your needs. You can count on Quebec Cannabis Seeds for all your purchasing and planting requirements.

Based in Montreal, Quebec, the seed bank has been a well-known name for supplying Cannabis seeds within and beyond Canada for many years.

In this review, we will assess distinctive features and will come to the final verdict for this seed bank. 

In 2012, the QCS seed bank started in Montreal, Quebec. These days, it is one of the best-rated marijuana seed banks in Canada. It has also gained popularity globally over time. 

Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Official website:

The seed bank provides high-quality seeds, caring customer care support, a good germination ratio, excellent stealth packaging, deals, offers, and freebies. Moreover, the website of this seed bank is user-friendly and smooth in navigation which you will undoubtedly appreciate. All these exceptional and outstanding highlights make it one of the ‘best Canadian Seed Banks.’ 

This Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review will cover different segments like seed bank ratings, contact information, germination guarantee, shipping, stealth packaging, modes of payment, offers, deals, discounts, and many more. 

Let’s dive deep into the unbiased Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QCS) Review to evaluate your marijuana seeds buying needs in 2022.

How did Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QCS) Start?

Quebec Cannabis Seeds began in 2013, and it has developed the art of selling seeds with utmost care since then. The QCS seed bank’s challenging work, devotion, endeavors, and consistency have made it the best seed bank in Canada and around the world.

The QCS seed bank breeds the provide seeds deliberately to coordinate with their buyers and fulfill their desire.

Having six years of experience, the QCS has turned professional in managing cannabis seeds. So, if incomparable quality seeds are your priority, then this seed bank is your go-to store. 

In their initial days of business, The company needed to battle with stock and extra storage. However, in the present situation, it possesses one of the most notable cannabis seed storage. 

Customer Trust and Ratings

You will notice that many strains have earned nearly 4 to 5 stars from different users on the seed bank’s website. Experiencing the Word of Mouth will guarantee you the top-notch quality of the Quebec Cannabis Seeds. 

This seed bank believes in providing the perfect quality seeds of different assortments of seeds and strains to its buyers. With such an extraordinary record, QCS has been regularly winning and setting itself in the top 10 seed banks for Cannabis seeds. 

 Moreover, the six years of experience add a lot of trust and generosity to this seed bank. 

Customer Support and Contact Information

Let us talk about client assistance. Quebec seeds have accommodating and responsive client care. The client staff reacts through email and phone on weekdays (Mon. to Fri.) from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. 

The Quebec seed isn’t limited to the online website and digital nearness. It also has numerous retail outlets in Canada, so you can personally choose your strains. 

Another element of this seed bank is that it sells seeds in two modes — discount and retail. So if you are a little scope grower or a huge scope grower, Quebec Cannabis Seeds is your go-to store. 

Website Functionality

Additionally, this seed bank has a basic and easy-to-navigate website that has navigation quite clear and intuitive. QCS has incorporated the ‘Unique Offers’ and the ‘Best Sellers’ segment on its website. 

Also, all the appropriate segments are in place like the best sellers, most recent appearances, exceptional offers, seed types, FAQs, terms & conditions, about us, and subsidiaries. 

In conclusion, the additional element of Quebec seed is the ‘search’ segment. Just sort the topic or seed of your need, and you can redirect to the related webpage. 

Selection of Seeds

In their initial days of business, The company needed to battle with stock and extra storage. However, in the present situation, it possesses one of the most notable cannabis seed storage. 

Whether you are a newcomer in the field of Cannabis or an expert grower, QCS has a stock for almost everyone that floods with more than 50 kinds of strains and seeds.

You will get your preferred seeds without a doubt. We can assume that QCS has something for everybody. 

You can explore the varieties of Cannabis sold by QCS from the following list: 

feminized seeds, regular seeds, High CBD, auto-flower seeds, Outdoor seeds, mixed pack, and some limited edition seeds. 

It also has seeds arranged into Quebec Cannabis Seeds, Indica, Sativa, BC Bud Depot, Next Generation Seeds, and Bomb Seeds. 

One more trait that QCS has is that it stocks according to the running trend in the market. The inventory gets refreshed with recently created strains according to the most recent trends of the market and public demand. 

The breeders always practice strict testing and a controlled environment to produce reliable quality seeds. We can say that they are expert breeders that examine and pick the very best seeds to offer. 

Moreover, an ideal parity of THC and CBD levels is available in the seeds category, referred by the expert breeders. This type of sorting guarantees the phenomenal quality of seeds all year round. 

Type of Seeds offered by the QCS

Feminized seeds: 

BC Golden Skunk, Quebec purple bud, Quebec cookies cannabis seeds, AK-47 feminized, AK-39 feminized, Atomic cannabis feminized, sour diesel cannabis seeds, white widow feminized 

Auto-flower seeds: 

Blueberry Cannabis Seeds, CBD Kush Seeds, Berry Bomb Cannabis Seeds, Auto OG Kush 

CBD seeds: 

CBD Kush cannabis, CBD Jack Herer cannabis feminized, CBD AK-47 feminized, CBD Mango haze cannabis, Quebec 20-1 CBD cannabis

Outdoor growing seeds:  

Auto BC Blueberry, Big bomb feminized, Amnesia Haze feminized, and Blue dream feminized. 

Regular seeds: 

OG Kush Cannabis Seeds, Purple Kush Cannabis Seeds, Blueberry Cannabis Seeds Mixed Pack.

Mixed packs:

CBD mixed pack, Feminized mixed pack, Auto-flower mixed pack, Regular mixed pack

The mixed pack has a proportion of both Indica and Sativa strains. Its allocation changes with different flower types. 

Popular Seeds on QCS Website

Limited Edition —

M-39 granddaddy cannabis feminized, Chemdawg cannabis feminized, Bubble gum cannabis feminized, white Kush seeds feminized

Special Seeds —

Blueberry Fast Version Cannabis Seeds Feminized, QC Black Gold Cannabis Seeds Feminized

Latest Arrivals —

QC Black Gold fast version feminized, Summer Cannabis mixed pack, Blueberry fast version feminized, CBD AK-47 feminized, Skunk no.1, Quebec LSD feminized, Bubble bomb feminized, AK-39 Cannabis Seeds feminized

Bestsellers —

QCS Black Gold Cannabis seeds, Auto Bruce Banner Cannabis Seeds Feminized, Jack Herer Cannabis Seeds feminized,  Gorilla Glue Cannabis Seeds Feminized

QCS seeds for Medical purposes

The essential point of ‘Marijuana legalization’ was for therapeutic purposes. With time, individuals have been utilizing marijuana for entertainment and recreation.

But still, significant nations legalize it for its colossal illness healing qualities and therapeutic uses. Some of the therapeutic benefits of marijuana are ‘healing from ailments’ referenced underneath: 

PTSD, Chronic Diseases, Relaxation, Insomnia, Muscle Pain, Migraines, Anxiety, Nausea, Bipolar disorder, and many more. 

Germination Guarantee

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Quebec Cannabis Seeds offers an 80% germination guarantee, which most regular customers are going to appreciate. This germination ratio is satisfying with the up-to-the-mark business standards. 

If 50% of your seeds don’t germinate, you may raise the concern to the customer’s desk. The staff will surely pay notice to your issue and do the needful. 


Quebec Seeds does shipping all over Canada and most parts of the globe. This seed bank is notable for the convenient and snappy delivery of Cannabis seeds.

QCS doesn’t have a free shipping option. You may have to pay $10 from your side. For the USA, it takes fourteen days to reach the seeds at your doorstep. Typically, it takes somewhere between 15 to 20 days to ship cannabis seeds to various parts of the world. 

Have you been curious about why stealth bundling is necessary for sending marijuana seeds? ‘Growing Marijuana’ is as yet a matter of legal concern in numerous nations over the world. 

Subsequently, it is evident to spare the cannabis seeds according to individuals and environmental factors. Therefore, cannabis seeds require Stealth Packaging. 

Most importantly, QCS transfers the seeds in a protected zip-lock poly bag. Then, they place it in a cushioned envelope. You can find just the name of the sender and the arrival address. The rest of the details may not be there on the envelope to ensure your privacy

This envelope is encased and covered up alongside random things like toys or t-shirts. And then, they will send it for delivery. Accordingly, the Stealth Packaging of Cannabis Seeds can reach your destination effectively. 

Modes of Payment 

Sometimes the vendor doesn’t offer the required method of payment that you wish to utilize. With QCS, you can rest assured that you won’t have to be disappointed as this seed bank allows you to pay with many payment methods as given in the following list:

  • Debit Card 
  • Credit Card 
  • Bank Transfer 
  • Bitcoin 

Offers and Discounts

Freebies and Extras fulfill each buyer with happiness. In this case, Quebec Cannabis Seeds offers many types of freebies, which you can avail of spot-on at the time of purchasing your seeds. If you buy in more quantity, you will certainly get a discount. Other than that, you will get a lot of free seeds. Other than that, there are some other freebies that you can avail of by regularly visiting the company’s website. 

The QCS brings a Special Offer segment for you to avail of a 15-20% discount. This kind of service can attract more customers.

Furthermore, the company keeps changing the types of discounts. It keeps updating its seeds inventory according to the buyers’ demands. It makes it unique among other seed banks in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How can you contact QCS customer care support?
A1: You can contact QCS through phone and email. 

Q2: Where is the Quebec Cannabis Seeds head office located?
A2: Quebec Cannabis Seeds’ head office is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

Q3: Is Quebec Cannabis Seeds a legit seed bank?
A3: Yes, QCS is a legit seed bank. It guarantees client service, top-quality seeds, and a satisfying germination ratio. 

What is Seed Bank?

A seed bank is basically a store for seeds. There are various options obtainable for you if you need to grow plants that you can find in your region. Marijuana seed banks are specific stores that guarantee that they gather seeds from different strains of plants. These plants have different tastes and different compound compositions. These strains bring about a different sort of high for every one of them.

Final Verdict

The Quebec Cannabis Seeds won the best Canadian Seed bank award in 2019. This trait adds much weight to its accomplishments and reliability. Besides, the seed bank has lots of positive reviews from so many different customers. 

Quebec Cannabis Seeds bank is one of the most secure seed banks in the world. A couple of factors that add to the security level are SSL Certification incorporated with the website. You can also pay them in bitcoin to remain anonymous

To summarize, the Quebec Cannabis Seeds bank is an ideal blend of quality seeds, extreme yields, germination guarantee, shipping guarantee, stealth packs, various payment methods, and an enormous assortment of strains

You can rest assured that it provides best-in-the-industry seeds with varieties of seeds and an excellent germination guarantee. After a thorough investigation of Quebec Seeds, our experts highly recommend buying your cannabis seeds from the Quebec Cannabis Seeds. 

If you have any questions regarding the QCS seed bank, feel free to write in the comment box below. We will be happy to address your inquiries.

If you are looking forward to finding an alternative to the QCS seed bank, you should check this review article on the Top 10 Best Canadian Seed Banks.

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