Pacific Seed Bank Reviews 2021 – is it Scam?

Are you going to buy marijuana seeds from pacific seed bank?

Good! Let us give you some information about the seed bank in this post.

Update: We are getting regular emails and comments about Pacific seed bank. After order, they are not delivering packages, and their support team is not responding.

So, you should order from Crop King Seeds. They will ship your packages the same day with a quick 24×7 hours support team. (You can check it by sending a message in chat)

Pacific Seed Bank Reviews


Pacific Seed Bank Review 2020

History & Experience

Pacific seeds bank is situated in Spain. They have their headquarters in Barcelona and all their main business is done from there.

Also, they have a marketing office in both Canada and the USA.

People who buy from pacific seed banks are satisfied with their seeds and delivery times. They seem to have a great team working on sourcing seeds and sending them out to the customers.


On pacific seed bank, you will find all types of cannabis seeds, including feminized seeds, CBD seeds, and auto-flowering marijuana seeds.

Some of the most recent seeds on sale are sour triangle feminized, sour Kush feminized, purple candy Autoflower, cherry of feminized, and purple Chemdawg Autoflower.

You can find seeds from many different famous brands, which include brands like grower’s lab seeds, Willits family farm, Mendocino farms, DNA crew, norcal farms, coastal genetics, dutchman seeds, and so many more.

On their website, you can sort out marijuana strains based on things like plant height, growing difficulty, taste, aroma, CBD levels, THC levels, and their medical benefits.

They have a huge collection when it comes to different types of cannabis seeds. They have three main categories, as follows:

  • Feminized Marijuana Seeds – they have 215 hybrid feminized strains, 117 Indica feminized strains, and 76 different types of Sativa feminized strains.
  • Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds – they have 26 auto-flowering Sativa strains, 63 Indica Autoflower strains, and 102 hybrid auto-flowering strains.
  • High CBD Weeds Seeds – pacific seed bank has a total of 50 different strain which have high CBD levels. These strains are going to help you a lot in easing many different physical and mental ailments.

Germination Success

All of the seeds pacific seed bank sells are quality test and inspected by hand by their team of experts. Their seeds are some of the best quality marijuana seeds that you can find on the market.

They offer a 90% germination ratio on their cannabis seeds. This is one of the highest percentages that online seed banks offer online.

All the seeds that do not germinate will be replaced by them for free. Note that you need to have more than one non germinated seed, having one only bad seed will not qualify for this.

Another thing you need to take care of is, your seeds should be purchased within the last 60 days to be eligible for a germination guarantee. Older seeds will not be replaced.

They will bear the cost of replacing the bad seeds, but you will have to pay for the non-germinated seeds shipping. If you email them, they will be able to give you an estimate of shipping charges beforehand.


We all need our marijuana seeds to be delivered at our doorstep instead of having to go out to a store to collect them, agree?

Well, the pacific see bank will give you a very nice delivery service along with all the safety and privacy.

They will charge you a single shipping amount regardless of how many numbers of marijuana seeds you order.

Pacific seed bank ships cannabis seeds all over the world. Although it would be wise to check your local laws before you order any seeds.

The only time when you can avail of free shipping is if you buy marijuana seeds worth more than $500.

The following are the delivery timing and the prices for different places:

  • USA
    • Shipping cost – $9.95
    • Delivery time – 5 to 7 business days
  • Australia
    • Shipping cost – $30
    • Delivery time – 7 to 25 business days
  • Europe & other
    • Shipping cost – $30
    • Delivery time – 7 to 25 business days

All of the orders that are sent out from pacific seed banks have their own tracking numbers. After completing the order, you will be sent a tracking number on your email, which can be used to track the parcel when it is in transit.


Most of the time, they send out the marijuana seeds in a glass air-tight medical vial. Although they will remove this original packaging in order to increase safety and privacy when sending out parcel’s certain countries.

Now, if you are worried about privacy, then you can ask them to send you a completely discreet package. They will send out all the cannabis seeds in a simple padded envelope.

The extra stealth shipping does not have any fees, you can ask them, and they’ll do it for free.

On the outside of the package, there will be no mention of any marijuana or seed bank related information. It will be a regular package with just an address on it.

Payment options

While paying the pacific seeds bank, you need to be careful about their policy of sending the cannabis seeds only after they have received the payment in full.

If you have paid by credit card or cash, then you would have to wait until they receive the payment on their end.

You will have a lot of different ways to pay for your marijuana seeds. The options include Bitcoin, Interac eTransfer, Visa, Mail, Mastercard, and Zelle.

To pay them with bitcoin, which is the safe, secure, and anonymous way to pay for weed, you will need to open a coin base account. It free and very easy to do so.

Paying by Zelle in the USA and by e-transfer in Canada will save you from giving transaction fees. With a visa and Mastercard both, you will have to pay an 8.5% transaction fee.

Discounts and Promotions

If you decide to pay by mail, which will include a money order or certified check, then you will get three extra seeds for free!

If you are buying in bulk, then get in touch with their wholesale division, and they will be able to offer you discounts and other free stuff.

Customer Support

The pacific seed bank team is active on social media; you can get in touch with them there. Or you could mail or call them as well.

They are very professional and friendly when it comes to solving their customer’s queries and problems. They even have a chat option on their website as well.


  • An excellent and wide selection of marijuana strains
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Wide-array of filters to sort out cannabis seeds
  • 90% germination guarantee ratio
  • High ratings from customers all over the world
  • Offers free stealth shipping


They will not be responsible if your post-service loses/damages the package. So, unfortunately, no delivery guarantee for the customers.



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