Order Edibles Online: THC, CBD & CBG That Ship Anywhere

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In 2022, you can order edibles online safely and quickly. Thanks to the internet.

As the whole world slowly started accepting marijuana’s existence. This has led to a boom in the cannabis industry across the countries where weed is legal somewhat.

And, within time, weed enthusiasts have developed different ways to consume edibles.

Due to its rich cannabinoid concentration, potency, and taste, people love to order edibles online and have a wonderful time with their friends.

There are different types of weed edibles available for a different purposes like edibles for female sexual pleasure.

So, you might be wondering what are some best weed edibles to try out?

Well, don’t worry.

I am here to help you out.

After this guide, you will get to know the best edibles on the market right now and how to order them online.

weed edibles

So, let’s get started:

1. Five CBD Daily Buzz Gummies

thc edible gummies

For daily users, these full-spectrum CBD gummies are one of the best edible options to buy online.

These gummies consist of 50mg of total cannabinoids including THC, CBD, CBN, and others.

While the THC content per gummy is 5mg, which gives a balanced high.

And, this is why most first-timers use the Five CBD full spectrum gummies as their first edible. Because it gives you a mild high to feel relaxed and relieved.

Doesn’t matter if you use it the day or night, these gummies will make your mind feel better without getting stuck in one place.

Above that, you get a beautiful mouthwatering taste, which ultimately enhances the experience with it. Thanks to the enriched terpenes and flavonoids.

Even the pricing of these gummies is also quite affordable. You get their top-shelf gummies for around just $40, in which you get 30 gummies/bottle.

So, all in all, you will have a great experience with these gummies from Five CBD.

What’s the best?

  • High-quality gummies
  • 5:1 CBD to the other cannabinoid ratio
  • Balanced high
  • Excellent taste
  • Affordable pricing

For all the weed enthusiasts, starting their journey out with edibles, these Five CBD gummies will make sure you have the best experience.

Order Now.

2. CBDistillery Full-Spectrum Gummies

CBD gummies

Taking it to the next level, CBDistillery full-spectrum gummies are one of the most popular edibles.

With 30mg of cannabinoids, these gummies are naturally derived and have the terpenes for mouthwatering flavor.

These gummies are sugar-coated to give you a delicious taste every time you put them in your mouth. While as you will chew, and let the effects come up, your body will start feeling good.

Don’t worry, it has mild THC content, that ensures you don’t fall asleep.

The balanced level of cannabinoids keeps the effects under control. While the natural terpenes, flavor, and mild high give an overall better experience than any other edible.

Of course, CBDistillery full-spectrum gummies can even be used in the daytime.

That is why people often carry these gummies in their bag just in case to get rid of tiredness after tiring work.

Because this cannabis edible ultimately elevates the mood and makes you feel happy.

With a $60 price, you get 30 gummies, which is sufficient for a basic user of edibles. While you will surely feel the worth of the price as you will start having these delicious gummies.

What’s the best?

  • One of the best edible brands
  • Quality gummies
  • 30mg potency
  • Balanced effects
  • Mouthwatering taste

The best part about CBDistillery gummies is that it has all the natural components, and in order to enhance the taste the company has not compromised with the terpenes of CBD.

And, that leads to a natural and beautiful taste ultimately.

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3. Cornbread Hemp Berry Gummies

full spectrum cbd gummies

Love the natural and organic compounds?

You are surely going to fall in love with Cornbread’s Hemp Berry Gummies!

These sweet berry gummies let you get closer to the natural taste of CBD hemp gummies. Because it is one of the first-ever USDA-certified organic gummies in the market.

Isn’t it amazing?

Well, yes!

And, that is why people who don’t want anything external in the edible regularly buy this hemp gummy.

With a 22:1 CBD to THC ratio, you will have one of the best experiences of edibles. Because the higher CBD content makes you feel uplifted, active, and ultimately stressed-free.

And, above that, the wonderful taste of berries will make you have these gummies again and again.

Well, I will recommend you to not fall for the taste and use it heavily. Because even higher CBD can also make you feel overwhelmed.

Though the THC in these gummies is quite less, so, you are surely not going on a roller-coaster ride.

What’s the best?

  • High CBD content
  • USDA certified 100% natural gummies
  • Wonderful taste
  • Boosts mood and makes you feel uplifted
  • 100% vegan

These gluten-free gummies have more natural components to keep the organic taste as it is. And, that is why people fall in love with it.

If you want something tastier, enriched in CBD, 100% natural, and vegan, then don’t miss out on this one of the best gummies.

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4. CBD American Shaman Brownies

CBD Brownies

Most of us love brownies.

These CBD Brownies taste sweeter and give a far better experience than any other edible if you are not a fan of gummy.

While 15 mg of full-spectrum CBD will make sure you have better weekends. Because the effects due to CBD are mild.

You feel uplifted, happy, and better from the stress.

And, that is why edible enthusiasts love these American Shaman CBD brownies.

Of course, the taste of these brownies aligns to the sweeter side.

And, that may be appealing for the people who want to explore the sweeter side of edibles, and also for those who don’t want to get into gummies.

Further, the terpene profile for these brownies is quite rich, which makes it tastier and even more flavorful.

Also, the brand CBD American Shaman is known for quality CBD edibles, which you can check on the website as well.

Apart from brownies, their CBD cookies and CBD sparkling water are also quite popular.

What’s the best?

  • High-quality CBD brownies
  • Sweeter taste
  • 15 mg of cannabinoids infused
  • Appealing high
  • Other edibles are also available

Choose these edibles if you want to get the additional CBD effects with a taste of brownies. And, if you love that, then surely you are going to fall in love with this edible.

Checkout here.

5. Extract Labs CBG Chocolate Bar

CBG Choclate bar

Love chocolates?

This affordable CBD Chocolate bar is something that will make you crave it once you will have it.

With 70% chocolate component and 250 mg of cannabinoids, you are going to have the best edible experience ever!

Just have a bite of this chocolate and then you will realize what a weed edible can take you through.

Apart from the mouthwatering taste of chocolate, the effects of this edible are also impressive.

It gives you a rush of energy, boosts your mood, and of course, gives you a better taste to crave it again.

Also, this chocolate bar is completely free from THC, therefore, you can be sure that you are not going to indulge in THC effects.

While this chocolaty bar is enriched in antioxidants that are ultimately good for your health. And, it is vegan, and gluten-free, which even makes it a better choice to have as an edible.

And, the pricing of this CBG chocolate bar is just $13, which makes it a quite affordable edible option.

The best part is that the hemp extracts are imported and infused in the lab itself, which is an add-on to the quality.

What’s the best?

  • 250 mg of cannabinoids
  • THC free
  • Very affordable
  • Delicious chocolaty taste
  • High-quality edible

Apart from gummies, and brownies, this CBD chocolaty bar is always a go-to option. It is the perfect combo of slight cannabinoid enrichment, affordable price, and delicious taste.

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6. Moonwlkr Delta 8 Gummies

delta 8 gummies

Now, let’s move to something strong.

Moonwlkr’s Delta-8 THC gummies are something that you can try if you want to have some potent experience with edibles.

With 25 mg of cannabinoid infusion, you can have quite an uplifting and energetic experience.

While the taste goes like something sweeter.

However, here you will have the freedom to choose your edible’s taste and flavor accordingly.

Because Moonwlkr has given you multiple flavors like watermelon, Zkittlez, Pineapple Express, Blue Dream Berry, and many more.

So, you can choose which you like. Though the favorite of many people is watermelon flavor.

These packs are available with up to 50 gummies per pack and contain 625 mg of Delta-8 THC in total.

However, you get 12.5 mg of Delta-8 THC per gummy, which is responsible for comparatively stronger effects.

While the pricing of these gummies is also quite affordable. The price per pack is just $39.99, which can even reduce if you will get it by applying discounts.

What’s the best?

  • Slightly stronger effects
  • Multiple flavors available
  • Delta-8 THC enriched
  • Affordable price
  • High-quality gummies

Under the gummies category, if you want to try out something different than the usual CBD then it is surely a better option.

From having multiple flavors to affordable prices, Moonwlkr’s Delta-8 THC gummies have got you all!

Order Now.

7. Botany Farms Delta 8 Gummies

delta 8 gummies

This is a better version of Delta-8 THC gummies from Botany Farms.

Also, it is potent as well.

Because these gummies contain THC up to 30 mg of Delta-8 and 2 mg of Delta-9 THC. And, this leads to potent effects.

Though the effects are not overwhelming until you don’t consume it excessively.

The effects are generally strong, uplifting, mood-boosting, and heavy due to THC content.

And, that is why people often use it during the weekends or at the end of the day when there is no need to stay focused.

Also, of course, these gummies are for experienced weed enthusiasts who want to take their edible journey to the next level.

However, beginners can start with smaller doses if they want to try.

The flavor and taste align to the perfect fruiter and tastier side while the combination of strong effects gives a great experience overall.

What’s the best?

  • Stronger effects
  • Both Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC
  • Quality brand
  • Tasty gummies
  • Perfect for experienced users

Try these gummies if you can tolerate a certain level of THC. However, if you are completely new to edibles then I will recommend you to try the other options of CBD gummies or brownies.

Order Now.

Can You Buy Weed Edibles Online?

Yes, you can buy weed edibles online.

However, the process is not that easy.

As you might already know about regulations on weed in different countries. And, the same goes for weed edibles.

The producers have to go follow the strict guidelines for producing edibles. In some regions, weed edibles consisting of THC of more than 0.3% are illegal.

And, therefore, they have to keep things legal and fulfill the demand of a buyer at the same time.

Well, that doesn’t mean, THC-enriched edibles are not in the market. However, selling them everywhere is not that easy.

Even in some regions, taking the edibles outside borders is also a punishable offense.

Only the medical patients have some relaxation from the authorities. As they are permitted to access weed edibles from the licensed dispensaries.

However, edibles for medical patients are enriched in CBD cannabinoid which is extracted from hemp.

On the other hand, people who want to go beyond CBD, have to hassle getting quality weed edibles.

Somehow, with the boom of cannabis and its products, there are certain sources from where you can get the edibles, which I will talk about later.

Though for now, you just be sure that you can have marijuana edibles in your home without offending the laws.

Because there are multiple sources to order edibles online.

How to Buy Weed Edibles Online?

Buying weed edible is not all about just putting “buy weed edibles online” on google!

It is more than that if you want to have a good experience.

Because getting the right quality weed edible is trickier nowadays. It is because many shady online stores do not provide you the quality marijuana edible.

Instead, they just sell you sweet candies in the name of weed compounds.

And, therefore, people often have bad experiences with ordering edibles online.

Well, there are certain things which you can take care of to avoid any mistakes. I have summed up those in these three points:

1. Checking Market Reputation

Before blindly falling for an online store to buy weed edibles online, make sure to check its market reputation.

It means, checking for its reviews, previous buyers’ experiences, and the overall legitimacy of the store.

This will help you to avoid the bad stores and pick the perfect online store for yourself.

2. Check Quality

Several vendors produce weed edibles. However, only some of them are good.

And, those good vendors can make you have the best experience with weed edibles. So, always check the quality of weed edibles along with the quality of the store.

You can read the product reviews below the page. Or, you can also take the help of external forums, review sites, and some other sources as well.

3. Know What You Need

Weed edibles are generally more potent than marijuana itself.

It is because they have a higher concentration of cannabinoids. And, therefore, you must know what you need in an edible before ordering it online.

For instance, if you have less tolerance to THC then you must get the CBD edibles only. Similarly, if you want THC-enriched gummies then you can order accordingly.

Along with that, it is also necessary to know ultimately how much the concentration of cannabinoids (both CBD and THC) is right for you.

You can read on the product description page of the website before placing the order.

So, these are the things that you can keep in mind to avoid the bad experience of buying edibles online.

Where to Buy Weed Edibles Online?

There are very few quality brands that offer high-quality marijuana edibles.

And, therefore, instead of going for any random brand, you should rather check the edibles at these online stores:

Botany Farms

One of the most popular, limited but high-quality edibles, nationwide shipping, impressive website, and discounts available. One of the first choices of many buyers for getting edibles.

Buy My Weed Online

A very affordable store for ordering edibles online, top-shelf edibles, multiple varieties, a great market reputation, and many more weed products available.


190+ weed edibles are available, brownies, chocolate, syrup, and many more edibles are there. Affordable store, and great services.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is buying weed edible legal?

You have to confirm this with your local authorities. However, in most regions, weed edibles with <0.3% THC are permitted which consist of CBD from hemp extracts.

2. Can I buy edibles from the dispensary?

Yes, of course. However, you have to find the authorized and licensed dispensary near your location.

3. Can I buy weed online in my country from the international store?

Depending on the online store, you can get weed edible to different countries across the globe. However, make sure your country’s laws are permitting you to do so.


Finally, now, you know almost everything about ordering edibles online. Hopefully, you can access the right quality weed edibles from the right sources.

However, keep in mind that always follow the laws of your region to avoid any kind of legal trouble.

And, once you are allowed to buy the type of edible you want, you can surely ask out the web for the “best source for buying edibles online.”

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