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Neptune seed bank is one of the popular U.S seed banks.

It is known for storing a large seed selection from the world’s top breeders.

However, some people even questioned this seed bank’s legitimacy.

So, what is the actual truth?

If it is a safe seed bank for you or not?

Let’s find out in this Neptune seed bank review:

Is Neptune Seed Bank Legit?

First thing first, yes, Neptune seed bank is a 100% legit seed bank.

It is one of the popular seed banks in the USA. While it operates from North America.

Also, Neptune seed bank has been in the marijuana industry since the year 2009. Since then, it is serving growers across the globe.

However, for the questions about its legitimacy, then, don’t worry. It is a completely safe seed bank.

Even it stocks one of the largest seed strains in its inventory.

Additionally, reviews at different grow forums, websites, and on Trustpilot are quite positive.

While the customers who have bought weed seeds from Neptune seed bank have appreciated its seed quality and services.

So, all in all, there is nothing to be worried about.

You can buy cannabis seeds from Neptune seed bank without any doubt.

Quick Review for Neptune Seed Bank

In a hurry to take an instant action?

Check my quick review for Neptune seed bank:

Established – based in North America since 2009. While operates online.

Seed Available – a variety of seeds, 2300+ strains from the world’s 100 quality breeders.

Shipping – worldwide, faster shipping to the USA and its regions.

Pricing – affordable pricing. Approx. $10 per seed cost.

Reviews – excellent 4.4 out of 5.0 rating at Trustpilot from 74 reviews.

Official Website

Pros and Cons of Neptune Seed Bank

Here are the advantages and disadvantages summed up:


  • Large seed selection
  • High-quality weed seeds
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Regular sales and discounts
  • Reputed store
  • 100+ breeders contact
  • Excellent customer reviews


  • Average customer support
  • Average website
  • Some seeds are a bit expensive

History of Neptune Seed Bank

Neptune seed bank entered the cannabis seeds market in 2009.

Initially, it was a small seed bank with limited strains. However, within time, it has filled its inventory with a huge strain selection.

Now, it is known as one of the seedbanks with the largest cannabis seed stock.

Started with an aim to provide the highest quality weed seeds at the lowest price available, Neptune seed bank has come far away.

Although it is not clear that who is the founder of Neptune seed bank but there have been several people at the backend who are working for better services to the weed growers.

Moreover, the staff and team are quite passionate about weed and that is why they have made this seed bank one of the popular seed banks in the USA.

And, now, they have been on their words!

As you will find one of the top-notch quality weed seeds at a quite affordable price here.

While the large stock of weed seeds will allow you to find the most of market’s weed seeds here.

Thanks to their backend team which is working hard to provide you better growing and shopping experience with Neptune seed bank.

Detailed Review of Neptune Seed Bank

Now, let’s get deeper into it:

1. Strain Selection and Quality

With 2300+ strain selection, you are sure to find your favorite weed seeds here which are not likely to be available elsewhere.

While the seed bank believes in providing the highest quality weed seeds to the growers to make them the most out of their garden.

This led them to source their seeds only from the world’s finest breeders.

And, it counts over 100.

Yes, with over a hundred breeders across the world, you are sure to find most of the cannabis seeds here.

1904 Genetics, Alien Genetics, DNA Genetics, Cali Kush Farms, Fast Buds, and Honest Genetics are some of them.

Coming to the quality then, all of their weed seeds are freshly imported from the breeders.

While the seeds are kept in a highly optimal environment to keep them fresh for a longer time.

This leads the Neptune seed bank to keep the quality of their seeds best.

Also, growers have reported that Neptune seeds have a higher germination rate. Therefore, you can rely on the quality of Neptune seeds for success in weed gardening.

2. Shipping and Delivery Service

I have to say, shipping services at Neptune seed bank are premium.

They know what a grower from a random location in the world can need, and therefore, they have given four different shipping methods.

These are:

  • Standard shipping
  • Discreet shipping
  • Signature shipping
  • Guaranteed shipping

And, as Neptune seed bank ships worldwide, therefore, you don’t have to be worried about your specific location for receiving seeds.

Let me explain:

The guaranteed shipping service is there to save you.

Which is especially for the growers across the world from such location where customs are highly sensitive towards weed seeds.

Therefore, guaranteed shipping is the option that you can opt for.

In this method, if your seeds are not delivered to you then they will re-ship your new pack of seeds for free. Isn’t it amazing?

Also, guaranteed shipping is shipped priority.

While the signature shipping method is for the growers who are concerned about their neighbors if they can pick their parcels.

A signature will be needed to complete the delivery of seeds.

Discreet shipping is better than standard. As it maintains your privacy than standard shipping. Also, it keeps your seeds safe.

I will not recommend you standard shipping if you are ordering internationally due to privacy reasons and risk.

While the local growers residing within the U.S can go for the standard option as well.

Coming to the delivery time then it is decent.

After shipping within 24 to 48 hours, you can expect your order to arrive within 7 to 15 working days.

The delivery time is completely dependent on your location, weather, and some other conditions as well.

However, if I sum up then you will get a better shipping and delivery service at Neptune seed bank.

3. Customer Support

Let me be honest here:

Customer support at Neptune seed bank is quite average.

Basically, if you will be getting any issues or concerns about weed seeds then the seed bank will not take responsibility.

Of course, they will just get you connected to the breeder.

While the basic questions and concerns about their virtual shop are solved quickly by their backend team.

Also, you will only have the e-mail option to raise your queries to the seed bank. No contact numbers.

And, you will be responded to regarding your query within the next 24 working hours. While in some cases it can also take a longer time to be responded to.

The backend team is supportive, friendly, and even eager to help.

However, the responding time and overall experience of customer service at Neptune seed bank are average.

Fortunately, the company is working on it.

Summing up, there is less chance that you will have any issues regarding weed seeds from the Neptune seed bank.

Somehow, if you get any, then, their backend team will be there holding your back!

4. Pricing

Most of the weed seeds at Neptune seed bank are reasonably priced.

However, some unique genetics and new arrivals are expensive.

Though the good news is that you can grab some huge discounts on bulk orders. I felt their best-selling strains are a bit overpriced.

For beginner growers, with a low budget, I will recommend checking out their ‘Sales’ section. There you can get weed seeds at a quite affordable price.

Overall, the pricing at Neptune seed bank is good. Beginners can check the sales and clearance section for better deals.

5. Payment Options

The available payment methods at Neptune seed bank are:

  • Credit card
  • Cash
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • CannaPaid Payment

Placing orders at Neptune seed bank is super easy with these available methods. However, I will rather recommend you for opting Credit card and crypto.

As it is a way safer and discreet option comparatively others.

Unfortunately, you will not have the bank transfer or money order option here.

While cash is not an ideal way to place an order internationally. Especially, when the order will be processed after receiving payment.

Therefore, to make the shipping process faster, you need to place your order with an instant payment option.

6. Website Review

Neptune seed bank has an average website.

Though it has a decent theme that catches the eye. While the categorization or sections for weed seeds is not that good.

However, you will get all the information at the homepage which is needed from an ideal virtual store to know what to expect from here.

Still, there is much space for improvement.

Scrolling down the page will take you to the section of the latest news about the seed store. Where you can read different blogs about cannabis and its related news.

7. Market Reputation

The market reputation of Neptune seed bank is quite impressive.

It has thousands of loyal customers across the country. While it is spreading its arms across the globe as well.

Reviews at different forums, customer feedback, and Trustpilot scores are in favor of this seed bank, which ultimately shows its huge market reputation.

The best part is that most of the growers who have bought weed seeds from here are satisfied.

They appreciated the quality of seeds at Neptune seed bank.

So, all in all, you will be buying cannabis seeds from a reputed source.

8. Discounts and Offers

There are some great discounts available on this seed bank.

Under the ‘Sale’ section, you can get up to 35% off on the seeds. While the clearance deals will allow you to access premium seeds at a low price than the regular.

However, there are no promotional offers or reward points like some other seed banks.

9. Refund Policy

Unfortunately, there is no refund or return policy.

Once your seeds will reach you, it is now your responsibility.

In short, Neptune seed bank will not refund or replace the seeds.

However, if you want to buy weed seeds from such a seed bank that offers a refund or replacement then checkout ILGM or MSNL.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Neptune seed bank safe?

Yes, Neptune seed bank is completely safe to buy weed seeds. Your money will reach the right source for high-quality marijuana seeds.

2. What are some best weed seeds to buy from Neptune Seed Bank?

Under the auto flower section Night Owl Seeds, Bubba Diagonal x Purple Punch, North Cheese Haze Hollow, and G – Roc are some of the best weed seeds to try.

While under the feminized section you can get your hands on Tacky Glue, Frozen Grapes, Frost Bite, Orangehead Stash, and Sherba Frost.

3. How much time it will take to get my seeds?

Generally, Neptune seed bank takes around 7 to 15 working days to deliver weed seeds. However, if you are ordering from a remote location then you can expect a slight delay as well.

4. Is there any other seed bank that can provide better service?

For premium seeds and premium services, ILGM, MSNL, and Crop King Seeds are some best seed banks in the market right now.

5. I didn’t receive my seeds, what to do now?

If you have opted for the guaranteed shipping option then you are most likely to get re-shipment from the seed bank. While keeping in mind that for other options, Neptune seed bank will not be responsible for your seeds.

Neptune seed bank Review: Verdict

Summing up everything, Neptune seed bank is one of the great seed banks. You can surely go for buying some top-notch marijuana seeds.

Pricing and delivery services are also commendable. However, customer support needs improvement.

Still, if you are starting a cannabis cultivation journey or want to grow weed for medicinal use or personal usage (if your local laws are allowing for the same) then surely Neptune seed bank is worth trying.

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