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This is a complete guide on ‘marijuana seeds Amazon’?

So are you looking to buy cannabis seeds on Amazon?

Now, look no further!

As I am about to tell you everything you need to know for buying cannabis seeds from amazon.

So, let’s get started:

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds on Amazon?

Amazon doesn’t sell cannabis seeds on its website at all.

Therefore, it will not be possible to buy weed seeds on amazon. However, you can look for other things than seeds, on this one of the largest online megastores.

Marijuana Seeds Amazon

You can easily find grow lights, tools, pots for plants, hydroponic grow systems, grow closets, and whatnot!

However, one thing that you cannot find on Amazon is the weed seeds.

Even though there are three or four brands that sell weed seeds, however, those are copied versions of original genetics. And, of course, not worth buying from them.

Can You Find Marijuana Seeds on Amazon?

marijuana seeds amazon

Amazon is one of the largest online shopping websites.

It has got almost everything for you.

From daily needs to jewelry, fashion, gardening, tools, and many more things.

However, for marijuana seeds, Amazon is not the right place to look for.

As you cannot find weed seeds on Amazon. Because these weed seeds are sold separately on seed banks across the world.

Though you will surely find grow equipment, other things regarding cannabis cultivation, which we will discuss further.

Well, I will also tell you where you can find marijuana seeds online.

How Can I Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

There are many factors to consider while buying weed seeds online safely.

Such as choosing reliable seed banks, and putting some research to know the history, reputation, and ratings of the breeder and seed bank itself.

Well, there are many more things to consider, however, I have summed up those factors into these five points, which every online buyer should consider to get a great and safe deal online:

1. Knowing the Seed Bank

This is the most important step.

Just don’t fall for a seed bank that has an attractive theme or eye-catching appearance. Rather dig out the history, establishment, and existence of this seed bank in the market.

Then move to reading some reviews, forums, and visiting grow community reviews about that specific supplier. This will show you the real truth about the seed bank and the experience of previous buyers.

That will ultimately help you know the reputation of the seed bank.

And, once you get to know if your chosen seed bank is reputed and trustworthy then move to the next point.

2. Quality of Seeds

Of course, the great reputation of seed banks indicates better quality weed seeds and services from there.

Still, you must check the inventory of that online vendor. Check if the quality of seeds is good or not.

Again, you can refer to the strain reviews below the product page, which is available on most the online websites.

Getting a germination guarantee from the seed company gives you an upper hand and backup for the quality.

However, if you are not getting the guarantee then make sure you pick the seeds of better quality.

3. Services

Nobody wants to wait for their orders for too long.

And, also, placing orders instantly in convenient ways is something that enhances online shopping.

Therefore, the services of online seed banks matter the most after the above two points.

Check if the shipping and delivery time is fast, reliable, discrete, and secure. Also, if there is instant customer support available.

Because the vendor is not providing you secure shipping, then your seeds might be at the risk of customs, which is something to avoid at all.

Similarly, you can also look for some additional services according to your requirement such as discounts and offers, freebies, loyalty programs, etc.

4. Pricing

This is the factor that may or may not be a concern to you.

For instance, some seed banks are expensive, while some are budget-friendly.

However, the thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to fall for a cheap price. Because there are some “Scammy” websites in the market, that offer cheap prices just to get you into their trap.

Therefore, avoid that.

Consider the quality over price. I will even recommend you to push your budget somewhat if you get better quality.

Well, the good thing is that there are some quality seed banks that even offer you affordable pricing as they import seeds in bulk.

And, therefore, buying from such suppliers will be completely safe.

5. Prefer Quality Over Quantity

There are seed banks that have an inventory of one of the largest seed selections. And, to be honest, having a large selection sometimes compromises the quality.

Because keeping the track of quality for every seed strain becomes difficult when you import seeds in bulk.

However, that never means, seed banks with large seed selections are not good. The point is to make you aware that there are some vendors which have limited strains only in their stock.

And, those are of better quality, of course.

Therefore, here you have to play it wisely.

It is always good to consider your need first while choosing any seed bank.

For instance, if you want to grow at a large scale then you can look at a seed bank that can give you coverage over a large selection.

Similarly, if you just want to grow for yourself, maybe a single strain then, of course, you should buy the best quality available.

So, these are some points to keep in mind while purchasing weed seeds online through seedbanks.

And, if you will follow these points then surely you are going to pick one of the best seed sources for yourself.

Where Can I Buy Weed Seeds Online Other Than Amazon?

You can buy weed seeds online other than on amazon through online seed banks. There are several seed banks across the globe.

And, these are available both offline and online.

However, it is always better to buy weed seeds online. Because you get a large seed selection, huge offers, great discounts, and more benefits.

Though the major benefit is getting hands-on with a very large seed selection by the online seed banks.

Well, here are the top online seedbanks from where you can buy weed seeds:

  1. ILGM (9.0/10)
  2. MSNL (8.5/10)
  3. Crop King Seeds (8/10)
  4. Seedsman (7.5/10)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to buy cannabis seeds on amazon?

No, Amazon doesn’t sell weed seeds at all. Therefore, it will not be possible. You have to buy weed seeds online through seed banks.

2. Why Amazon doesn’t sell cannabis seeds?

Weed seeds are sold separately through authorized seed banks which come under the government in some countries. And, apart from legal involvement, there might be some other reasons as well.

3. What else can I find on amazon as a grower?

You can find grow lights, grow tents, grow closets, hydroponic grow systems and many more things.

4. How can I buy weed seeds online?

You can buy weed seeds online through different seedbanks such as ILGM, Seedsman, and MSNL.

5. Will there be marijuana seeds available on Amazon in the future?

We cannot say anything right now. It depends on the company itself. However, as there are already better-established and professional seed banks available then it is less likely to see them on Amazon.


Finally, you know getting marijuana seeds on amazon is not possible. Though there are some other ways by which you can get weed seeds.

And, other than weed seeds, you can get different products related to cannabis cultivation on amazon. While to buy weed seeds online you have to get a quality seed bank.

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