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JBC Seed Bank is one of the American seed banks which is quite new in the market.

Growers around the country have been confused if it is a legit seed bank to buy weed seeds.

Now, don’t worry!

I’m here to help you out.

This honest JBC seed bank review will let you know if you should buy weed seeds from here.

Let’s get started:

Is JBC Seed Bank Legit?

First thing first, JBC seed bank is 100% legit.

Keeping everything aside, they are a genuine seed bank that offers a great seed selection. JBC was established in the year 2013. Hence, they have been in the cannabis market for the past few years.

And, therefore, your money will be safe here.

However, the quality of weed seeds from this seed bank will be discussed further. That will help you know exactly whether you should buy weed seeds from here.

Pros and Cons of JBC Seed Bank


  • 200+ seeds type available
  • Genetically better seeds
  • Better breeders
  • Great offers and freebies
  • Shipping service is good


  • Limited payment option
  • Poor customer service
  • Overpriced seeds
  • Delivery time is average

Official Website

JBC Seed Bank Complete Review

Now, let’s get to know the truth:

1. Seed Selection and Quality

JBC seed bank has a great seed selection.

They have stocked 200+ marijuana seeds in their inventory. You will get regular, feminized, auto-flowering weed seeds here.

And, all of the weed seeds are directly stocked from the breeders.

JBC claims that they have contact with one of the top-quality weed breeders that provides them the ‘pure genetically’ seeds.

While the best part is that you can also access weed seeds according to the breeder itself.

Some of their breeders are Rare Dankness, Exoticgenetix, Archive seed bank, Red-eyed genetics, Savory seeds, and many more.

As this seed bank doesn’t breed itself, therefore, the quality of seeds varies accordingly to the breeder.

Still, most of the growers have said that JBC seeds are of decent quality. Their seeds give great output in the garden.

While they sell seeds only for souvenir purposes.

Also, the company believes in preserving the pure genetics of seeds. That is why they source their seeds from the top breeders only.

Summing up, no complaints regarding strain selection and quality of seeds. Here, JBC has done a good job.

Here are some of JBC’s top-selling seeds:

  • Lemon CBDiesel
  • Umeboshi
  • Toyz
  • Lucky Lime F2
  • Tropolope x Romulan

2. Shipping and Delivery Services

JBC seed bank ships to the USA and Canada only.

There is not mentioned if they ship to all the countries of the world. Also, if you want to order seeds outside the U.S then you have to first reach their customer support team.

They will let you know if you can get seeds to your specific location.

Though in most cases, they do not send seeds outside the U.S.

However, if you are residing within the U.S then JBC ships to all 50 states.

While the shipping and delivery time is not mentioned on the virtual store. Though expect around 2 to 4 working days of shipping after receiving payment.

And, around one week to deliver the seeds.

Keep in mind that the delivery time of your order varies according to your location.

Further, delivery time at JBC seed bank is average. Sometimes the order is delayed, which should be improved.

Shipping and delivery time is the section where JBC seed bank has to work a bit. However, they have been working on it and improving their services, which is a good thing.

3. Customer Service

Let me be honest here:

Customer service at JBC seed bank is very poor.

You get a support ticket on the website only to contact their customer support team. While there is no e-mail or phone number to reach their backend team.

Additionally, their backend team responds within 1-2 working days, which should be improved.

Even it is about the general query or your order, you have to reach out to the seed bank from the contact form only.

One of the major concerns is also their responding time.

So, don’t expect you will get an instant solution for your problem here. You have to rely on a single way to get the help and wait until the company responds to you back.

4. Pricing

Again, here JBC didn’t perform well.

Pricing at this seed bank is very high.

Considering the quality of weed seeds as well, this seed bank is quite expensive.

The price per seed is around 15 Euros, which is very high comparing to the other seed banks.

Therefore, novice growers with a low budget cannot make it out here at JBC seed bank.

Though some weed seeds like feminized are reasonably priced. That might be true that providing pure genetic weed strain might be tough nowadays.

However, you get those pure weed seeds at JBC seed bank but at a very higher price.

5. Payment Options

This is where JBC needs to work out the most.

Cash in the mail and money order are the options you get at JBC seed bank.

No other payment ways are there. Even cryptos and credit cards are also not available. And, no bank transfer as well.

This might be turn off for many customers, and it should be!

Because being online and not having an instant payment option is something that should be improved. Especially for an online seed bank.

Also, these payment methods are slow and take time to reflect on the company’s side. That ultimately leads to delay in the shipping of orders.

Therefore, there are very limited payment options available.

And being an online seed bank, it should provide more ways to pay and place orders.

6. Website Review

jbc seeds

JBC seed bank has a very average website.

The website theme is decent but the website lacks in providing the information a grower might need.

As a first-time visitor, you need such info which can let you know what to expect from here. And, in that case, JBC lacks a lot.

There is no detailed information about shipping time, payment options, and even about the company.

That ultimately raises suspicion about the company but fortunately in this case they are safe.

While the good part is that finding seeds at JBC seeds is easy. They have categorized the seeds into different categories, so you can easily access your favorite seeds.

For reaching out to their customer service, you have to fill the contact form which is given at the top right of the website.

Also, there is a news section where you can get to know the news about the seed bank itself and other announcements if there are, any.

7. Market Reputation

The market reputation of JBC seed bank is average.

As this is a new seed bank in the market, therefore, there is not much information available about it. JBC is not available on Trustpilot as well.

However, at some review forums, JBC seed bank has mixed reviews. Therefore, I cannot say much about this seed bank right now.

8. Refund or Return Policy

There is no refund or return policy available on the website.

However, the company believes in providing 100% customer satisfaction. Therefore, they have said that in case of doubt about the seeds, they can write to them.

And, then the company will make the decision accordingly.

9. Discounts and Offers

Promotional offers are available at JBC seed bank. Also, you will get discounts on the price itself directly.

Additionally, you will also get the monthly sale. As of right now, the September sale is going on. You can get up to 20% off during the sale.

However, there is no direct discount coupon available.

Thought the good news is that JBC provides freebies with every order. On different breeders’ packs, you will get multiple seeds.

Check out their ‘Promos’ section for more information. For instance, they are offering regular packs of seeds for free on single transaction orders.

So, considering the offers, promos, and discounts JBC has done a good job here.

JBC Seed Bank Review – Verdict

Finally, my recommendation will be not to buy weed seeds from the JBC seed bank. Because you will get better seed banks like Crop King Seeds, ILGM, and MSNL for the U.S.

My major turn-off for me is the very high pricing of the weed seeds here. And, even the services at JBC seed bank are not appealing.

However, if you are impressed by the pure genetics and want to give a try to a new seed bank then go ahead.

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