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Looking for a very affordable and reputable seed bank that ships all over the world? Well, no more searching!

We have brought you a detailed review of I love growing marijuana (ILGM Seed Bank).

ILGM seeds are some of the best marijuana seeds that are available to order online.

Let us take a look at different aspects of this seed bank.


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History & Experience

Robert Bergman founded ILGM seed bank in 2012, and since then they have been selling cannabis seeds all over the world. He has been growing marijuana for many years before he started the ILGM seed bank.

After learning and doing work with marijuana plants for 20 years, he thought of sharing all of this knowledge with other people and started a blog. Then after a bit of time, the blog turned into this fabulous website which we see and love today.

They are based in the Netherlands, and all their marijuana seeds are shipped out from there as well.

Seed Bank Stats

You will be surprised to know that ILGM seed bank has 500 helpful articles on their website, which throws light on so many different aspects of growing marijuana.

Grow guides will help you out with things like beginners’ guides, plant biology, troubleshooting, outdoor growing guides, water and nutrients, growing mediums, and many other things.

What else?

There are more than 35,000 daily visitors on their website and forum with more than 500,000 registered members.

Mind-blowing, right?

They even have connections with more than 8000 businesses.


Right now, there are 100 different types of strains available on their online seed bank store. You can order whatever you want! We are sure that you will find the best suitable marijuana seeds for yourself in their store.

You can get auto-flowering seeds, regular marijuana seeds, and feminized cannabis seeds from ILGM.

All of the strains ILGM seed bank sells are obtained from the best breeders all around the world. Their marijuana seeds are of very high quality and loved by all the customers.

Prefer Medical Marijuana?

Well, ILGM also sells medical marijuana as well. these are the seeds that will transform into plants that will help with certain ailments.

Are you a newbie?

You would be happy to know that the ILGM seed bank offers a newbie pack of marijuana seeds, so you can test out different strains before settling on your favorites. This pack is very affordable as well, so all beginners can try it out.

All the newbies can also get a complete grow set which includes plant protectors and plant fertilizers as well.

The following are the best seller marijuana seeds on ILGM store:

  • Bergman’s Gold Leaf (Feminized)
  • Girl Scout Cookies Extreme (Feminized)
  • White Widow (Feminized)
  • Blueberry Auto-flower
  • Gorilla Glue by ILGM (Feminized)

Germination Success

The best thing about is that they give out a germination guarantee. This means that in case the cannabis seeds that they send you do not germinate for any reason, then they will give you a new set of seeds for free.

Cool, yeah?

If more than half of your seeds don’t germinate, then they will immediately send out a new order for free. In case less than half of your seeds don’t germinate, then you will have an option of getting the remaining seeds sent in the post or receiving extra seeds in your next online order.


You can get marijuana seeds for free if you live in Europe and the USA, they won’t charge you anything at all. Whereas, if you live in New Zealand, Australia, or any other country, then you will have to pay a very affordable delivery charge.

We love the fact they offer a guaranteed delivery service. If the package does not reach you or it is seized by authorities, then ILGM seed bank will give out a new package for free.  So, in any case, you will get your marijuana seeds!

Tracked delivery costs extra.


If you regularly ask your family or friends to accept the delivery on your behalf, then you will love this option!

ILGM online seed bank offers a stealth delivery package that does not hint towards marijuana in any way. No labels, no tags, and no marijuana-related hints.

The stealth delivery will come with a random object like a t-shirt or a toy, and the seeds will be well hidden inside those non-marijuana-related objects.

Very sneaky!

Payment options

There are many different payment options on the ILGM seed bank website. You can pay with a credit card, bitcoin, bank transfer, cash, or bank deposit.

If you want a non-trackable option, then you should pay them with bitcoins. Plus, if you pay with bitcoin, then you will get a 10% discount as well.

Discounts and Promotions

We just love that they offer so many different discounts and offers on their website.

One of the offers that they provide is that if you buy 10 seeds, you get 10 more for free! Isn’t that amazing?

Customer Support

ILGM seeds bank has one of the best customer support systems in the market. They are available to solve your queries 24 hours every single day.

All the reviews on the internet say that they loved the customer service and after-sales service of ILGM.


  • Excellent 27/7 customer support system.
  • Huge forum with more than 35,000 active visitors daily.
  • A wide array of payment options are available.
  • Guaranteed germination.
  • Stealth delivery is available.
  • Guaranteed shipments provided.
  • Best quality seeds only from hand-picked breeders.
  • A VIP program is available, which offers special offers, discounts, and special limited stock strains.
  • A huge stash of online strain review videos.
  • More than 200 detailed growing guides are available.
  • 500 helpful articles for beginner marijuana growers.
  • ILGM is connected with more than 8000 businesses all over the world.
  • 5-star Trustpilot reviews.


  • They have only about 100 different types of strains, so people who want to see an online seed bank store with thousands of different varieties will be disappointed.
  • Tracked shipments are not free; you got to pay an extra $25.
  • Any shipment outside Europe or the USA is charged.


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