Horror Seed Bank Review in 2022

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The horror seed bank is one of the seed banks which has been doubtful regarding their legitimacy and quality of seeds.

Therefore, in this guide, I am going to share the honest Horror Seed Bank review.

In the end, you will finally come up with a conclusion on whether you should buy weed seeds from Horror Seed Bank.

So, let’s get straight into it:

Is Horror Seed Bank Legit?

First thing first, Horror Seed Bank is a 100% legit seed bank.

Keeping everything aside, at least, they are not a scam. They have been in the cannabis industry for several years selling cannabis seeds.

That is why they have been a known seed bank in the market for their quality seeds.

And, therefore, with years of experience, they have complete market knowledge and know what to deliver to weed enthusiasts around the globe.

Hence, you don’t have to doubt the legitimacy of the Horror Seed Bank. They are safe and a reliable seed source.

However, if their seeds are worthy to invest in, we will find them in the next sections.

Quick Review of Horror Seed Bank

horror seeds

I know some people can’t wait to make a decision. And, therefore, here is my quick and instant review for Horror Seed Bank:

Establishment: in the USA.

Seeds available: 425+ seeds selection.

Shipping: across the world.

Pricing: costly seed bank.

Reviews: not available.

Expert’s Recommendation: No

Official Website

Pros and Cons of Horror Seed Bank


  • Decent seed selection with 425+ seeds
  • High-quality seeds
  • 30+ breeders in contact
  • Guaranteed shipping
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Impressive website
  • High-quality breeders


  • No credit card or PayPal is accepted here
  • Slow delivery of orders
  • Poor customer support

About Horror Seed Bank

Horror Seed Bank is established in the USA and operates as an online seed bank for growers across the world.

Though there is not much data available about the establishment of Horror Seed Bank.

Even the seed bank didn’t have provided the “About Us” page on the website.

However, according to some experts, the seed bank has been in the market for several years, which shows their experience and existence in this industry for quite a long time.

Also, Horror Seed Bank has not been on the Trustpilot, therefore, I cannot say much about its market reputation as well.

Although some grow forums are there, where growers have talked about this seed bank. Still, the mixed reviews don’t let me conclude to some point.

Well, some buyers have said that Horror Seeds are decent but due to higher prices and less variety, it needs to improve its selection.

Also, the services at Horror Seed Banks need improvisation. So, let’s check out in detail what is the actual truth about this seed bank.

Detailed Review of Horror Seed Bank

Let’s go:

1. Seed Selection and Quality

Horror Seed Bank doesn’t have a large cannabis seed selection. It has around 425+ seed selection, which is decent.

The weed seeds at this seed bank are not categorized well, though you get sections of breeders.

That means you can choose your favorite strains according to the breeders this seed bank has.

Horror Seed Bank has 30+ breeders in contact, from where it sells the seeds. The best part is that you can directly choose your seeds by selecting the specific breeder on the website.

Some of the Horror Seed Bank’s top breeders are:

  • Funk Labs
  • Raw Genetics
  • Seed Cartel
  • Archive Genetics
  • Second Generation Genetics
  • Oni Seed Co
  • Exotic Genetics

And many more breeders are there on the list.

One thing that I liked the most about their virtual shop is that you can sort your favorite seeds by price and breeder, which makes hunting your seeds easier.

Coming to the quality then the weed seeds are of decent quality. Though you don’t get any germination guarantee here.

Of course, the quality of seeds varies according to the breeder you will be choosing. Still, growers who have bought seeds from here, have said decent words.

Therefore, you can have a great experience with their weed seeds. Also, make sure to choose the right quality breeder to ensure a better germination rate.

While apart from weed seeds, you can also buy clones, apparel, and glass as well at the virtual store.

Summing up, the seed selection at the website is quite decent. Although you don’t have a germination guarantee here, still, the good thing is that you have a choice to choose your seeds by the breeder.

And, that makes the online seed buying experience far better. Because now, choosing the quality of seeds is in your hands.

2. Shipping and Delivery Service

Horror Seed Bank ships worldwide.

Except for those regions where weed seeds are banned. Although that is your responsibility. Therefore, this seed bank recommends checking with your local laws first before ordering seeds.

While their shipping service is above average.

There are two shipping options available:

  • Guaranteed shipping – $25
  • Priority shipping – $13

The guaranteed shipping is the best option if you are buying internationally. Because it will come with a replacement guarantee if the order is not delivered to you.

That means, if their system shows that the order is not delivered or captured by the customs then they will re-ship the new package without asking any questions.

And, at the same time, they don’t take responsibility for the theft cases or any other issues after proof of delivery.

On the other hand, priority shipping costs you just $13.

It is shipped priority but there is no guarantee involved. And, of course, a guaranteed shipping method is better than this.

However, for local orders, you can surely go with the priority shipping only.

Coming to the delivery time then it is decent.

The average delivery time takes between 7 working days to up to 30 working days depending upon your location and region.

The international orders averagely take around 15 working days to 25 working days, whereas local orders are delivered within just 7 working days.

Keep in mind that the delivery time varies according to the weather, holidays, location, and region.

Overall, shipping and delivery services are great here. However, they can improve the time.

3. Customer Support

Customer support at Horror Seed Bank is average.

You get e-mail and contact forms as ways to reach the company in case of queries.

However, the response time from their backend team is quite slow. Though they claim to get back to you within 24 working hours, however, they sometimes delay.

And, the delay is something that frustrates the customer.

Well, there is no instant contact option available such as a phone number.

Additionally, you get the chat box option as well, which is more or less like a contact form.

Therefore, the best way to contact their team is to drop them an e-mail. People have reported faster responses over there.

Whereas, most probably you might have to wait for at least 24 hours to get the reply, generally.

Summing up, the customer support requires improvement at Horror Seeds. And, therefore, you should expect an average experience with their team.

4. Pricing

Pricing is something that didn’t impress me at all.

Because Horror Seeds are comparatively highly-priced. While many new seed banks offer very cheap prices.

However, weed seeds at Horror Seed Bank are very highly-priced, which is one of the turn-offs for me.

The price per seed starts from $10 to $17. While the premium range of seeds goes even higher.

Though it might happen due to the quality of seeds as well.

Also, the price of seeds depends on the breeder type as well.

So, if you are choosing a top range of breeders then most probably you will be charged more.

Still, that doesn’t mean growers with a low budget can’t make it at Horror Seed Bank. Rather, you can buy their seeds which start from around <$10 price segment.

5. Payment Options

This is the section where Horror Seed Bank has to work the most.

This seed store has only one payment option – cash in the mail.

And, there is no credit card or PayPal option given. Even worse, there is no bitcoin as well.

Therefore, you are left with only one option which is given while checking out for the orders. And, that disappoints to the international customers.  

Because you don’t have any convenient option there.

While payment by mail is a hassle process for which the company sends you an e-mail on how to proceed.

Whereas the payment gets reflected in the vendor’s account after 7 working days, which delays the shipment of your order. Because the company ships the order only after receiving payment.

6. Discounts and Offers

There is no direct discount, offer, or promotional offer available on the website.

Rather, there is a section for applying coupons is available on the checkout page. However, you might have to get the discount coupon from elsewhere.

Even though there is no sale as well on the virtual store.

Therefore, people who love to buy things online during sales or with discounts are going to disappoint here with Horror Seed Bank.

7. Horror Seeds Website

This is the section where I can appreciate this seed bank for a while.

The website is designed professionally and has an eye-catchy theme with an interactive user interface.

At first glance, you get to know what you can expect from here.

Whereas scrolling down the homepage will take you through their latest products, features available, and sed companies that they have tied up.

Although there has been lack of information about the store itself. There is no about us page on the website.

Also, the FAQ section doesn’t have general queries at all.

And, the spelling mistakes at some points, are not expected from an online store that is operating for worldwide buyers.

Considering design and interface, Horror Seed Bank has done a good job. While in the case of providing the right and accurate information to the buyers, it has still a very large space for improvement.

8. Market Reputation

It is very little to no data available for saying something about Horror Seed Bank’s market reputation. This seed bank is not available on the Trustpilot or Seedfinder.

Therefore, I cannot say much about it. Though different grow forums, review websites have shared mixed reviews.

Some buyers have been happy while some have said it is pathetic.

Therefore, Horror Seed Bank should work on its market reputation to come into the top seed banks list.

And, even coming into the international list, this seed bank has to work hard.

9. Refund and Return Policy

There is no refund or return policy mentioned on the website.

Once the seeds are purchased and shipped internationally or locally, the seed bank is not responsible.

However, if you have taken the guaranteed shipping method then your order might be replaced if it gets lost or not delivered.

Whereas for other cases, the company will not be responsible at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it safe to buy weed seeds from Horror Seed Bank?

As far as they are genuine seed banks, therefore, buying weed seeds from here will be completely safe.

2. Does this ship to my country? And, what are the charges?

Horror Seed Bank ships to every country in the world except where weed seeds are banned.

And, they charge $25 for express shipping with guaranteed delivery whereas $13 is charged for just priority shipping.

3. Can I pay with bitcoin here?

Though they have mentioned on their website that they accept bitcoin as a payment method. However, while checking out, you don’t get that option.

Therefore, you might need to contact their customer support first, to know if they will accept the payment with bitcoin.

4. Where is Horror Seed Bank located?

Though there is no official information about this seed bank on the website. However, experts say that it is operated from the USA.

5. Are there any alternative seed banks?

Yes, if you want a 100% germination guarantee, premium seeds, premium services then ILGM is one of the top seed banks in the market right now.

Horror Seed Bank Review: Conclusion

At the end of this Horror Seed Bank review, I will say that it will not be worth buying weed seeds from here.

Though this seed bank is 100% legit and safe still, the services, price, quality of weed seeds, and many more areas are there to work on.

And, also, there are far better options available in the market.

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