High Grade Seeds Review in 2022

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There are many High Grade seeds reviews on the internet that give you mixed feelings about this seed bank.

Even some weed enthusiasts also doubt the legitimacy of this seed bank.

Therefore, in this honest review, I will be sharing my experience with this seed bank.  And, from seed quality to customer support, and their every section, we will get to know them deeply.

So that you can finally decide whether if you should buy weed seeds from High-Grade Seeds.

Let’s get started:

Is High Grade Seeds a Legit Seed bank?

Let me clear this very first:

Irrespective of what are the reviews, ratings on the web, High Grade Seeds is a 100% legit seed bank. They are established in Canada and are a genuine source for buying weed seeds.

Well, it is true that High Grade Seeds is not available on Trustpilot, and does not have enough reviews on the internet.

Still, at least, this seed bank is not a scam!

They have been in the market for almost two decades, and therefore, they have been a known seed bank among growers in Canada and across different countries as well.

Though if their weed seeds are worthy of buying, let’s find it out:

Quick Review of High Grade Seeds Bank

I know some of you might be in a hurry, therefore, here is my quick and clear-cut short review to make an instant decision:

Established: in Canada since 2003.

Seeds available: 95+ strains available of all varieties (feminized, auto, standard, Indica, Sativa, and more).

Shipping: to every country in the world.

Pricing: very affordable, price per seed starts from as little as $3.5.

Reviews: not much available, listed as “Gray” on seedfinder.

Expert’s recommendation: Yes, for local buyers, no for international buyers.

Official Website

Pros and Cons of High-Grade Seeds


  • 95+ high-quality strains
  • Established for 17 years
  • Worldwide service
  • Decent customer support


  • No rating on Trustpilot
  • No germination guarantee
  • Limited payment options
  • Old-school website

About High Grade Seeds

High-Grade Seeds has been in the market since 2003, and therefore, it has been almost two decades for this seed bank to operate for worldwide weed enthusiasts.

The company aims to provide high-quality cannabis seeds to growers across the world at very affordable pricing along with top-notch services.

And, High-Grade Seeds has stood up on their words to a very much extent.

However, one thing that bothers the buyers is that even though this seed bank has been in the market for a very long time, still, it has not an impressive market reputation.

Also, there are around 77 reviews on Seedfinder, which is not enough to conclude about a seed bank’s legitimacy due to lack of information available.

Though, no doubt, still, High-Grade Seeds is a legit seed bank and genuine source.

Detailed Review of High Grade Seeds

Now, let’s dive deep into it:

1. Seed Selection and Quality

High-Grade Seeds believe in having high-quality cannabis seeds rather than having a large selection.

Therefore, they have an inventory of 95+ strains. While they stock all varieties of seeds.

That means, you will get feminized, auto-flowering, standard, blue/purple, Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid here.

All of the basic and popular varieties are available in this virtual store.

Coming to the quality then, High-Grade Seeds has excellent quality of seeds. Though the company didn’t provide any germination guarantee.

However, growers who have bought weed seeds from here have shared their good experiences with their seeds. This means you can expect a better experience with High-Grade Seeds.

2. Shipping and Delivery Services

Shipping is one of the sections where High-Grade Seeds shine the most.

They ship to every country in the world.

Also, the company provides you with a 100% replacement guarantee.

That means, if your order gets lost during the shipping then the company will replace it without asking any questions or putting any charge.

Isn’t it amazing?

Well, yes!

Also, their packaging is very discrete, secure, and safe for weed seeds. They respect your privacy.

That is why the company never mentions something suspicious that can attract customs. Therefore, your seeds will completely be safe here.

While the shipping charges are also quite cheap here.

You get charged only $15 as a shipping fee for international orders worth less than $100. And, for the orders above that amount, shipping is completely free.

Shipping cost is also free for orders within the region of North America.

Further, after receiving payment, the company ships the order within 1 to 7 working days.

Moreover, the company claims to ship the orders within 1 hour if you pay through selected payment methods.

While generally, the local orders are shipped within 3 business days.

With that said, the delivery time can vary between 7 to 15 working days depending upon your location of course.

While the local orders might arrive earlier as well.

Also, depending upon your region, international orders might take 15 working days to 25 working days for arrival.

Summing up, shipping service is quite good at High-Grade Seeds, while the delivery time is average.

3. Customer Support

Well, customer support at High Grade Seeds is average.

You get only the contact form as a way to reach their backend team.

Even that way, many of the growers have reported that they often reply to the queries late.

While they claim to get back to you within 24 working hours.

However, being an online store, the company must provide multiple ways for reaching them. Hopefully, the company will provide more ways soon.

Therefore, right now, you will have only the contact form.

That is why there is much space for improvement under customer service.

4. Pricing

Pricing is the section where I appreciate this store the most.

They have priced their weed seeds quite affordably. That means, even if you are low on budget, still, you can get your hands on the top-shelf weed seeds.

The price per seed for standard variety starts from just $3.5. While the range even goes up to $12 per seed as well.

However, the good part is that this store is completely ideal for both the novices with low budgets and professional growers as well.

5. Payment Options

Well, there are very limited payment options are available on the High-Grade Seeds website.

You have:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Money orders (the USA and Canada only)
  • Cash (US and Canada only)
  • Interac (Canada only)

For growers living outside the USA and Canada, cryptocurrency is the only available method.

While the company does not accept payment through cards.

And, therefore, this is one of the drawbacks for international buyers.

Though for residents within Canada and the USA, there are ample payment methods available to place the order.

However, cryptocurrency is one of the discrete, private, and instant options that you can choose.

Because the seed bank ships only after receiving payment, therefore, crypto is the instant way to do so.

Above all, payment through cryptocurrency remains on a safer side.

6. Website Review

The website is decent.

It is averagely designed. The theme is quite old-school.

However, at first glance, you get all the information on the website, which is a good thing. And, that helps to know what you can expect from this seed bank.

All the sections of the seeds category and services are mentioned at the top of the website.

Whereas scrolling down the page takes you through different strains selection on the website and guides you on how to purchase seeds.

One thing that is good at High Grad Seeds is their easy navigation.

You can quickly pick your favorite strains from their inventory as finding out is easy on the virtual store.

Overall, their website gives a decent experience of access to the different sections of the store.

7. Offers and Discounts

Well, there are no direct discounts or promotional offers are available.

However, the company prices their seeds directly after putting discounts. So, this may or may not be appealing to some of you.

As some buyers prefer to have an additional discount while checking out the order. Well, this option is not available in the store.

Though you get free seeds on every order through their website.

8. Market Reputation

To be honest, High Grad Seeds has to work on this section.

This seed bank has got an average market reputation among weed lovers. High Grade Seeds is not available on Trustpilot.

Also, it doesn’t have enough reviews on different platforms.

However, one good thing is that this seed bank has got some positive reviews from the previous buyers at different forums, which is an edge for High Grade Seeds.

Still, there is much space for this seed bank to work on this section.

9. Refund and Return Policy

There is no return or refund policy mentioned on the website.

However, there is a shipping replacement policy under which your order can be re-shipped if it gets lost in between transit. And, this is for 60 days only after the date of mailing.

High Grade Seeds Review – Conclusion

At the end of this High Grade Seeds review, I will not recommend you to buy seeds from here. Even though it is a 100% legit seed bank still, it has to work more on different sections.

The seed selection is less, and customer support is one of the sections which suffers a lot.

However, one thing that I found the best here is their pricing of seeds. And, if you are very low on budget and residing within Canada or the USA then surely you can buy from here.

Though if you are an international buyer, then, there are far better options available for you.

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