Herbies Seeds Review 2022 [Personal Experience]

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Herbies Seeds or Herbies Head Shop is one of the reputed seed banks in the market.

Well, there is a lot to say about this seed retailer or head shop.

However, if you are planning to buy seeds from Herbies Seeds then no doubt, you will find a very huge selection here.

Still, there’s something you need to know before that!

Read this Herbies Seeds Review to know the real truth:

Is Herbies Seeds Legit?

First thing first, yes, Herbies Seeds is a 100% legit and genuine head shop and retailer of cannabis seeds.

It is operating online and serving across the world.

Even reviews from the previous customers have been quite positive.

Therefore, you are double sure that Herbies Seeds is legit and you can buy seeds from here.

History of Herbies Seeds

Herbies Seeds is based in Spain and started in the early 2000s.

It was founded by a passionate team of experts.

And, the company is consistently working in conducting and promoting cannabis researches for over 10 years.

That is why it is capable to deliver one of the finest cannabis genetics to the growers.

Herbies Seeds believe that hemp, CBD can help medical patients to get relief from different conditions.

And, that is why, they store one of the largest cannabis seeds stocks, which we will be discussing further.

Moreover, Herbies Seeds re-sells the seeds of different breeders.

Therefore, it easily provides its customers huge discounts and promotional offers.

Within many years, Herbies Seeds has been capable of stand-out from the crowd for its seed selection, quality, and great customer support.

Herbies Seeds: Quick Overview

Herbies Seeds

In a hurry?

Check this quick review:

Established – in Spain in the early 2000s.

Seeds Availability – 2200+ strains available, quality breeders (Dinafem, RQS, Expert Seeds, and many more)

Shipping and Delivery – instant shipping across the globe with tracking facility, delivery time varies from 3 days to 35 days according to the country (Check out this page for detailed delivery time according to your region).

Pricing – affordable pricing. Premium seeds are a bit expensive.

Reviews – 4.6 out of 5.0 from 3000+ reviews at Trustpilot.

Official Website

Herbies Seeds Review

Now, let’s dive deep and find out if Herbies Seeds is the seed bank you are looking for:

1. Seeds Availability and Quality

In seed selection, Herbies Seeds shine the most.

It has a stock of over 2200 strains from 120 quality breeders across the world.

Either it is about feminized, auto flower, regular, fast flowering, high yield, high THC, high CBD, cup winners, indoor, outdoor, and even for the beginners, Herbies Seeds has got your back.

That is why you are most likely to find your favorite and almost every popular cannabis strain here.

Also, Herbies Seeds not compromises the quality of seeds in any manner.

Once they receive the seeds from the breeder, they keep them in a highly controlled environment to make sure it gets to the grower in the as fresh manner as possible.

Therefore, Herbies’ Seeds have a higher germination rate.

Further, they are so confident about their seed quality that they have given a quality control form on the website.

That form allows the growers to report if the seeds have not been pop-out since the 60 days of delivery.

And, within 1-3 days, you are likely to get mail of reshipping of new seeds. Amazing?


Previously, I felt that there should be a germination guarantee but this facility at Herbies Seeds has fulfilled the void.

Above that, what makes this seed store special is that you can find most of the cannabis seeds here, and the quality of seeds will 100% be top-notch.

2. Shipping and Delivery Time

Herbies Seeds ships worldwide.

And, that is why people from almost any country can get cannabis seeds from here.

Once your payment is received, your order will be shipped within the next 24 working hours. However, sometimes, the shipping gets delayed.

While the company uses stealth packaging to ensure your privacy.

The seeds are shipped in an envelope without mentioning any suspicious information about themselves or you.

Also, to ensure high-level discreetness, Herbies Seeds sends the cannabis seeds in a DVD case.

While the best part is that even if you are still doubtful about the order to arrive in your country due to high security, you can ask the company for the extra stealth packaging.

In this, they will take out the seeds from the original packaging, and uses a labeled Ziploc bag.

That is why in the case of packaging and ensuring privacy, Herbies Seeds has impressed me the most.

A tracking facility is available.

Coming to the delivery time then it varies according to the country.

For U.S orders expect 19-23 days for the delivery of seeds. While UK and EU orders arrive faster between 3-15 working days.

In addition to that, I’ll recommend opting for an extra stealth shipping option if you are ordering internationally.

Especially, when you are buying from such a country where customs are quite strict.

It is because Herbies Seeds does not guarantee delivery and takes no responsibility if your order gets lost in between transit.

However, they ensure everything from their side to be perfect to make your seeds arrive at you.

3. Customer Support

Customer support at Herbies Seeds is quite decent.

The company tries its best to provide you completely satisfying shopping experience.

In case of queries, doubt, or order-related issues, you can connect to their customer support executives through the mail, call, or even chat option at the website.

However, the chat service is a bit delaying.

While the e-mail service is better than all of their options.

For faster response, contact their team from Mon to Fri 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM and Sat to Sun 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (GMT).

Although at the website, you can get the contact numbers too, somehow, people have reported that it is not worth it.

Still, in most cases, Herbies Seeds has maintained a good image of providing decent customer support.

You can also reach their team via the contact form on the website.

While the chat option is made available for general queries.

Overall, customer support at Herbies Seeds is decent. Though there is room for improvement. Hopefully, they will be improving their services.

4. Seeds Pricing

Affordable pricing is the key factor at Herbies Seeds for its popularity among beginner growers.

Generally, the starting price of seeds available at Herbies Seeds is $10, which means it is quite affordable.

And, that is why novice growers with a limited budget can look up top-shelf weed seeds from Herbies.

However, the premium range of marijuana seeds is a bit expensive.

While the good news is that Herbies Seeds will be providing you regular discounts, freebies, and offers.

So, you can keep a regular eye on the website for the same.

5. Payment Methods

Fortunately, you get ample payment options to complete the payment at Herbies Seeds instantly.

The main available options are:

  • Card Payments – Credit and Debit Cards
  • Crypto – Bitcoin
  • Bank Transfer – details are on the website

If you are concerned with your privacy while paying at this head shop then I will recommend you to choose bitcoin as a payment method.

Don’t worry if you are completely new to bitcoin transactions.

Check out the payments section page at Herbies Seeds’ official website. You can get the complete guidelines on how to do the transaction with bitcoin.

Further, a Credit card is also a good choice. Though it might include charges if you are doing the transaction internationally.

The good part is that you will be getting instant, discrete, and faster payment methods here.

6. Promotions and Discounts

If you love promotional offers and discounts then you are going to love Herbies Seeds more.

Because at Herbies Seeds there are regular promotional offers and discounts available.

Right now, they are offering buy 1 get 1 free with a discount of up to 35% on Dinafem seeds.

Even this seed store also gives you freebies. For every 20 Euros, you will spend, you will get one extra seed for free.

The more you will be buying the more you will be saving.

However, there have been a lot more offers right now. You can check them out under the ‘Promotions’ section on the website.

Further, there are regular discounts available. You can get up to 35% and more discounts during the sale.

7. Herbies Seeds Website Review

Herbies Seeds Website

The website is completely impressive.

It is designed professionally and has a beautiful eye-catching appearance.

Also, all information is given on the virtual store so that the first-time visitors can exactly know quickly what they can expect from here.

While navigation through different sections is smooth.

You can search your favorite strain in the search box. While the seeds category is given on the left bar.

For newbies, they have also given a blog section where you can learn different things about cannabis seeds.

Scrolling down the homepage will take you to the detailed info about the Herbie’s Store. While up to the end of the page, you will get to know every strain available in the store.

8. Market Reputation

Well, the market reputation of this seed retailer shop is average.

This is because of its shipping delays and sometimes poor customer service.

This happened when the company was shifting to Spain, and therefore, their services got delayed somehow.

However, now, Herbies Seeds has improved a lot.

They have been consistently working on their sections where improvement is required.

Also, the company approaches the negative feedbacks in different forums to know and improve its services, which is a plus point.

Overall, market reputation is needed to be improved if Herbies Seeds want to get into the list of top seed banks.

9. Refund Policy

Herbies Seeds has a refund policy as well.

That means, if you want to return the unused seeds to them (just in case) then you can do the same by following easy steps.

First of all, you have to approach the customer support team of the seed store. They will guide you through the procedure.

And, this thing must be done within the seven days after you have received your order.

Once this period gets over you cannot return the seeds.

Also, the return shipping charges are bearable by the customer itself and therefore, it is non-refundable.

Still, the good news is that just in case if you are unsatisfied, you can opt for returning seeds as well.

Pros and Cons of Herbies Seeds


  • Huge stock of cannabis seeds
  • 2200+ strains from 120 breeders
  • High-quality weed seeds
  • Affordable pricing
  • Decent customer support
  • Multiple payment options
  • Shipping across the globe
  • Interactive website
  • Huge discounts and promotional offers are available
  • Refund policy available


  • Shipping services are delayed sometimes
  • Customer service is also needed to be improved

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there any stock issue at Herbies Seeds?

Well, not that much. If you are buying weed seeds from Herbies Seeds in bulk then sometimes this issue occurs. However, now, they have improved their service and stock of seeds, which ultimately means, you can buy as many seeds as you want.

2. How is the shipping service at Herbies Seeds?

There is space for improvement. As their shipping gets delayed sometimes. And, even when you are opting for such a payment method which might require some days to show up, then the shipping gets delayed. However, the good news is that they ship to almost every country.

3. My seeds have not been germinating, what to do?

If your seeds from Herbies Seeds are not germinating (which is rare) then you can fill out the quality control form at their website, the backend team will reach you within 1-3 days. The company will reship your new seeds.

Herbies Seeds Review: Verdict

Herbies Seeds is the perfect seed bank if you are looking for a large stock of seeds. Even the quality is also better than the most of newbie seed stores.

Therefore, for small-scale growers, I will recommend buying from Herbies Seeds.

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