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In this GYO Seed Bank review, I am going to share my honest experience.

From covering their seed quality, and market reputation to the delivery services, customer support, pricing, and everything, this honest review will let you know the real truth!

Finally, in the end, you will be 100% sure if you should buy weed seeds from GYO Seed Bank.

So, let’s get started:

Is GYO Seed Bank Legit?

GYO Seed Bank is a 100% legit seed bank.

Keeping everything aside, when it comes to the legitimacy of the store then there is no doubt it is a genuine store, which sells online cannabis seeds.

GYO Seed Bank has been in the market for several years, and therefore, it is not a “scammy” seed store, at least.

So, regarding their existence in the market, then no doubt, you can rely on this company.

However, if its weed seeds are worth relying on, for cultivation, we will explore them further.

Quick Review of GYO Seed Bank

gyo seed bank

Let’s take a quick sneak peek about this seed bank from this rapid review:

Established: in 2015 in different countries (the UK and Spain).

Seeds available: 2500+ strains from 70+ breeders across the world.

Shipping: worldwide to every country.

Pricing: very affordable, even regular discounts are available. The price per seed starts from $10.

Reviews: 1.8 out of 5.0 poor from 65 reviews at Trustpilot. Excellent reviews on the website itself only

Expert’s Recommendation: No, there are far better options available.

Official Website

About GYO Seed Bank

Although there is no clear history available about the GYO (Grow Your Own) Seed Bank, still, there are some experts’ words that float on the web.

And, according to them, this seed bank has been established in 2015.

While the GYO Seed Bank has been active in mainly two countries i.e., UK and Spain.

However, GYO Seed Bank is now acquired by the Homegrown Cannabis Co.

That is why now, the many links at GYO’s website redirect to the Homegrown Cannabis Co. website.

Even the GYO seed bank was created as a supportive seed bank for Bonza Seeds, which is also acquired by one of the renowned seed banks – ILGM.

This seed bank was started by weed enthusiasts and a team of experts in cannabis, which have 20+ years of experience in the industry.

And, the experience of their team and management staff has made this seed bank survive within these many years of existence.

Though now, it is finally under the Homegrown Cannabis Co.

However, this company is now operating the GYO Seed Bank and keeping its brand value alive across different countries.

Although GYO Seed Bank, Bonza, and The Single Seed are expected to be run by the same people, however, there is no clear-cut evidence for that.

So, overall, GYO Seed Bank has been in the marijuana industry for a while, and, it has not earned that much reputation and brand value among weed enthusiasts.

Detailed Review of GYO Seed Bank

Now, let’s dive deeper into this honest review, to know everything:

1. Seed Selection and Quality

In this section, GYO Seed Bank shines the most.

As it has one of the largest seed selections. From 70+ breeders across the world, GYO Seed Bank has an inventory of 2500+ strains.

Therefore, apart from basic autos, feminized, and regular, you will be able to find the most strains here.

However, the point to be mentioned here is that out of mentioned breeders, there are only 4 breeders that have listed GYO as their authorized resellers of seeds.

While others either do have not the reseller page or don’t have mentioned this seed bank as the reseller at all.

And, this is something that increases the suspicion of this seed bank.

Coming to the quality of seeds as well, it is very average. However, the quality of seeds varies according to the breeder.

However, many of the buyers have reported that seeds from GYO Seed Bank don’t germinate at all.

While some have reported about the plant’s death after popping out.

Apart from this, there have also been cases where the growers have said they got hermaphrodite plants out of feminized seeds that the company has advertised.

Therefore, the seeds from GYO Seed Bank are not capable of either germinating or if they pop out then they failed to produce a decent yield.

While another major concern is that this seed bank doesn’t give you a germination guarantee. So, you don’t have a backup at all.

Further, the positive reviews on the website itself are not 100% legit and true.

Because most of the reviewers have said things even before growing them just to get the rewards of the review scheme at the website.

Moreover, even the company didn’t provide you with a replacement policy so that you can get back to them in case of bad seeds.

Therefore, GYO Seed Bank excels only in having a large seed selection. While in maintaining the quality of seeds, it lacks a lot behind.

2. Shipping and Delivery Services

GYO Seed Bank ships worldwide.

However, the shipping service is also poor here. Because the company takes a long time to ship the orders even after receiving the payment.

Though this seed bank has multiple hubs in countries like the UK, Spain, and even the USA.

And, this leads to delays in delivery further, which is quite frustrating for the buyers.

Apart from this, even the packaging of seeds at GYO Seed Bank is not done responsibly.

Many buyers have reported that they have got torn packaging of seeds or even the company has sent the seeds without packing them at all, just in paper.

Although they don’t mention anything suspicious about the company on the package, which is a good thing.

This also leads to protection from the customs as well.

While another good part is that it ships to most of the countries in the world.

Moreover, there is an option to receive weed seeds in the original packaging of the breeders so that the buyers could know they are getting original seeds directly from the breeders.

However, this seed company sometimes doesn’t follow its protocols as well.

Instead of sending original breeders’ packages, they repack the seeds without proper care, which further leads to receiving the damaged seeds.

Well, this is highly unexpected from a seed company like this.

Therefore, this leads to a bad experience of receiving orders from GYO Seed Bank.

Moreover, if there is a delay in shipping or delivery of the orders, and the buyer reaches to company, then the cold behavior of their backend team disappoints even more.

Overall, shipping and delivery services at GYO Seed Bank are not good. The delay in shipping the seeds leads to a delay in delivering the orders.

And, therefore, there is very much space for improvement for the company to do, which hopefully they will do it soon.

3. Customer Support

This is something upon which this seed bank has to work hard.

Customer support is very poor at GYO Seed Bank.

Their team is irresponsive and ignores the queries of the customers. Even their team doesn’t respond to the bad reviews on the forums.

While they have given contact number, e-mail, and live chat option to reach them in case of query.

And, they even claim for getting back to you within 24 working hours. Still, they delay more.

Therefore, ultimately most buyers have bad experiences contacting their backend support team. Even in case of payment issues, the supportive team has not responded well.

All in all, you can not have a great shopping experience at GYO Seed Bank.

4. Pricing

Pricing at is quite affordable.

The price per seed starts from just $10. You get the weed seeds at a very cheap price compared to some other seed banks.

While the discounts, loyalty programs, and club membership make you access the seeds at an even lower price.

So, doesn’t matter how low your budget is, you are sure to find something here according to your budget.

5. Payment Options

You get a vast payment option here:

  • Cash
  • Crypto
  • Check
  • Wire Transfer
  • Visa and Mastercard

Therefore, placing an order at GYO Seed Bank becomes easier and more convenient.

However, there have been multiple reports of frauds that happened with payments from credit cards. And, the worst part is that the company denied such events.

Though you get plenty of payment options, however, the company didn’t provide you with a secure or discrete payment gateway to complete the transaction online.

And, this is something that is quite expected from an online store.

6. Discounts and Offers

There are discounts and promotional offers available on this seed bank.

However, the main thing that attracts most buyers is their Eucalyptus Points, which the buyer earns after repeat orders.

As you buy weed seeds from GYO Seed Bank or review the bought strains then you earn reward points, which you can use for getting discounts in the future.

There is also the GYO Club, which is for very loyal buyers of the seed bank.

However, the membership is quite expensive.

And, the benefits that you get are a 10% discount on each purchase, free tracking shipment, 50% higher Eucalyptus Points with each purchase, and a free GYO t-shirt.

Although considering the services of this seed bank, this membership is not worth the price.

7. Website Review

gyo seed bank

This is the section where this seed bank has got some appreciation.

The website of GYO Seed Bank looks authentic. However, the interface and theme are not appealing to me.

Though the good thing is that they have got organized content on the virtual store. At the very top of the seed bank’s website, you will get the different sections of seed strains.

Along with that, you can also access different content on the virtual store as well.

While the search bar is given for putting something specific you are looking at on the website, which is a good thing.

Scrolling down the page will make you access their different weed strains, which you can sort by different given filters.

One thing that is quite frustrating is the redirection of different web pages to the Homegrown Cannabis Co.’s website.

And, some links at the GYO Seed Bank website are broken, which have not got repaired till now.

This is something that shows the irresponsibility of the website management.

Apart from this, you can access more sections at the bottom of the page. Even the offers section is also there.

You can also get connected to this seed bank on different social media handles which are given. And, a blog section is there for readers.

Summing up everything, the website is decent, however, still, there is space for improvement.

8. Refund and Returns

Well, there is no refund or return policy on the GYO Seed Bank’s website.

Therefore, you cannot return the seeds or ask for a refund in any case after purchasing the seeds once. Also, poor customer support doesn’t help you either.

9. Market Reputation

The market reputation of GYO Seed Bank is very poor.

First of all, it has got very few reviews from the buyers, and even those reviews are quite negative. From Trustpilot, GYO has got only a 1.8 rating out of 5.0, which is poor.

Also, on different forums and review websites as well, people didn’t have said any positive words about this seed bank.

Although on the website itself, it has got a 4.5 out of 5.0 rating from 5000+ reviews, which doesn’t seem genuine to me at all.

And, that could also be due to the reward point scheme for the reviews which users have done only for the sake of reward points.

Pros and Cons of GYO Seed Bank


  • Huge strain selection
  • Contact with multiple breeders
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Affordable pricing
  • Multiple payment options


  • Average quality seeds
  • No great customer support here
  • Shipping and delivery get delayed
  • No germination guarantee on seeds

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it safe to buy weed seeds from GYO Seed Bank?

GYO Seed Bank is a genuine online seed bank, and they are completely safe. And, they are not a scam.

2. How can I return my seeds?

The seeds once bought from GYO Seed Bank cannot be returned. As there is no such policy. Even their customer support team is not responsive that you can put your query to them.

3. How can I join the GYO Club? What are the benefits?

You can join the GYO Club by signing up and paying the membership fee. While the benefits include a 10% discount, extra reward points, free trackable shipping, and a t-shirt of the company.


With the end of this GYO Seed Bank review, I will not recommend you this seed bank. As there are many things that this online store lacks a lot.

Though it is a 100% legit and genuine store, however, considering the quality of seeds and services, it has to work a lot for now.

Also, you can find some better seed banks as well.

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