A Complete Guide to Growing Weed in a Closet

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Growing weed in a closet is an exciting experience.

Because you will be growing weed privately without anyone letting know. Of course, until you don’t expose it to them.

Although for some weed enthusiasts, growing marijuana in a closet might be completely a new thing.

‘Closet grows’ might sound trickier.

Well, don’t worry! I am here to help you:

I am going to reveal the secret of how you can grow weed in a closet effectively, easily, and quickly.

Also, I’ll be telling you a step-by-step guide on how you can convert your normal closet into a weed-growing setup.

Before going to the closet growing guide, you must need high-quality marijuana seeds, you can get the best cannabis seeds from top seed banks online.

growing weed in a closet

So, let’s get started:

Is It Possible to Grow Weed in A Closet?

Before I answer let’s understand the basics of growing weed first:

For growing weed plants, you need proper lighting, water, and air to throw in for the survival, growth, and production of buds in your garden.

Also, a medium where these things will be kept – such as soil or hydroponics.

hydroponics for closet weed growing

Therefore, if you can provide these things in any manner, anywhere then there is nothing that can stop you from growing cannabis plants even on mars!

So, why we can’t grow them in our closet?

This is the ultimate answer!

It is possible to grow weed plants in the closet easily.  

While the bonus part of “closet grows” is that people get their privacy maintained very well in this method.

Growing Weed in a Closet – Preparation

If you have a wardrobe or closet, then you can convert it into a secret grow room for weed plants. The best part of growing weed in a closet is that no one gets to know until you don’t expose it to them.

So, now, let’s get into the guide and know how to make a ‘closet grow’:

Requirements for Closet Weed Growing

Before we can move ahead to the making, make sure you have all the required equipment:

  • Grow light
  • Fixtures for growing light
  • Container for the plants
  • Oscillation fans for ventilation
  • And, finally a closet
closet requirement for weed growing

Once you have arranged the stuff, then we can move ahead to the making process of it.

Steps to follow for Growing Cannabis in Closet

Step 1. The very first step is to clean your closet first. Even better you can sanitize it. Further, you can also paint the inner walls if you want to.

Step 2. Once the cleanliness step is done it is time for setting up the lights. Use the fixtures to set the lights in your closet.

Then move to set the containers in your closet. Put your plants in.

 Also, make sure you have done something for ventilation. You can even use carbon filters as well.

Step 3. Finally, start growing the weed!

That’s it. Within these three steps, you have converted your closet into a grow box instantly.

Though making your closet a grow box for weed plants is not where all the things are done.

Instead, you have to keep certain things in your mind even after setting up everything.

So, diving deeper let’s find out what else you need to take care of:

Things to Take Care of while Growing Weed in a Closet

Grow Lights

grow light in weed growing in closet

The light ensures the quality of weed produced by your plants. Also, the better the light is the better the growth of your plant will be.

Therefore, while growing weed in the closet, make sure you have set up the proper lighting.

A better way to approach for efficient light setup is that you can buy LED grow lights, which are better and long-lasting.

Also, you have to make sure that you maintain the temperature under your closet.

Giving light most of the time can also lead to light burn, therefore, be careful. Though this situation happens when you use cheap quality lights.

Plant Size

Keep in mind that you are growing in a closet. The space in a closet is limited.

Therefore, don’t go for a marijuana strain that explodes after the vegetative stage.

Rather go for a strain that has a shorter plant size, and grows faster as well. This is where the auto-flowering strains come into play.

They not only flower faster but also their plant size rarely exceeds 1m in height.

Therefore, choosing the right strain for your closet becomes necessary.


This might be a little challenging in a closed box.

Though still for the growth of weed plants in your wardrobe you have to maintain the proper ventilation.

One of the ideal ways to maintain proper airflow is to keep your grow closet in such a room where the windows are more, as this will help the weed plants to breathe properly leading to healthier growth.

Moreover, proper ventilation also helps in keeping the room temperature balanced.


Storing weed buds in the right manner is as important as maintaining and growing them.

Therefore, make sure once you have grown weed buds in the closet, you cure them and store them in an air-tight jar.

You can also read our detailed guide on curing weed buds here.

Keep your buds away from direct sunlight. That will ensure your buds stay fresh for a longer time.


Curing is necessary once you harvested your buds.

If you don’t know anything about curing then you can read our guide here.

After getting your buds from the plant, curing is a process in which you completely let the moisture fade away from the buds and then go to the storage step.

This ensures the freshness of your buds along with their long-term maintenance of potency.

Overall, making your plants thrive in a closet or any other grow medium is not everything that can make you a better grower.

Rather, there are after-harvest processes and a little bit of work that ensures you can enjoy your harvest for a longer time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is ‘Closet Grow?’

In simple words, growing cannabis in a closet, cupboard, or wardrobe is known as ‘Closet Grow.’

  • What equipment do I need?

You need the basic growing equipment that you need in the other cultivation method as well. Grow lights, medium, ventilation fans, and pot containers are the foundation tools for growing weed.

  • Which grow lights are best for closet cultivation?

LEDs are the best grow lights. These are efficient, power-saving, and long-lasting. Also, these will help you achieve multiple harvests within just a single time investment.

  • How many plants can I grow in my closet?

It completely depends on the space in your closet. Averagely, you can grow around 2 to 5 plants in your closet.

  • Do I need a large closet for growing?

You can start with any. Depending on how many plants do you want to grow, you can choose the size accordingly.

For better indoor marijuana growing you can use grow tent.


Finally, you know what is closet grow and how you can grow weed in your closet.

Although growing weed in a closet has its own pros and cons, still it is one of the secret ways of growing weed buds without letting anyone know.

Though the major drawback will be the limited space depending on your closet, which you can overcome by choosing a larger closet.

However, still, people often choose this way of weed cultivation.

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