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This Growers Choice Seeds review will let you know if you should buy weed seeds from here.

As there are mixed reviews on different platforms.

So, here is my honest and clear-cut review of this American seed bank.

In the end, you will be able to decide by yourself whether you should spend money at Growers Choice Seeds.

So, let’s get started:

Is Growers Choice Seeds Legit Seed Bank?

First thing first, yes Growers Choice Seeds is a 100% legit seed bank.

Although there is not much information available about this seed bank’s history, still, it has been in the market for the past several years.

growers choice seeds

Also, most previous buyers have praised the quality of seeds at GSC. And, that is what ultimately matters in an online seed bank.

While reviews at different forums, platforms, and websites are decent.

So, if you will send money to Growers Choice Seeds then you are sure to receive weed seeds.

Though will it be worth the money sent?

Let’s find out it in the detailed review.

Quick Review of Growers Choice Seeds

In a hurry?

Check this quick review out to make an instant decision:

Established: in California.

Seeds available: feminized, auto-flowering, and high CBD seeds.

Shipping: worldwide to every country.

Pricing: reasonable and affordable. Beginner enthusiasts can also buy their top-shelf seeds.

Reviews: 3.0 out of 5.0 with more than 750+ reviews at Trustpilot.

Official Website

Pros and Cons of Growers Choice Seeds


  • Pure genetics and high-quality weed seeds
  • Instant and worldwide shipping
  • Flat shipping charges
  • Affordable pricing
  • Huge offers, discounts are available
  • Great customer service
  • Trustworthy seed bank


  • Limited strain selection
  • Limited payment methods
  • Average reviews

About Growers Choice Seeds

Growers Choice Seeds is established in North America.

And, it serves weed lovers across the world through the online store.

The company claims for having one of the most experienced backend teams.

With more than 20 years of experience in the marijuana world, their team has now the expertise to provide what a weed lover can expect from a quality seed bank like GSC.

While their team is of horticultural and medical background.

That also helps them work efficiently in the marijuana field as well.

Although there is no time frame available for how many years Growers Choice Seeds has been in the market.

The good part is that irrespective of their existence, the company has a wonderful collection of weed seeds that will impress most weed lovers.

Detailed Growers Choice Seeds Review

Now, let’s get deeper into it:

1. Strain Selection and Quality

Growers Choice Seeds has a very limited strain selection.

Around 40 weed strains are there in their inventory.

However, the good news is that all of their seeds are of high quality.

While Growers Choice Seeds sources their seeds from the world’s top breeders across the globe.

Doesn’t matter if you are looking for some high-quality auto-flowering or feminized weed seeds, Growers Choice Seeds will have the best ones for you.

Also, they do have some high CBD cannabis seeds for medical patients.

Therefore, even medical weed enthusiasts also have a separate section for their weed seeds.

Some of the best weed seeds of GSC are Amnesia Haze, Great White Shark, Cinderella 99, Diesel Feminized, Jack Herer, and more.

While the medical patients have Critical Mass, Moby Dick, Blueberry Medical, and more strains to choose from.

Coming to the quality then Growers Choice Seeds never compromises with seeds quality.

They strictly monitor the quality of their seed while importing, store them appropriately, and also manually hand-pick the strains before shipping them to you.

Also, the company claims that the quality of seeds is their utmost priority.

That is why GSC stocks only the finest quality weed genetics.

And, all above, you get a 90% germination guarantee.

So, you don’t have to be worried about the seeds as the company has your back if your seeds do not pop-ups.

Therefore, although you will get a limited strain selection at Growers Choice Seeds, however, all of the available seeds will be of top genetics and high quality backed with a superior 90% germination guarantee.

All in all, your money will be worth the investment here at Growers Choice Seeds!

2. Shipping and Delivery Services

Growers Choice Seeds ships worldwide.

And, therefore, you can get their high-quality weed seeds to any location around the globe.

Generally, after receiving payment, GSC processes your order and ships within the next 1 to 3 working days.

While they charge a nominal shipping fee depending upon your country.

For orders within the U.S.A, the shipping fee is $9.95. And, this will include a tracking facility as well.

However, for the residents of Australia, Europe, and other countries a shipping fee of $30 will be charged, which is of express registered shipping.

You can get rid of shipping charges for ordering seeds in the bulk of worth $200.

In every shipping method, a tracking option will be there to keep an eye on the order.

Not to mention, GSC does a great quality packaging of your seeds to ensure they remain safe and fresh during transit.

While in most cases, the company sends weed seeds in original packaging.

One thing that I found very appealing is that Growers Choice Seeds automatically does the stealth shipping for the order outside the U.S even without any extra cost.

Isn’t it amazing?

Well, yes, you get this option without asking or paying for it.

Further, the seeds are sent by USPS mail service.

So, you can easily track over their website.

Delivery time from Growers Choice Seeds is quite average. As the company makes you wait a little longer for your seeds.

For U.S orders, you might have to wait for 7 to 15 working days to get your seeds.

While international orders take time of 15 to 25 working days and more in some cases to reach the destination.

Therefore, all in all, you get better packaging, stealth shipping, and a flat shipping charge.

However, there is space for improving delivery time by the company.

3. Customer Support

This is the section where GSC shines the most.

This seed bank cares for its customers and that is why it offers great customer support.

Therefore, you get several ways to reach their backend team for asking for help in any case. You get an e-mail, phone, and customer support form on the website.

While the best part is that their team is responsive, friendly, and fast.

It makes the experience of having customer service more appealing.

Of course, if you will contact them during working days then they will be responding quickly comparing to ring their phones on business holidays.

Also, their team is regularly active on different forums as well.

And, they reach out to the buyers with bad experiences to know and improve the concerns, which is a plus point.

It shows that this company cares for its buyers and their experience with them for real.

Therefore, you can expect a better shopping experience with Growers Choice Seeds as it has got your back in any situation.

4. Payment Methods

Well, here this seed bank has to work more.

As you get very limited payment options to place the order.

You get:

  • Bitcoin
  • Payment by mail
  • Zelle (the U.S only)

However, there is no credit card, bank transfer, cash, check, or any other option available.

And, this might be a concern for some customers. Therefore, as an online store, Growers Choice Seeds must provide more payment options.

In the available options, I will recommend you to go with cryptocurrencies.

As it is fast, secure, private, and instant as well.

Don’t worry, if you have never used crypto for transactions before.

At the payments page of Grower Choice Seeds, you will get a proper demonstration on how to buy bitcoin and then place the order through that.

While you can use Zelle as well if you are residing within the U.S.

However, payment by mail is never a good option though. It takes a lot of time to reflect the vendor side and therefore, shipping gets delayed.

While it is a very risky option too.

Summing up, you have limited options but there is a discreet and faster way (Bitcoin) which is a good thing.

It is hoped that considering the convenience for international buyers as well, GSC might provide more payment methods.

5. Pricing

Pricing at Growers Choice Seeds is reasonable and affordable.

Considering the pure genetics and quality of seeds, the price of seeds at GSC is quite attractive.

You get around $10 to $15 per seed pricing. Even for their top-shelf weed seeds.

Therefore, doesn’t matter if you are a newbie with a low budget, still, you can make out the best at Growers Choice Seeds.

And, on top of that, you get an even cheaper price during the sales.

So, keep an eye on their website as well, you can grab huge deals at a way lower price than the regular.

6. Website Review

The website at first glance is very attractive and professional.

It catches your eye and holds you with its interactive theme.

You get an instant sneak peek about what this seed bank can offer at the homepage, which is a good thing.

While the seeds categorization is done excellently to make you access your favorite seeds rapidly.

Scrolling down the page makes you access their best seeds which are on sale. So, you get an instant look into the seeds on sale.

Similarly, approaching the bottom of the page will give make you access different seeds sections.

Additionally, you also get a blog section on the website, where you can read the latest news and interesting articles about the cannabis world.

While at the most bottom, you get all the information regarding payments, shipping, and even about return policy as well.

And, the thing to be mentioned here is that up to the end of the page, you will stay engaged.

As the company has posted a lot of content to read, view, and share.

Therefore, you will have a great experience scrolling the professional, engaging, and interactive website of Growers Choice Seeds.

7. Market Reputation

The market reputation of Growers Choice Seeds is above average.

Growers Choice Seeds has got a 3.0 out of 5.0 average rating from 750+ reviews on Trustpilot.

However, the rating of GSC was not the same from the beginning.

Even it was excellent. However, the rating got reduced in the recent time of pandemic due to certain reasons.

Though it is still a quite popular seed bank among the growers.

Somehow, within recent times, its services got affected and that is why some of the growers had bad experiences.

While the good part is that despite bad reviews, the company approaches the customers with a bad experience on different platforms and takes appropriate action as well.

That means, GSC also focuses on improving their services as well, which is a plus point.

That is why this seed bank has one of loyal customers which repeatedly trust it for quality seeds.

And, the best part?

Growers Choice Seeds never breaks the trust of their customers.

8. Discounts and Offers

You get a lot of discounts, offers, and promotional deals as well.

As Growers Choice Seeds always tries to give more than you pay.

Sales are regularly there on the official website. As they are regularly updated you have to keep an eye on their website.

Also, promotional offers are there to please you. Growers Choice Seeds offers free cannabis seeds worth $200 just for signing their newsletter up.

Though there are certain terms still, many of the buyers have got freebies like that without any extra effort.

That is why weed lovers’ every penny gets worth at Growers Choice Seeds.

Additionally, you get 10% instant off while paying through bitcoin in the end.

9. Refund and Return Policy

Fortunately, at Growers Choice Seeds you get both refunds and return options.

The company keeps customer satisfaction at the top and that is why it gives you a completely hassle-free and instant refund if you want to return the seeds.

However, you are eligible for returning your order within 7 days of the order received.

After that, you cannot return the seeds.

Before directly returning seeds to the seed bank, you need to contact the customer support team. And, once they give you a confirmation, you can go ahead with the return process.

Keep in mind without confirmation from their side, no returns are accepted.

For more information, you can read the full details on the official website.

Further, after a successful return to the warehouse of the seed bank, you get your refund in the same payment option as you have paid for ordering.

For instance, if you have ordered through bitcoin then you will get the refund in the same way.

Ask the customer support executives for the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do Growers Choice Seeds ship to my location?

It ships to every location around the globe. Until or unless customs don’t interrupt your parcels from international shops.

2. How can I contact Growers Choice Seeds?

You can ring the team by phone, drop them an e-mail or even you can fill the contact form on the website.

3. Is it worth buying weed seeds from GSC?

Yes! 100%. Because this seed bank believes in keeping quality more than quantity. That is why it stocks only the best quality weed seeds from the top breeders across the globe. Therefore, your money will be worth buying seeds.

Growers Choice Seeds Review: Verdict

Finally, my recommendation will be to 100% buy weed seeds from Growers Choice Seeds. Despite there is much space for improvement.

However, one thing that made me fall for this seed bank is its consistent effort to provide a better shopping experience to its buyers.

Doesn’t matter it is delivery time, shipping, asking queries, or even return, it overall gives you a decent experience.

Still, if you want everything premium then I’ll suggest you check ILGM out.

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