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Grizzly Seed Bank is quite a new seed bank in the market.

Many people are wondering if it is a legit seed bank.

So, we have come up with a detailed cum quick Grizzly Seed Bank review. And, this review will help you to decide whether to buy weed seeds from Grizzly seed bank.

Let’s get started:

Is Grizzly Seed Bank Legit?

Based upon our research, knowledge, and other growers’ reviews on different platforms, Grizzly Seed Bank is safe.

You can buy weed seeds from here if you are residing within the UK.

This seed bank has been in the market for the past few years. And, till now, no one has reported if these guys are scams.

Though it does not have any reviews on Trustpilot, which is meant a major trust-measuring source for seed banks.

Additionally, Seedfinder has also listed this seed bank in the category of less available information i.e, ‘gray.’

Still, this seed bank is safe to buy weed seeds in the UK. Because this seed bank is not a fraud at all!

Hence, your money will be safe and you will get your marijuana seeds as well.

However, when it comes to the quality of weed seeds then read further, you will get to know everything.

Grizzly Seed Bank Quick Review

If you are in a hurry then here’s a quick review for you:

Established – in the United Kingdom.

Seeds – feminized, auto-flowering, high yield, Indica, Sativa, hybrid, indoor, outdoor special, cup winners, high CBD strains.

Pricing – budget price on almost every weed seed. Quite affordable seed bank.

Shipping and delivery – ships worldwide. Faster shipping and delivery within the United Kingdom.

Reviews – not available on Trustpilot. Listed ‘gray’ on the Seedfinder.

Official Website

Grizzly Seed Bank Review 2022

Now, let’s get into a detailed review:

1. About Grizzly Seed Bank (6/10)

There is very little information available about the Grizzly Seed Bank.

Though they are established in the United Kingdom and operate from there. Additionally, from some review platforms, it is found that this seed bank is in the market for the past few years.

Although Grizzly seed bank is available worldwide and takes orders only through its official website.

2. Seed Quality and Availability (8/10)

The Grizzly seed bank has a fantastic selection of marijuana seeds.

This seed bank covers most of the popular breeders. Barney’s Farm, Dinafem, Fastbuds are some of them.

While these guys have got feminized, auto-flower, cannabis cup winners, high yield, high THC, high CBD, indoor, outdoor, and almost every variety of seeds.

However, this seed bank lacks in selection for regular seeds.

If you are not into buying regular seeds from Grizzly seed bank then this store will be an ideal store for you. Because these guys have stock of around 500 strains.

Further, the quality of weed seeds is also commendable.

No complaints with the quality considering the price. Though you don’t get a germination guarantee here.

However, the company claims to have a 90% germination rate for its seeds.

If you are fond of trying new strains of the market then you can check out their “New Arrivals” section. Here you will get the latest stock of this seed bank.

You will also have a mix seeds section as well. Though it contains limited varieties.

Overall, Grizzly has done a good job of managing a wide selection of seeds and providing top-notch quality. You will not be disappointed with the quality after buying seeds from here.

3. Shipping and Delivery Service (9/10)

Shipping is something at which this seed bank shines the most.

For buyers within the UK, Grizzly seed bank provides up to next day delivery (Up to 9 PM) once they dispatch or ship your seeds.

For availing of this facility, you have to place the order before 11 AM.

While usually, this seed bank takes time around 3 to 7 working days. Guaranteed delivery options are also available.

While orders above 100 Euros are eligible for free shipping under ‘Royal Mail Special Delivery.’ This order will also be delivered the next day up to 9 PM after dispatch.

Normally packaging at Grizzly seed bank is done discretely. No suspicious marks or name of the company except the name and address of the receiver.

And, top of that, you can also opt for more security if you are concerned about privacy. Then these guys will deliver your seeds with DVDs or T-shirts.

Apart from this, international orders might take up to 15 days or more. Therefore, depending upon your location and area, you can expect delivery time accordingly.

While the best part of purchasing weed seeds from here is that you can return or exchange them any time within 14 days of the arrival of the order.

However, there are some conditions to follow. Check out their website for complete detail.

Somehow, if you receive damaged or faulty seeds then you can reach the company for a refund. They will provide you a complete refund.

4. Payment Options (8/10)

At Grizzly seed bank ample payment options are available.

You get credit and debit cards (Visa and Mastercard) along with cryptocurrencies to place the order.

And, to be honest, placing an order here is way easier. Thanks to their easy-to-understand interface and instructions on the checkout page.

However, these guys do not accept bitcoin under cryptos, which might be a drawback for BTC lovers.

Additionally, you also don’t get some discounts on crypto payment options like some other seed banks.

Keep in mind that your order will be processed only after the completion of payment. So, make sure you have completed your payment successfully with either of the available payment options.

It would be much better if Grizzly seed bank might have provided bitcoin or some other payment options. Still, for most of the buyers out there, Credit cards and debit cards are convenient options, which you get here.

5. Customer Support (7.5/10)

Customer support is decent.

You can contact their team in case of queries and complaints. You get e-mail support and a contact form on the website.

There is no phone call facility available.

Though their response time is good. You will be contacted back within the next 24 working hours (maximum). While the supportive team is friendly, reliable, and helpful.

Therefore, you can expect better customer service at Grizzly seed bank.

Apart from this, if you want to share your gardening skills or results with the seed bank then you can connect through Instagram or Facebook handle.

Twitter and Pinterest are also there.

6. Pricing (9/10)

The price at Grizzly seed bank is kept quite affordable for weed lovers.

The starting price for their top-shelf weed seeds is less than 10 Euros. Isn’t it amazing?

Well, that is why this seed bank is one of the favorite stores for beginner weed growers. As they find high-quality marijuana seeds at a way lower price than some other seed stores.

While for bulk deals and special selection, you get some discount on price as well.

Though cup winner and premium seeds are costlier than the regular ones. However, considering the quality it is worth the price.

7. Discounts and Offers (6/10)

There are no direct discounts and offers available on the website itself.

Well, they provide you some discount while checking out your order. Further, you can search for some vouchers and coupons on the internet to get some discounts.

Also, there is no promotional, referral, or loyalty program in the virtual store.

However, they have some special gifts for you while you order – freebies.

You get 1 x Auto GSC free seed with every order irrespective of the amount. Free 1 x pack of RAW rolling papers with orders above 25 Euros.

And, if you spend over 30 Euros at the store, you will get 2 free seeds (1 x Auto GSC and 1 x Purple Punch Feminized).

For orders above 60 Euros, they will give 3 free seeds (1 x Auto GSC Seed and 2 x Purple Punch Feminized).

Similarly, you get four free seeds for the order above 100 Euros and 5 freebies with orders over 150 Euros.

Therefore, the lack of discounts and offers somewhat completes here with the freebies.

8. Market Reputation (6/10)

Grizzly Seed bank has an average market reputation.

Lack of reviews has made this. Though there are a few reviews available on the website itself which says a lot of positive words about this seed bank.

Additionally, people have talked about this seed bank on different forums, which contain good words.

So, summing up, Grizzly seed bank has to work hard to be on the list of top UK seed banks. Hopefully, they will do.

9. Returns and Exchange (7/10)

Yes! This is the added benefit of shopping from Grizzly seed bank.

You can return and exchange your seeds as well.

However, before you return your seeds you have to make sure the package is in unused condition. And, you have consent from the company to return the product.

To get consent, you can drop a mail to them or fill the contact form.

Either you want to return or exchange your seeds, you have to follow the steps within 14 days of the arrival of the order.

Keep in mind that shipping cost is bearable by the customer itself in case of exchange. However, if somehow you get faulty seeds from the company (which is very rare) then a complete refund will be given including shipping.

I recommend you to check the FAQs page on their website to get detailed information about this.

Well, to be honest, this process is quite hassle-full but still, this seed bank provides you this facility which is an edge for this store.  

10. Website Review (9/10)

At first glance, the website looks quite professional.

Eye-catchy theme and design don’t let you bore. Further, at the top, you get their best-selling marijuana seeds.

While scrolling down the page will make you access their auto-flower and feminized seeds as well.

If you are looking for particular stuff you can drop that keyword in the search box for fast and easy access. Moreover, navigation through different sections is quite easy.

While some reviews, breeders in contact, more information about the seed bank is given on the homepage.

What I liked most about their website is they have given every information about their services and products. So, you can directly know what they offer in the first place.

At the bottom, you can access different sections of the virtual store including FAQs, contact page, and some other stuff.

While you can also check the company’s social media platforms from there.

Pros and Cons of Grizzly Seed Bank

Know these benefits and cons if you are going to buy weed seeds from Grizzly seed bank:


  • High-quality marijuana seeds.
  • Large selection and variety.
  • Contact with top breeders.
  • Free shipping for orders above 100 Euros.
  • Affordable price.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • Quick shipping and delivery service within the UK.
  • Free seeds with every order.
  • Return available.


  • No reviews on Trustpilot or other platforms.
  • Under the ‘gray’ category by seed finder.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Grizzly seed bank a scam?

No, they are a legit store. Because they have been in the market for some years and till now no one has reported if they are a scam or fraud. And, top of that, some growers across the world have talked good about it on some forums.

2. Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes, Grizzly seed bank delivers its seeds worldwide.

3. Is packaging secured?

The company packs your seeds discreetly. Though if you are more conscious about your privacy then you can opt for additional security while checking out. Then they will avoid the original packaging and ship your seeds in T-shirts or DVDs.

4. Up to when will I receive my order if I am from another country?

It may take somewhere between 15 days or more.

5. Is there any freebie available?

Yes, with every order you get some free seeds.

Final Verdict

With the end of this Grizzly seed bank review, I will recommend you to buy weed seeds from this seed bank if you are from the UK. Because there are better seed banks when it comes to international purchases.

In which, some of them are ILGM and MSNL.

Above all, we want your money to be safe and get what you pay for. Therefore, you can play your shopping game safe by first buying a few weed seeds from here.

Once you are sure about this company, you can level up your purchase.

Happy Shopping!

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