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I am about to reveal the world’s best seed banks that give free cannabis seeds in 2022.

As I know, everyone loves freebies. And, also, how good the feeling is when you get more than you pay.

Fortunately, now, almost every seed bank offers some free seeds with the order.

However, I’ll tell you only the rare top-quality seed banks that will give you premium quality free cannabis seeds with your every order.

free cannabis seeds

Excited to know?

Let’s get started:

7 Seed Banks That Gives Free Cannabis Seeds



Free Seeds: 10 free seeds with an order of 10 seeds

Shipping: U.S, Australia, and EU regions (Not to the UK, Canada, or somewhere else)

ILGM is one of the world’s finest seed banks.

And, this seed bank is one of my favorites as it has premium services and superior quality weed seeds.

While ILGM gives you whopping 10 free seeds on the order of 10 seeds. Yes, you get 20 seeds at the price of 10.

However, you get the free 10 seeds of the same strain. That means you cannot manually select other varieties though.

Still, the good thing is that the quality of freebies is of premium variety, which is exceptional. Because a very few seed bank does this.

And, at the top of that, you also get an additional discount on the main bill in different ways.

You can check the official website for the same.

Official Website

2. Seed Supreme

seed supreme

Free Seeds: Up to 10 free seeds with bulk orders

Shipping: Worldwide

Seed Supreme is one of the budget-friendly seed banks.

It provides high-quality weed seeds at a low price.

And, the best part is that even though it offers comparatively affordable prices, still, Seed Supreme doesn’t take any chance to impress you by giving free seeds on every order.

However, with one order, you can get up to 10 free cannabis seeds.

While the freebies are randomly given by the company itself. And, therefore, you cannot manually select your freebies here.

Still, Seed Supreme doesn’t compromise the quality of seeds and gives you the same high-quality seeds as freebies, which is a plus point.

Official Website



Free Seeds: 2 free seeds with every order, up to 7 free seeds when you spend USD 141.

Shipping: Worldwide or MSNL offers at least 2 free auto flower seeds with every order without any spending limit.

However, if you want to get the feminized seeds then you have to spend $78.

While you can get a maximum of 7 free seeds by spending $141. So, all in all, MSNL offers a very good number of free seeds with every order.

While the best part that I loved the most here is that there is no spending limit to get free seeds.

Even though you are ordering for just $20 to $40, still MSNL will throw some freebies in your order.

Isn’t it amazing? Well, yes!

Further, MSNL also provides instant discounts in different ways.

Like, if you will sign up for their mail then you will be getting a 10% instant discount. And, during the sales, you can also get huge off on some premium strains.

While at the top of that, free seeds will already be there.

Official Website

4. Seedsman


Free Seeds: Up to 6 free seeds, at least 3 free seeds are given with every order.

Shipping: Worldwide

Seedsman is one of the quality seed banks that stocks a huge strain selection.

While the best part is that it offers weed seeds at a very low price compared to other seed banks.

And, when it comes to freebies, then Seedsman takes no chance to impress its buyers.

It offers at least 3 free weed seeds randomly but mostly feminized and autos with your order.

On the other hand, if you buy weed seeds in bulk then it offers more freebies. However, the freebies counting goes up to 6 seeds only.

Well, there’s one thing that differentiates Seedsman from others.

It gives you the option to choose your freebies.

Yes! You can choose your free seeds as you want.

As many seed banks don’t give this option to their buyers. Fortunately, you get it with Seedsman.

Not to mention, Seedsman also gives regular discounts, sales, and offers, which ultimately enables you to hunt premium deals at a very low price.

Official Website

5. True North Seed Bank


Free Seeds: Free seeds with every order, at least 2 regular or 1 fem or 1 auto.

Shipping: Worldwide

If you are living in Canada or EU regions then you can’t miss this seed bank.

True North Seed Bank is one of the premium seed banks that gives premium seeds with premium services.

While you get free weed seeds with every order here. And, the best part, you can choose your freebies at TNSB.

Either you can select for 2 regular seeds or 1 feminized or 1 auto-flowering seed with every order you are placing.

While this seed bank gives you more freebies as you spend more. So, if you will be buying weed seeds in bulk then you can expect more freebies with your order.

Moreover, TNSB has one of the premium services. It ships the seeds discreetly and rapidly from the Canada hub for Canadian orders.

And, EU orders are shipped from another hub in the EU region.

Therefore, at TNSB you can get a better shopping experience with the freebies.

Official Website

6. Gorilla Seed Bank

gorilla cannabis seed bank

Free Seeds: Depends on the size of the purchase

Shipping: Worldwide

Founded in 2011, Gorilla Seed Bank is a UK-based seed bank.

And, Gorilla Seed bank is popular across the globe.

With every order, Gorilla Seeds offers at least one seed. However, they claim that if you will be buying more then the freebies will automatically be increased.

Also, Gorilla Seed bank gives you free seed randomly, and you cannot select your freebie manually here.

Official Website

7. Ministry of Cannabis

ministry of cannabis

Free Seeds: Not specifically mentioned but buyers do get freebies

Shipping: Worldwide

Ministry of Cannabis is the seed bank that is based in Barcelona, Spain.

It is known for its great strain selection and quality seeds.

While there is no specific mention of freebies in the virtual store but buyers do get some extra free seeds with every order.

So, if you are buying seeds from MOC, you can be sure you will be getting more weed seeds with your order.

Also, the Ministry of Cannabis is one of the affordable seed banks. It offers weed seeds at a very cheaper price without compromising quality.

However, if you are more into freebies then I will recommend you to either choose ILGM, Seed Supreme, or MSNL.

As you will get more free seeds there.

Official Website

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do free weed seeds come under germination guarantee?

It depends upon the seed bank you choose. Some seed bank covers the germination guarantee for the freebies. While some do not.

Seed banks like ILGM do cover the freebies under germination guarantee and therefore, you can reach out to the company just in case.

  • Are free seeds of bad quality?

No. In most cases, free seeds are either of the same quality you order or you manually select sometimes. However, if you are buying from a non-reputed store then things might go different.

  • Can I manually select my free seeds?

Again, it depends on the seed bank you choose. Some seed bank gives you an option to select your freebies while checking out. While some don’t. Therefore, choose your seed bank accordingly.

  • Which seed bank offers the most freebies?

Right now, it is the ILGM. Because it gives you 10 free seeds on the order of 10. And, that is something even no latest seed bank is offering currently.

  • How to replace free seeds?

If your freebies come under the germination guarantee then you can replace them by contacting customer support. Again, the replacement depends upon the online seed store you are choosing if they allow you to do so.


There are very few seed banks that give free cannabis seeds. And, I have mentioned only the best ones for you.

My recommendation will be to start with ILGM. And, if you are on a tight budget then you can go for Seed Supreme or MSNL. Both are some of the best.

Hopefully, now you will be getting more quality weed seeds than you will be paying for.

Now, enjoy.

Happy Shopping!

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