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For growers looking for auto-flowering seeds, Fast Buds will be one of the best choices breeder.

As it has one of the finest quality auto-flowering seeds which is available across the world along with reliable services.

There is a lot more to say when it comes to buying weed seeds from Fast Buds, and therefore, we are going to cover everything in this 420 Fast Buds review.

So, let’s get started:

Is Fast Buds Seed Bank Legit?

Yes, Fast Buds is legit and safe.

They are in the market for several years.

Also, Fast Buds is quite a popular seed bank among growers across the world. Thanks to its pure genetics.

Moreover, reviews from thousands of customers around the globe are quite positive and say a lot of good things about Fast Buds.

Therefore, your money will be worth the investment at Fast Buds.

History of Fast Buds

Fast Buds claims to be in the marijuana industry for over 10 years.

The company is established in Spain and operates for worldwide growers.

This marijuana seed bank has aimed to provide the purest auto flower genetics available to the growers.

Therefore, they have built a new standard for the quality of auto flower seeds.

And, they believe in providing a premium quality experience at their virtual store.

That is why even though they have limited seed stock but all of them are premium.

The reason behind their premium seeds is that they have been into researching and developing top-shelf strains for around a decade.

Their experience of these many years has made them stand out from the rest of the seed stores.

Quick Review of Fast Buds

I know sometimes you might be in hurry to instantly take a decision. So, here is my quick and short review for Fast Buds:

Established – in Spain, and operates virtually.

Seeds Available – mainly auto-flowering seeds, apparel.

Shipping – worldwide.

Pricing – quite affordable, approx. 12 Euros per seed.

Reviews – excellent 4.8/5.0 from 2500+ reviews on Trustpilot.

Official Website

FastBuds Seed Bank Review

Now, it’s time to dive deeper:

1. Strain Selection and Quality

As said before, Fast Buds stocks only auto-flowering seeds.

Therefore, you will find only top-shelf auto-flowering strains here.

The quality of seeds available at Fast Buds is superior. As the company stocks only the finest genetics, based upon their high breeding standards.

That is why they are confident about their marijuana seeds. Therefore, you get a germination warranty as well.

That means if their seeds do not germinate, you can fill out the warranty form, and the company will take care of the rest.

Further, Fast Buds has around 50 high-quality auto-flowering strains. Some of their bestseller seeds are Zkittlez Auto, Kosher Cake, and Gelato Auto.

Check out their ‘Collection’ tab for a detailed stock overview.

The point to be mentioned here is that there is no return or refund policy. However, most probably you might not need it.

Because of the higher germination rate of seeds from Fast Buds.

Growers have often reported that auto-flowering seeds from Fast Buds are quite impressive as they produce a high yield in most of the growing climates.

Although these seeds are referred to as fast seeds, however, the fresh quality and pure genetics from the company make it even faster.

2. Shipping and Delivery Time

Fast Buds ships worldwide.

Though they don’t ship to the USA and Canada.

However, don’t be sad, they have their distributors as well. That means you can still get seeds from Fast Buds from its distributors.

Also, to confirm if they serve to your specific location, you can check out their FAQ page.

Further, the company offers three shipping systems.

In which, first of all, UPS shipping service with fast delivery is available for EU regions.

For most of the international orders, standard shipping service is there.

And, when it comes to the shipping cost then Fast Buds charges a nominal fee. It ranges somewhere between 12 Euros to 20 Euros.

Though the shipping cost depends on the location you are living.

Further, if you are concerned about your privacy then there is also an option for stealth delivery, which might cost 5 Euros more.

Still, I will recommend you to go with the stealth delivery option especially when you are ordering from a highly secured location where the customs might interrupt.

Fortunately, Fast Buds ships instantly within 24 to 48 hours after receiving payment.

If you order at the starting of working weekdays then there is a high chance that you will receive your order within the same week.

This is how fast the delivery service they provide with UPS express shipping.

While generally, the order might take somewhere between 5 to 15 business days to reach you.

In some cases, the international orders might take more time to reach the location.

Public holidays, bad weather, and other transit interruption might also affect the delivery time of your order.

Summing up, the shipping and delivery time of Fast Buds is instant and impressive.

They provide one of the fastest delivery of orders for the locals. While for the international orders, they are still making it to compete with top-shelf premium seed banks.

3. Customer Support

Customer support at Fast Buds is decent.

They have provided you e-mail, form, and phone services. Additionally, you also get a live chat feature on their official website.

For instance, if you get germination-related issues then you can directly reach them by filling the warranty form instead of ringing or dropping mail.

Once you have concerned them about your issue, they will automatically reach to you ASAP.

Though generally, they take around 24 working hours to reply to your e-mails.

Still, if you get any issue regarding your order or their product then their backend team is there to help you out.

Thanks to their responsible behavior. Also, they are quite kind and helpful, which makes the experience at Fast Buds even better.

Further, the reviews at Trustpilot have rare to no complaints about their customer service team.

Therefore, you can expect a better shopping experience from Fast Buds. As their priority is to provide full customer satisfaction.

4. Pricing

Pricing is one of the factors why I love Fast Buds.

As they have reasonably priced their seeds.

There is no overpricing for their premium seeds. Generally, their top-shelf seeds pricing starts from 12 Euros per seed, which is quite affordable.

Therefore, even if you are a beginner cultivator, still, you can buy from this premium seed store with a limited budget.

5. Payment Methods

Just imagine, you are impressed with everything at a seed bank and then you find that it doesn’t have a convenient payment method.

Huge turn-off? Right?

Fortunately, you don’t get a chance to be turned off at Fast Buds.

Because it has provided ample payment methods to place the orders. Even fast, secure, and convenient ways.

You can place an order through:

  • Bitcoin
  • Credit Cards
  • Cash
  • Wire Transfer

I will recommend you to buy seeds with either bitcoin or credit cards.

Because they are highly secure options comparatively others.

Also, if you are ordering internationally then, cash is not a good choice. As it is highly risky.

While Wire Transfer might take some time.

So, in the end, make sure either you have your CC or Bitcoins.

However, the company has provided you all the options. You can choose any of them as per convenience.

6. Website Review

The website is quite professional, appealing to the eye, and informative.

Smooth navigation through different sections is what makes the interface even better.

At first glance, you will be able to find their top-shelf weed seeds. While you can get to know everything under the FAQ section.

Apart from weed seeds, the virtual store has also an ‘Apparel’ section where you can find some additional weed stuff.

For marijuana enthusiasts, there is a blog section that can help you enhance your exposure to the weed.

Further, the company has also distributors across the globe. Around 911 shops are located in different regions and countries.

That means even though if you are not able to directly shop from here, still, you can buy seeds from one of the distributors in your country.

While the best part is that on the website, there is also a code verification section. That allows you to authenticate the seeds you received are from the original Fast Buds.

Overall, you will have a great experience going through the website of Fast Buds.

However, I felt it would be much better if they could shift their service-related info to the outer section of the website instead of putting them into the FAQ section.

7. Market Reputation

Fast Buds has an excellent market reputation.

They are quite popular among weed cultivators across the world.

They have earned an excellent 4.8/5.0 rating with over 2500+ reviews at Trustpilot. That clearly shows how much-reputed store they are.

While most of the reviews appreciate the services from the company.

One of the customers of Fast Buds says, “This is how a Shop should be! First-order was perfect. Unfortunately, one product was not Working. An easy Formular on their webpage solved the Problem. Without a Word, the second package was sent out. Really good! Would like to Work there!”

Hence, Fast Buds is a highly reputed seed store.

Pros and Cons of Fast Buds

Know the direct pros and cons of buying weed seeds from Fast Buds.


  • High-quality auto-flowering seeds
  • Variety of seeds available
  • Great selection
  • Shipping within 24 hours
  • Fast delivery
  • Great customer support
  • Worldwide distributors
  • Affordable seed bank
  • Stealth delivery available
  • Wholesale buying option available


  • Only auto-flowering seeds are available
  • No offers and discounts are there

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there any offer or discount on Fast Buds?

Well, there is no offer or discount from the Fast Buds. This is because they believe in providing high-quality seeds at affordable prices. And, therefore, with the affordable price segment, they haven’t any offers right now.

2. How to return my seeds?

Unfortunately, you cannot return weed seeds to Fast Buds. As they don’t have any return or refund policy yet. However, you might not need that as well. Because of their premium quality of seeds with seed warranty.

3. Is it safe to buy weed seeds from Fast Buds?

Yes, it is completely safe to buy weed seeds from Fast Buds. They have been in the market for years.

4. Which strain is available?

Only auto-flowering strain is available right now at Fast Buds.

5. What are best seller seeds at Fast Buds?

Mimosa, Zkittlez, and Kosher Cake are some of their best seller seeds. You can check out their collection section for more seed strains.

FastBuds Review : Buy or Not?

No doubt, Fast Buds is one of the premium best seed banks. However, it is for specific growers. As it stores mainly auto-flowering seeds.

Therefore, if you are looking for high-quality auto-flowering seeds then go and buy from Fast Buds. They are excellent in this category.

Though if you are looking for an overall quality seed bank that has a large selection, top-quality seeds, and affordable pricing then I will recommend you to check out MSNL or ILGM.

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