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Are you looking for one of the best online seed banks?

Check out the whole of Crop King Seed Bank below!

They have grown from a very small quantity vendor to a full-scale business in a few years’ time. Crop king seed bank is one of the first destinations for buying high-quality cannabis seeds for a lot of people all over the world.

It is one of the best seed banks in Canada.

Let’s head on to the complete Crop king seed bank review.

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Crop King Seeds History & Experience

Crop king seed was started in 2005 when only one guy used to sell marijuana seeds from a small apartment. But then, they stopped the business to go out and scout out the marijuana seeds productions.

Up until early 2013, they traveled around the world and found some of the best breeders who bred marijuana strains and provided weed seeds to them.

And slowly and steadily, Crop king seedbanks started to send out high-quality seeds to their customers in their own brand-new packaging.

The expert marketing strategies and a passion for marijuana made them into full-fledged weed seeds sellers. They started their permanent office at the end of 2013 and ever since have been selling quality marijuana seeds.

They have their own mascot, which is present in all of the major marijuana events all over the globe.

Crop King Seed Bank Stats

They have participated and won a prize for the best booth in the Green Rush Foundation Conference trade show in 2014. They have also sponsored trailer boys to park movies, which gave them a big boost.

The white cookie strain from crop king seed bank has been featured in High times magazine as one of the TOP 10 strains of 2015.

Very impressive, right!

Here, they will teach you a lot about growing cannabis correctly and troubleshooting a lot of different situations that you might face during growing weed.

They have a total of 40 different marijuana strains available in their stores.

Crop King Germination Success

According to the crop king seed bank experts, the best way to germinate your marijuana seeds is by using a paper towel and a cup of water method.

Crop king seed bank will provide you germination guarantee. Although if you sow the seeds directly into the soil, then this guarantee will be void.

Another way to void and null the germination guarantee is to use Rockwool, seed starter kit, or any other way, which is not a paper towel and cup of water method.

All the seeds that are sent out to their customers are check by hand for quality control. There is a very low chance of getting bad seeds with this best online seed bank.

Crop King Delivery

You can get your marijuana seeds delivered all over the world with this best online seed bank.

The delivery times of different parts of the world are different. The following is the list of various delivery times and prices:

  • Canada – You will need to pay $10 for regular shipping inside Canada. It will take from 2 to 7 days for the parcel to reach, although if you are living in a remote area, then you can expect the delivery time to be near 7 days.
  • The USA – the delivery times to the USA are up to 2 weeks.
  • Australia & New Zealand – the delivery time for these countries can stretch to 3 weeks.
  • Other Countries: a $30 delivery will be applied for all other countries.

A great delivery option you can take comes at a price of $60, and this will give you a delivery guarantee as well. This delivery option also has tacking available.

Crop King Seeds Stealth Packeging

All of the orders that are sent out from crop king seed banks are packed well. They are discreetly packed to provide buyers with total privacy.

All of the orders are sent in nice packaging. These packaging might include things like birthday cards, pens, flashlights, or any other regular non-marijuana-related thing.

You won’t have to worry about someone finding your weed seeds; even if they open the package, they won’t know that the seeds are hidden inside the object.

Payment options Of Crop King Seeds

For payment, you will have so many different options with crop king seed bank. You can either pay with Canadian dollars, US dollars, Bitcoin, MasterCard, or Visa.

If you would like to pay with E-transfer, then you have to do it from inside Canada. E-transfers outside Canada are not available.

All the prices that are shown on their website are US dollars. Other than the Canadian orders which are processed with Canadian dollars, all others have to pay with US dollars only.

Crop King Seeds Discounts and Promotions

If you buy the express shipping option for Canada, then you will get a weed grinder for free along with the parcel reaching you within 3 or 4 days.

Crop King Seeds Customer Support

You will have a lot of options when it comes to contacting Crop king seed bank.

The best way for you to solve your doubts or queries is to call them on their 24/7 customer support phone line. Another way to get help is to chat with them on their website.

They even have a physical address that you can check out if you live in Canada. If you are a social media user, then you can also contact them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Crop King Seed’s Pros

  • A lot of options for customer support
  • Very reputed marijuana seeds seller
  • Hand-picked, high-quality seeds
  • All of the orders are stealthily packed
  • Free grinder in Canada with the express shipping option
  • Excellent market reputation

Crop King Seed’s Cons

There are about 40 different strains available, which is lower than what other seed banks have on offer. But remember, these seeds are of high quality, and they grow 95% of the time.


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