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Canuk Seeds has mixed reviews at Trustpilot.

And, that leads to growers doubt if they are a legit seed bank.

Therefore, in this guide, I am going to share my honest Canuk Seeds review, which will let you know everything about this seed bank.

Canuk Seeds is a Canadian seed bank, if you are ordering from Canada, then you can get very fast shipping.

While ultimately, in the end, you will have a reason for whether you should buy weed seeds from Canuk Seeds or not.

So, let’s get started:

Is Canuk Seeds Bank Legit?

First thing first, yes, Canuk Seeds is a 100% legit seed bank.

They have been in the market for several years. And, they are operating across the world.

Therefore, they have a loyal customer base from across different countries around the globe.

Moreover, Canuk Seeds has earned a rating of 8.0 out of 10 at Growdiaries. Though at Trustpilot, the score suffers.

However, from the experiences of growers around the forums, at least, Canuk Seeds are not a “scammy” seed bank.

Rather, they store excellent quality weed seeds that have been appreciated by the growers.

Though if their weed seeds are good enough for you, we will find it next:

Quick Review of Canuk Seeds

In a hurry?

Check this quick and clear-cut Canuk Seeds review to make an instant decision:

Established: headquartered in Canada and UK.

Seed available: 150+ different types of weed strains in stock of all varieties (auto-flowering, feminized, regular).

Shipping: across the world.

Pricing: decent pricing, price per seed starts from $12.

Reviews: 8.0 out of 10.0 at Growdiaries.

Expert’s Recommendation: Yes

Official Website

About Canuk Seeds

Canuk Seeds is one of the seed banks which is known for its quality genetics.

Headquartered in Canada and UK, this seed bank believes that “Success is in the right genetics!”

That is why they believe in providing high-quality cannabis genetics to growers across the globe.

Moreover, they stock a great seed selection in their inventory. While they also provide top-notch services at their store.

However, being in the cannabis industry for several years now, they know exactly what to deliver to a weed enthusiast.

Therefore, doesn’t matter you are a beginner grower or professional, you are sure to find every type of weed seed here.

Detailed Review of Canuk Seeds

Now, as you know slightly about Canuk Seeds, let’s dive deep into its every section:

1. Seeds Selection and Quality

Canuk Seeds stocks 150 different strains in its inventory.

Comparatively the selection is less, however, this company believes in quality more than quantity.

Therefore, you will get one of the finest weed genetics here.

However, the basic categories (regular, feminized, and autos) are already there. Additionally, there is also a section of wholesale, which is for the bulk buyers.

And, that is why whether you are a novice or a professional grower, you will find all of your favorite strains here.

Though you don’t get a germination guarantee here, still, the quality of weed seeds is highly appreciated by growers across the globe.

Therefore, considering strain selection and quality, Canuk Seeds has done a good job.

2. Shipping and Delivery Services

Canuk Seeds ships worldwide.

However, their delivery time is fast in Canada and UK.

They ship within 24 hours of payment received. And, therefore, they are delivering most of the orders within 7 to 15 working days.

However, Canadian orders might arrive earlier as well.

On the other hand, international orders are delivered within 15 to 25 working days. Of course, the delivery time varies according to the location.

Still, this seed bank has one of the fastest shipping and delivery services.

Further, they discretely pack your weed seeds and make sure that it doesn’t get suspected by the customs or higher authorities.

However, if you are very concerned about your order then you can opt for insurance as well on the website. It will cost you around $20.

Though you will get your order re-shipped again without any queries if it gets lost in transit or gets busted.

3. Customer Support

This is the section where Canuk Seeds shines the most.

As they have one of the best customer services.

You get phone numbers, e-mail, and contact forms as options to reach their backend team. While their backend team is quite responsive, fast, and friendly.

Therefore, it makes your shopping experience at Canuk Seeds very appealing.

Moreover, they generally respond to their customers’ queries within 12 to 24 working hours.

Even when it comes to the returns or refunds as well then too, their backend team is quite fast to solve the issues.

All in all, you can expect a better-quality experience at Canuk Seeds bank.

4. Pricing

Pricing is quite reasonable and affordable at Canuk Seeds.

The price per seed starts around $12 here. Therefore, it is quite an affordable seed bank.

Even if you are low on a budget still, you can get your hands-on quality weed seeds at this seed bank. While the bonus part is that company also gives you some discounts and offers.

Right now, they are offering up to 25% off on certain strains.

Further, bulk orders and wholesale sections are there as well. That means, if you will be buying weed seeds in bulk then you can grab some huge discounts here.

Therefore, considering the price, Canuk Seeds has done a good job. And, doesn’t matter if you are a novice grower with a low budget or a professional cultivator, it has got back for every weed lover!

5. Payment Options

There are ample payment options at this seed bank.

The best part is that you also get some additional discounts on specific payment methods. The available options are:

  • International Money Order (USD or CAD only)
  • ACH/Wire Transfer (USA Only)
  • Cash
  • Bank Transfer
  • E-transfer (For Canadians only)
  • Cryptos (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum)

With these many payment options, your experience of placing orders is very convenient here. While you also get 5% off on the Wire Transfer payment option and 25% off + freebies with payment by cryptos.

However, I will recommend you place orders through cryptos mostly.

As it is more discrete, convenient, and instant.

Therefore, the instant transaction helps your order to be shipped quickly because the company doesn’t ship until they don’t receive payment at all.

Don’t worry, if you are new to cryptos, the website has detailed instructions on different payments through cryptos.

Moreover, you also get guidelines on the checkout page as well.

6. Website Usability

canuk seeds website

The website of Canuk Seeds is quite decent and designed professionally.

The user interface is quite interactive which makes you engaged. While the company has given all the important information on the website.

That makes you know what you can expect from this virtual store at first glance.

Scrolling down the homepage will take you through the different sections of the store. You will get to know their featured strains, the most popular ones, and then the blog posts.

This helps you to know the best strains of their inventory first, which is a good thing.

Moreover, at the bottom, you can find the all information about payments, delivery, returns, and more.

One thing that I liked the most about their website is that they have beautifully categorized their seeds inventory.

You will find all the major categories at the topmost, which makes you access your favorite strains instantly.

In short, you will have a great experience at Canuk Seeds’ website.

7. Refund and Return Options

You get a refund and return policy at this virtual store.

That means, if somehow, you got the wrong package or damaged seeds (which happens rarely here) then you can approach their backend team. They will help you accordingly.

And, if the company agrees and your issue is genuine then most likely you might get a refund for the same.

Though the return period for the seeds is 14 days from the day of the order delivered.

Keep in mind that the package must be in its original condition to make the return process successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do Canuk Seeds offer freebies?

Yes, you get freebies with orders through certain payment methods.

2. Can I return the weed seeds to Canuk Seeds?

Yes, there is an option available for the return, and the period for the same is 14 days after the order is received. Though you must have a genuine reason for that.

3. Is it safe to buy weed seeds from Canuk Seeds?

Yes, 100%. They are a legit and quality source for some great weed strains.

Canuk Seeds Review: Conclusion

At the end of this Canuk Seeds review, I will recommend you to buy weed seeds from here if you are growing on a small scale.

As this seed bank has limited strains and is a novice grower, you will find a decent selection at a very attractive price range.

While the services of the seed bank are cherries on the top!

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