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Weed Dispensaries in UK

With recent relaxations in marijuana laws for the patients in the United Kingdom, there has been the initiation of the era for online dispensaries in the country.

However, due to the starting phase, there are not many quality dispensaries available in the market.

Somehow, I have found the top 5 dispensaries in the UK, which you can trust for all of your cannabis needs.

Though before I tell you that, you must be aware of the laws that revolve around cannabis in the country.

Therefore, in this guide, I will cover everything related to online dispensaries in the United Kingdom, and the laws concerning marijuana in the country.

So, let’s get started:

Laws Revolving Around Cannabis in the UK

When it comes to buying weed online in the UK or from online dispensaries then there are many things to keep in mind.

The laws, regulations, and guidelines that revolve around weed in the country must have to be known to every resident.

Even if you are traveling there, knowledge of the latest guidelines will help you to indulge in cannabis activities safely and legally.

Is Cannabis Legal in the UK in 2022?

As of 2022, Cannabis remains illegal in the United Kingdom to possess, grow, distribute, and sell.

Also, it is a Class B drug that includes penalties for unlicensed dealing, production, or trafficking.

And, these penalties can go up to 14 years in prison, and an unlimited fine or even both. It depends on the severity of the crime though.

Therefore, in a nutshell, one cannot access recreational marijuana in the country.

However, on 1 November 2018, medical usage of cannabis got legalized in the UK, which was one of the first steps towards cannabis consideration for the people.

And, after that, medical patients with a prescription from the doctor can access weed there.

Therefore, this led to the opening of dispensaries in the country from where medical cannabis enthusiasts can purchase weed for themselves.

So, ultimately, there might be some general questions in your mind if you can now purchase weed or not, so here are all answers:

Can I buy weed in the UK?

If you have a prescription from the doctor then you can buy weed from the authorized dispensaries or pharmacies.

However, for recreational users, it remains illegal.

Though the risk gets reduced for the penalties if someone is found with a very small quantity for personal usage only.

Is it safe to buy weed online in the UK?

Well, it is completely safe to buy weed online in the United Kingdom for medical patients with doctor’s prescriptions.

And, for recreational weed enthusiasts, it comes at risk because of illegalization in the country.

How much weed in the UK is not an offense?

Having a small quantity for personal usage in private space until the cops didn’t find you remain safe.

Even with a smaller quantity, your risk for prosecution is very less. However, your intent should not be to sell, share, or trade publicly.

What to Take Care Before Buying Weed in the UK?

If you are a medical patient and want to buy weed online in the UK then probably you are heading to dispensaries.

And, quality online dispensaries are quite less specifically for the UK region.

Therefore, before you head to buy weed products from an online dispensary, make sure you take care of the following things in mind:

1. Quality

It is an obvious factor but sometimes we ignore it.

Checking the quality of the product is the very first step before you buy weed online from a dispensary in the UK.

Especially when you are a medical patient then you need the purest form of CBD products so that it can relieve the symptoms.

Therefore, make sure your chosen dispensary is sourcing marijuana products from a quality source.

2. Research

Do a little bit of research about the dispensary.

It is necessary because there are many “scammy” websites on the internet that scam people online.

Therefore, before you put your money into a website, make sure you have read some reviews, checked reputation, grow forums, etc.

This will help you avoid scammers and choose the right dispensary for yourself.

3. Services

Check if your chosen dispensary is shipping the package discretely and delivering orders quickly.

Because no one wants to wait.

And, especially as a medical weed enthusiast you might need your medication quickly. Therefore, confirm if the services at the dispensary are good.

Also, check for customer support if it is responsive.

Because sometimes you might just need the help of their backend team concerning the product, order, or even about some general things.

Therefore, these are certain things that you should keep in mind before you completely rely on an online dispensary.

Though there are many more things still, these three basic factors will make sure you get your hands on the right dispensary.

5 Online Dispensaries in the UK

Enough for the theories.

Now, let’s dive into the main list of dispensaries in the UK:

1. Ice Headshop

Ice Headshop is one of the best online dispensaries in the UK.

This dispensary has got one of the finest quality CBD products in its inventory.

Doesn’t matter you are looking for CBD oil, herbs, extracts, solids, or liquids, you are sure to find all of your CBD needs here.

In addition to that, Ice Headshop has also a stock of quality cannabis seeds. Therefore, medical weed enthusiasts can also buy weed seeds from here to grow cannabis plants.

Further, the accessories section allows you to get all the important tools for weed at this virtual store.

Therefore, Ice Headshop is an all-in-one dispensary in the country.

While the shipping and delivery services at this dispensary are excellent.

They ship all the working days and can even deliver the order to you within the next working day. Though their fast delivery is chargeable for 2.99 Euros.

However, considering the delivery speed it is very nominal.

Moreover, you will always have a back 24/7 customer support team. You can drop the backend team an e-mail or ring their given phone numbers.

That means you can expect a better shopping experience at this virtual store.

The bonus point is that Ice Headshop offers you some great discounts, and promotional offers, which makes you get amazing deals here.


  • One of the best dispensaries
  • Free delivery over 35 Euros
  • 10% off on orders worth 50 Euros and 20% off on orders worth 100 Euros
  • Faster shipping and delivery
  • Excellent customer support

This store has everything that you need from an online dispensary.

And, therefore, irrespective of your shopping experience from online dispensaries, Ice Headshop is sure to give you the premium experience of all time.

2. UK420 Club

Established in Bradford, United Kingdom, UK 420 Clube is your one-stop shop for all dispensary needs.

This dispensary has got everything from top-shelf weed strains to basic accessories and CBD products at their store.

While the best part is that, this dispensary is quite affordable. Weed strains pricing starts from just 7 Euros. Therefore, even if you are tight on a budget still you can get quality cannabis stuff from here.

Also, the company aims to provide high-quality medical cannabis at a cheap price to medical enthusiasts, which they stand to the most extent.

Further, their shipping service is quite good.

They deliver products to your doorstep within just 7 to 10 working days. However, most deliveries of orders are done even within just 7 working days.

Another thing that I liked the most here is their customer support, which is quick, reliable, and friendly.

Therefore, in case of any queries, you can reach out to their backend team which is always eager to help.

However, once the order is dispatched or delivered, then you cannot return it to the company.

Though you can always return in case of wrong order or faulty product (which happens quite rarely).

While placing an order, you will have only the cryptocurrency as the payment method, which might be a concern for some online buyers.


  • High-quality marijuana products
  • Vast selection
  • Faster shipping and delivery
  • Return available
  • Reputed store

UK420 Club is a great option if you want to get your hands on some of the finest weed stuff to your doorstep. While their top-notch services work as a cherry on the top!

3. Royal Weed Dispensary

Royal Weed Dispensary has some premium quality weed strains (Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid), edibles, concentrates, and CBD oils.

Therefore, if you want to get some high-quality marijuana stuff in the UK then this dispensary has got you covered.

And, the best part is that it offers you multiple payment options to place orders instantly.

You get crypto, bank transfer, and western union as the main payment methods.

While the website gives you a completely safe gateway for the transactions to keep your identity anonymous, which is an edge for this dispensary.

Further, the shipping is quite fast from the company with guaranteed delivery of the orders.

Therefore, if your order didn’t arrive at your location then you can reach the company, they will re-ship without asking you any questions.

That means you will be having one of the best buying experiences here.

However, the customer support here is decent.

You get e-mail and phone numbers as contact options. Their backend team will reach you as soon as possible.

However, you are recommended to contact them in between business hours of working days. This way, you can reach the company more quickly.


  • Premium quality products
  • Discrete and guaranteed delivery
  • Affordable pricing
  • Free express shipping for orders above 150 Euros
  • Vast product categories

Royal Weed Dispensary has a great product selection and the pricing of the store makes it able to reach both novice and experienced enthusiasts.

Therefore, for getting a premium experience, you can surely check this dispensary.

4. Smooth Smokes UK

Smooth Smokes UK claims to be in the cannabis industry for the past 10 years.

While it stocks great marijuana stuff in its inventory. From flowers, concentrates, edibles, and more, you will get almost everything here.

CBD edibles and concentrates are best at this dispensary.

Though one downside of this online UK dispensary is that, it accepts orders only through bitcoin.

However, the shipping and delivery services are top-notch and completely free of all the charges.

Therefore, you don’t have to pay any shipping cost at this dispensary which is an edge for it.

Moreover, their customer support is also great. You will have an e-mail, phone number, and contact form on the website to reach their backend team in case of queries.

Generally, they respond within 24 working hours. However, during the working days and business hours, they can get back to you within 8 hours as well (through e-mail).

The bonus point is that this dispensary also ships to most countries outside the UK. However, firstly, you have to ask them if they ship to your location or not.

Keep in mind that at this dispensary the minimum check-out amount is 50 Euros.


  • Good quality products
  • Excellent services
  • Great customer support
  • Faster delivery
  • Shipping to most counties

Smooth Smokes UK is a great dispensary if it works on the downsides. However, the company is consistently working as well.

Though for now, you can expect a decent experience from this UK dispensary.

5. Hub 420

Hub 420 is one of the new dispensaries in the market.

However, it has got a decent range of products with amazing delivery services. This store has a 99% delivery rate for the orders.

While you will find all the CBD products such as THC flowers, hash, oils, pre-rolls, and edibles here at a very reasonable price.

Though the quality of the product is not clear due to a lack of reviews.

Also, you can pay only with bitcoin here due to privacy concerns.

One thing that is amazing here is their shipping and delivery services. They claim to ship and deliver products faster and instantly within 7 to 10 working days.

Further, in case of an order is not received by the customer then the company promises to solve the issue. Though their customer support is quite average.

You get a reply within 24 working hours, which must be improved.

Moreover, there are some limited selections of products. Though you get a decent variety.


  • Decent range of products
  • Affordable store
  • Excellent shipping and delivery services
  • New dispensary
  • Payment is accepted through bitcoin only

Hub 420 operates within the UK only and they have a great product selection. Though there is much space for improvement as well.

Online Dispensaries UK: Conclusion

Finally, now you know almost everything about cannabis in the UK and the 5 best online dispensaries in the country.

Hopefully, from now onwards, you will be able to access your medical weed easily.

Though we recommend you for confirming the latest and updated laws with your local authorities first before heading to any weed activity. This will help you avoid any trouble.

Happy Buying!

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