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Buying high-quality marijuana seeds online is not an easy task until you find a very reliable best online seed bank. Bonza seed bank is one of those seed banks where you can be sure that you will get quality weed seeds only.

A lot of people stick to bonza seed bank when they require cannabis seeds. They have a good reputation in the marijuana market and have a wide variety of marijuana seeds for sale.

Let’s check out what they offer in detail in this Bonza Seed Bank Review.


bonza seed bank

History & Experience

Bonza Seed Bank operates out of the UK and it has been in business since 2009.

People love them because of their cool selling variety of seeds. You can either buy individual seeds or buy a different kind of cannabis seed from different breeders. They have a great mix of seed collections as well.

If you want to grow different kinds of marijuana plants on your own, then Bonza Seed Bank is the place to do the seed shopping from.

Customers are satisfied with the low prices of seeds and their reliability as well.

Seed bank Stats

Bonza Seed Bank gives you a chance to buy all kinds of marijuana seeds from a single place. This means you can buy all kinds of seeds and pay for delivery only once.

Really impressive, right?

We love the way they have added a very convenient searching option on their online store. Here, you can filter marijuana strains by price, yield level, height, type, breeder, free shipping products, and features strains.

Sorting through 2500+ marijuana strains has never been easy. If you would like to read about marijuana-related informative articles, then go to their official blog.


If you want the best one-stop shop for marijuana seeds, then Bonza Seed Bank is the ideal place. They have more than 2,500 different types of marijuana seeds in store.

You will be lost in the selection process! Make sure you pen down the strains you are after and look for those first.

They even source their marijuana seeds from some of the best breeders in the world like DNA genetics, Barney’s farm, Dutch passion, Pyramid seeds, Nirvana seeds, BD bud depot, etc.

The latest strains on their shop are the Mkage feminized, Northern Hog Auto, Happiness feminized, and Akorn feminized. The top-selling marijuana strains on their online website are Pineapple chunk, Moneymaker, White lemon ad Liberty haze.

Bonza Seed Bank has a pick and mixes selling scheme where you can buy seeds in bulk or in a mixture or even a single seed as well. You have the full liberty of buying exactly what you want. You don’t have to buy a full pack of cannabis if you just want to try with one single seed.

They have a rock and roll up collection, which you cannot find on any other online seedbanks. This collection has marijuana strains that are bred and developed by the experts at bonza seed bank.

All of the strains on their collection are musically themed cannabis strains.

Germination Success

If you want to check out the Bonza seed bank germination guide, then you can click here.

They have no information about the marijuana seeds germination guarantee on their website. This can be because they are based in the UK, and it is illegal to germinate marijuana seeds there.


Bonza seed bank delivers marijuana seeds all over the world. But with everything marijuana, you have to be careful and research the local laws before ordering anything online.

All of the deliveries from bonza seeds are stealth-packed for maximum privacy, so you might have to pay a little more delivery fee than what other best online seed banks charge. But at the end of the day, the extra fee is worth it.


Buyers from all over the world are happy with their outstanding stealthy delivery practices. The ratio of missing or intercepted packages with Bonza Seed Bank is very low.

The packages may take time to reach you, but they will deliver the seeds to you safe and sound every time.

Payment options

There are a wide variety of payment methods on bonza seed bank. The following is the list of all types of payment methods:

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • Cash
  • Delta cards
  • Cirrus
  • Bitcoin

Discounts and Promotions

To know more about their offers and discounts, keep an eye on their promo page on their website.

Currently, they have an offer on Green crack feminized seeds, where you can get 4X free seeds if you spent 40 pounds on marijuana seeds.

Customer Support

People love bonza seeds for their commitment to providing only high-quality marijuana seeds to their buyers. You can contact them directly to ask any questions or queries.

They have a live chat option on their website, which can be used to contact their customer services easily and quickly.


2,500+ Marijuana strains are available.

Excellent stealthy delivery.

Reputed seed bank.

Excellent strain selection search filters.

Seeds available from a wide variety of breeders all over the world.


No germination guarantee information on their website.


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