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I am about to tell you the best strains to grow in New York.

These strains are unique in themselves.

They have different characteristics, THC content, growing profile, and genetics.

However, I’ll mention the strains for specific growers.

This means, depending upon your gardening goals, and cultivation skills, you can choose strain accordingly.

So, shall we start?

Let’s go:

Best Strains to Grow in New York

Here are the top 7 best strains which can be grown in New York for high yield.

1. Grape Ape

2. Sour Diesel

3. Zkittlez

4. OG Kush

5. AK-47

6. Blue Dream

7. Diesel Feminized

Best Marijuana Strains Review for New York

1. Grape Ape

grape ape marijuana strain

Strain type: Pure Indica

THC content: Up to 20%

If you want to grow weed in New York then there will not be any better options than growing Grape Ape.

This Indica dominant strain has a short flowering time of just 7 to 8 weeks.

Also, the parent genetics of Grape Ape are Afghan x Indian Charas Plant. That means it is an adaptable strain that can thrive in most climate conditions.

Even though in rough conditions, you can make the most out of it.

And, therefore, it perfectly suits the climate of New York because of its multiple features than finishing faster.

Up to 20% THC is enough to make you feel the euphoric high of just one smoke.

And, the ultimate relaxing effect will make sure you have a relaxing night or weekend after a tiring schedule.

Due to its therapeutic benefits, Grape Ape is also beneficial in different medical symptoms such as anxiety, stress, and depression.

However, the aroma of Grape Ape is noticeable and gives you a hint of berry, grape, and sweet candy.

Don’t fall for its sweet taste and aroma.

As it hits hard once it gets into your body.


  • Easy to grow in the New York climate
  • Short flowering time
  • High THC
  • Decent yield
  • Suitable to grow in most conditions


  • Effects might be overwhelming for some weed users

Summing up, you get a strain that is not only suitable to thrive in the climate conditions of New York but also features some amazing cannabis properties.

No doubt, you will have a great weekend after growing Grape Ape!

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2. Sour Diesel

sour diesel marijuana seeds

Strain type: Sativa dominant

THC content: Up to 25%

Sour Diesel is a blend of Auto Haze and New York City Diesel.

It is one of the most potent strains to grow in New York.

As it fetches sky-level of THC up to 25% if grown in good conditions.

Fortunately, Sour Diesel thrives in both indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor climates. Therefore, you can easily grow it in different conditions.

While the flowering time is an average of 9 weeks, which is quite decent.

And, up to 25% THC will make sure you have the best energetic high.

While the initial effects will be cerebral and full body buzz, which will soon boost the creativity, uplifting, and energy in you.

Though ultimately you will feel the relaxation after a roller coaster ride!

Aroma and taste lie to the diesel, grapefruit, earthy, and citrusy side. That is unique in itself for some weed lovers.


  • A powerful strain
  • Up to 25% THC
  • Intense effects
  • Medically beneficial
  • Unique flavor and aroma


  • Overwhelming strain for some weed lovers
  • Low yield strain

If you want a powerful experience then grow Sour Diesel. It will make sure you have the best weed experience of your life.

That is why experienced weed enthusiasts, use Sour Diesel to level up their weed experience.

3. Zkittlez Marijuana Strain

Strain type: Indica dominant

THC content: Up to 23%

Zkittlez is a strain crossed between legendary Granddaddy Purple, Afghani, and Grapefruit.

And, it fetches up to 20% THC content.

The best part about this strain is that it gets ready for harvest faster and also produces excellent yield.

That means, weed enthusiasts who want to have an impressive yield in the New York climate must grow Zkittlez.

Thanks to its short flowering time.

Within just 60 days, this wonderful strain will be ready to make you fly high!

And, on top of that, it is suitable to grow both indoors and outdoors.

While up to 23% THC will make sure you feel uplifting and energetic high with it.

That is why this strain can be used in medical symptoms such as anxiety, stress, ADHD, and depression as well.

Further, the sweet aroma and mouth-watering taste will make you use it again and again.


  • Very easy to grow strain
  • Suitable to grow in different conditions
  • Shorter flowering time
  • High yield
  • Medically beneficial


  • Not unique taste

Zkittlez is a wonderful strain to grow in New York. It produces beautiful purple-hued buds which are not only eye-catchy but also fetch potent THC levels.

While even a beginner grower can make the most out of it.

Without a doubt, this strain will be your best choice to grow in New York!

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4. OG Kush

og kush marijuana

Strain type: Indica dominant

THC content: Up to 24%

Looking for extreme potent strain?

Look no further than OG Kush!

This strain fetches an extreme level of potency with up to 24% THC. And, it is a cross of ChemDawg and Lemon Thai x Pakistani.

While the best part is that it perfectly suits New York’s cold climate.

That is why it can easily thrive and produce impressive yields.

Once you will inhale OG Kush, very first you will receive a knock-out punch of euphoria that will rush the happiness and energy in your body.

And, in the end, you will feel a deep sense of relaxation.

That means OG Kush is the perfect strain for bursting your everyday stress.

Additionally, the citrusy, fruity, and diesel taste with intense aroma will make your pleasure more pleasurable!

Although it has a flowering time of around 10 weeks. Therefore, you have to keep the growing conditions appropriate to finish this strain before October end.

And, once you will give this strain what it likes the most, you will be rewarded with beautiful and powerful buds that will last long like the effects of it.


  • One of the most powerful strains
  • High levels of THC up to 24%
  • Excellent yield
  • Thrives in most conditions
  • Medically beneficial


  • Flowering time is slightly more

OG Kush is the perfect strain for those who want to have higher yield and potency in a single strain.

However, growing it might be difficult for some growers but once you make this strain happy, you will get more than you expected.

5. AK-47

ak 47 marijuana strains

Strain type: Sativa dominant

THC content: Up to 20%

For weed enthusiasts with low to medium tolerance to weed, AK-47 is the strain to choose.

With a perfect THC content of 20%, it gives a medium level of high that even a novice weed enthusiast can tolerate as well.

And, also, AK-47 is one of the classic strains that are quite popular among growers.

Therefore, you will get tons of articles, and guides on how to grow this strain effectively. While AK-47 is a strain that even a first-time grower can also make the most out of it.

For the climate conditions like New York, AK-47 becomes the perfect strain to start cultivation with.

As it is easy to grow and make it thrive in cold climates.

Though this strain is sensitive to bud rot, therefore, you have to take care of it while growing indoors or outdoor.

Moreover, the effects are mild.

A medium level of highness can boost creativity and reduce the anxious thoughts in your mind.

That is why this strain can also be your any-time strain. Because you can use it even during the daytime and improve your socializing skills.


  • Best strain for beginners
  • Easy to grow
  • Decent yield
  • Mild effects
  • Up to 20% THC


  • Sensitive to plant diseases

Grow AK-47 strain in New York if you want to have a medium-potent strain with a decent yield. This strain can thrive in different conditions and can give you wonderful results in the garden.

This is one of the best strains for beginners!

6. Blue Dream


Strain type: Sativa dominant

THC content: Up to 24%

Blue Dream is a cross of Blueberry Ice x Haze. And, it is a Sativa dominant strain that fetches up to 24% THC content.

This is one of the perfect strains that you can opt for growing in New York.

Because it has a shorter flowering time of 65 to 70 days. And, it gives you an impressive yield.

Even if it is grown indoors, Blue Dream will reward you with a beautiful and heavy yield.

While the intense THC content produces a cerebral, uplifting, and long-lasting high. And, the ultimate effect will be a deep sense of relaxation.

That means, Blue Dream can also be your nighttime strain.

Therefore, this strain is also used for medical symptoms such as nausea, pain, anxiety, stress, arthritis, inflammation, and even depression as well.

Additionally, the flavor and taste lie in the cherry, fruity, and sweet side.

So, with perfect mouth-watering taste, potent effects, and an easy grow profile, Blue Dream is something that you cannot miss out on.


  • Balanced strain
  • Easy to grow
  • Short flowering time
  • Heavy yield
  • Powerful effects


  • Might be overwhelming for novices

Blue Dream is the perfect blend of physical and mental relaxation. And, it also features a great growing profile.

Choose this strain if you want to get a heavy yield in New York climate conditions.

7. Diesel Feminized

Strain type: Sativa dominant

THC content: Up to 16%

A blend of Mexican Sativa and Afghani has made Diesel feminized.

This strain is for those who want to grow weed outdoors and get heavy yields.

And, Diesel’s feminized is the perfect strain for this.

If given the space, this strain can show its full potential and can grow like a cannabis tree with a height of 3 meters.

That is why it is capable to produce heavy yields outdoors.

Additionally, the short flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks will make this strain finish faster. Most probably Diesel feminized get ready for the harvest up to October.

Apart from this, the medium level of THC produces a mild height that a novice weed enthusiast can also tolerate.

Still, you are recommended to start with small doses.

Further, the effects are cerebral, long-lasting, and ultimately relaxing.

With citrusy flavor and taste, Diesel feminized can give you the ideal pleasure that a newbie can expect.


  • Best for novices
  • Medium level of THC
  • Ideal for outdoor cultivation
  • High yield
  • Mild effects


  • Not for indoor growers

With a balanced potency and unique diesel taste, Diesel feminized is the strain that can kick-start your journey in the weed community.

Even a growing profile is quite appealing.

So, don’t think just start with this excellent strain that can grow beautifully in New York.

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New York Laws About Growing Cannabis

Right now, growing cannabis for recreational usage in New York remains illegal under the laws.

However, under the MRTA (Marijuana Regulation and Tax Act), adult residents of New York at the age of 21 and above can grow cannabis in their homes for personal usage.

3 mature and 3 immature plants are permitted to grow by an individual.

A maximum of 12 plants per household is allowed by the authorities.

Well, this law might be implemented up to the year 2022 or 2023.

That means, right now, you cannot legally grow weed in New York.

Also, with the implementation of the MRTA act, there will be certain guidelines that one needs to follow even after growing weed at home in New York.

Such as the grown cannabis must be intended for personal usage only and not for the sale. While the weed must be kept out of reach of teens i.e., below the age of 21.

So, these are the speculations that are made for the future of the cultivation of cannabis in New York.

However, currently, it will be not possible for one to grow cannabis. And, also, we recommend you follow the local guidelines and rules of your region.

Tips to Grow Cannabis in New York

Whenever the laws will permit you to grow weed, you can surely grow them without any fear of penalty.

However, till then you can prepare yourself for the climate of New York and how it will help or spoil the cultivation of weeds in the city.

So, here are some tips that can help you grow cannabis effectively in the New York climate conditions:

-Choosing Strain

Considering the New York climate, you should choose the best weed strain that can finish earlier.

Because hardly the sun shines for 9.5 hours during the summer peak. And, therefore, a strain that takes a longer time to finish cannot make it there.  

Ideally, go for a faster strain or such strain which can finish earlier. This will help you get the most out of your garden in New York.

Growing Area

Decide where you will be growing your weed? Indoors or outdoors?

Depending upon your location and the climate conditions of a specific region, you can grow indoors or outdoor.

However, ideally, you should go for growing weed indoors. Because that will give you more control over the environmental conditions for your weed plants.

Well, then, you have to choose a strain that can thrive beautifully in indoor conditions.

-Give the Right Conditions

Well, this is a universal rule to grow weed anywhere.

Providing the right growing conditions can not help you achieve your garden goals rapidly but also helps it be a better grower.

Therefore, doesn’t matter whether you grow weeds indoors or outdoor, you must give the right and appropriate environmental conditions to your weed plants.

Final Thoughts on Strains to Grow in New York

Now, you know the best strains to grow in New York. I have mentioned the strains suiting growing skills, beginners, pro-weed enthusiasts, and even specific growers.

However, before starting the cultivation of cannabis in New York, make sure you follow the guidelines and laws.

And, once you are eligible legally, go ahead and make the most out of your gardening skills.

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