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Cannabis has become a popular aphrodisiac nowadays.

And, it is also helping people to achieve a better sexual life with their partners.

For instance, people with less desire for intimacy or specific males with ED can get better with the use of some cannabis strains.

Because in some studies, it is found that people who use cannabis more frequently tend to have more sex. 

That means cannabis can help boost libido in both males and females.

So, here are the top 10 best strains for male arousal which can help males to get more desire to have intimacy with their partner.

Let’s get started:

Best Strains for Male Arousal

Strains for Male Arousal

1. Chemdawg

THC:  Around 18%

Effects: Euphoric and arousing

Aroma and Taste: Pungent diesel-like aroma and earthy flavor

Chemdawg is one of the potent hybrid strains for arousing males.

This strain fetches a strong genetics background with 18% THC cannabinoid. Therefore, one can expect an intense cerebral hit.

While the ultimate effects will be calmness and happiness.

To make love with your partner, this strain is the perfect one to have before. Because the powerful hit will enhance the sensation in the body with an increase in desire to be touched.

Though Chemdawg possesses a pungent diesel-like smell. While the taste involves a slight earthiness. Thanks to the strong terpene profile.

However, the dominating terpene is Caryophyllene and therefore, expect a nose-tingling peppery experience.

Apart from this, Chemdawg can help reduce anxiety and depression.

Therefore, medical weed enthusiasts can also consider this powerful strain to have any time. While for beginners, it is recommended that start with small doses of Chemdawg initially.

Because it is highly potent.

2. Blue Magic

THC: Around 20%

Effects: Energizing and focused

Aroma and Taste: Blueberry and citrusy

Blue Magic is Sativa dominant powerful strain that delivers a clear effect.

Came from legendary Blue Dream, Blue Magic works almost the same. Higher THC cannabinoid with strong genetics gives you a quick and intense hit.

Though it doesn’t affect your functionality.

Instead, Blue Magic helps you to focus and know what you are doing. While you will feel a surge in energy to last longer while making love.

And, after a quick energetic ride, your body will feel deep soothing relaxation.

Therefore, Blue Magic’s euphoria helps you achieve better intimacy by increasing your alertness and relaxing hormones.

Do you feel anxiety sometimes? Or if you could not focus on work.

Then, Blue Magic is for you.

Even the terpene profile of this strain is also quite impressive. The ancestor feature of Blue Magic will give you a taste of blueberries with a slight hint of citrusy lemon.

3. Mimosa

THC: Around 19%

Effects: Uplifting, sleepy, and calm

Aroma and Taste: Citrusy orange with a slight sweetness

Developed by crossing Purple Punch and Clementine, Mimosa is one of the legendary strains for arousing both males and females.

Enriched in limonene, Mimosa is the strain that is quite potent.

It uplifts your thoughts and boosts libido for a whole night of sex. That is why a small dose of Mimosa is recommended initially.

The dominant terpene limonene and myrcene help you to get a roller-coaster ride while the ultimate feeling will be soothing and calm.

The unique citrusy orange mouth-watering taste with a hint of sweetness will make you crave Mimosa again.

The strong effects of the strain are also known for relieving depression and stress. And, therefore, you can also use it on your weekends to switch off from a tiring week.

Even the experts have believed that this strain can do wonders if used before getting into bed.

While the medical benefits are already cherry on the top.

4. OG Kush

THC: Around 18%

Effects: Happy, hunger, and relaxed

Aroma and Taste: Woody pine and earthiness

Want to get a deep sleep post-sex?

Smoke OG Kush.

This legendary strain has been a favorite among the weeders from the 90s to now.

And, even there have been different phenotypes and strains are available from OG Kush. Such as GSC, Headband, Tahoe OG, SFV OG, etc.

Thanks to its ultimate potency and effects.

With 18% THC cannabinoids, expect a hard hit of euphoria from head to toe. While in the end, you will get a deeper sense of relaxation and happiness.

Also, OG Kush helps in loss of appetite, stress, anxiety, and pain.

Therefore, it is an overall ideal strain to use for a pleasant night and have a relaxed time cuddling your partner.

Apart from this, the enriched terpenes give you a unique taste of woody pine and a slight earthiness. So, you can also expect something different to taste while smoking OG Kush.

5. Dick Cheese

THC: Around 16%

Effects: Aroused and happy

Aroma and Taste: Pungent and earthy

For Indica fans, Dick Cheese is a strong Indica dominant strain to increase your pleasure in bed.

A cross of Moby Dick and Big Buddha Cheese, Dick Cheese is a highly energetic and arousing strain.

Those weeders who want to get on an adventurous ride with their partner should choose Dick Cheese.

Because the effects of this strain are a hard hit of intense euphoria that lasts for hours. And, after a quick ride, Dick Cheese gives you a sense of happiness and relaxation.

Further, the aroma and taste of Dick Cheese align towards pungent earthiness with slight notes of woodiness. Therefore, expect a unique experience with Dick Cheese.

However, make sure to opt Dick Cheese as your weekend or nighttime companion. Because the strong dosage can make you fall asleep as well.

So, overall, start with a small dosage and play it cool!

6. Bubble Bomb

THC: 19%

Effects: Aroused and relaxed

Aroma and Taste: Sweet apricot and a hint of berries

If you are looking for something balanced and tastier strain then Bubble Bomb is the strain for you.

Crossed result of a cannabis cup winner strain Bubblegum and THC Bomb, Bubble Bomb is something that will give you immense pleasure of sweet bubblegum tang.

While the intense THC cannabinoids give you a long-lasting euphoric buzz.

Perfectly balanced between highness and energizing effects, Bubble Bomb is one of the favorite strains of weeders.

Because it delivers an amazing mouth-watering taste along with euphoric buzz that not only enhances the pleasure in the bed but will also boost your libido to feel the touch sensation of your partner more deeply.

While the Myrcene dominant terpene causes the earthy and peppery aroma.

Overall, Bubble Bomb is an ideal strain for those who want to have a tastier experience with cannabis. And, the effects of this strain work perfectly to make you feel arouse and happy, which is what you need ultimately.

7. Grand Daddy Purple

THC: Around 17%

Effects: Intense high and sleepy

Aroma and Taste: Grape berry with sweetness

Known as GDP and Grand Daddy Purp, this Indica strain is capable to make you fly high!

GDP is capable to reduce the anxious thoughts in your mind and have a deep conversation with your loved one. That is why people frequently use Grand Daddy Purple to have a relaxed weekend.

The intense THC levels of GDP is so strong that it can make you fall asleep.

Therefore, start taking small doses of it to enhance your pleasures.

GDP is a cross of Mendo Purps, Skunk, and Afghanistan, therefore, it inherits the features of the parent genetics like potency and unique aroma.

Myrcene is the dominating terpene that produces a unique aroma and taste of grape and sweet berries. So, you can expect a better taste as well from the GDP.

Further, this strain is capable to relieve stress, pain, and anxiety.

Therefore, medical weed enthusiasts can also choose GDP to cure some symptoms.

8. Pele’s Fire OG

THC: Around 25%

Effects: Energetic and aroused

Aroma and Taste: Pungent diesel-like and earthiness

Here we go with the strains ideal for experienced weeders.

With 25% sky-level THC, you can have a knock-out punch from Pele’s Fire OG strain. While the best part is that this will boost the energy in your body to increase stamina.

Although this strain might be new to you, it is something that can give you unforgettable memories with your partner.

Thanks to its ultimate effects.

An intense euphoric high will make sure you are on cloud nine while making love. And, the long-lasting energizing effects will make you last longer.

While ultimately you will get a deep sense of relaxation in the end.

Coming to the aroma and taste then Pele’s Fire OG produces a pungent diesel-like smell that you can experience from a distance as well.

Overall, choose this strain if you are capable to handle a 25% THC level.

If you don’t want to take risks then you can also take a smaller dose of it to experience the ultimate pleasure.

9. Sweeties

THC: Around 22%

Effects: Euphoric and arousing

Aroma and Taste: Citrusy sweet

Sweeties are the balanced version of Pele’s Fire OG.

This strain has perfectly balanced the highness and energizing effects.

A legendary cross of GSC and White Tahoe OG has resulted in this perfect strain for arousing males.

As per the name, you can guess the taste of this strain but the effects are quite impressive. You get a balanced high with a sense of boost in energy.

While Sweeties also boost your libido to crave intimacy.

Also, if you are an adventurous weeder then Sweeties will be the perfect choice for you. Because it has all the traits to make your cannabis game a level up.

Aroma and taste align towards sweet, citrusy, and earthiness, which is common. Myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene are the responsible factors for producing such experiences with Sweeties.

Though you get a unique hit of sweetness which is worth trying.

10. Rockstar

THC: Around 17%

Effects: Euphoric, sedating, and relaxing

Aroma and Taste: Earthy with the skunk

Want to get a relaxing night?

Try Rockstar.

The cross of Rockbud and Sensi Star has produced this Rockstar strain. Which is capable to burst your stress and have a relaxing sleep.

That is why weeders also refer to it as the end-day strain.

Because it can make you avoid tiredness and have a deep sleep after intercourse.

Additionally, it also helps relieve headaches and pains. Therefore, it becomes the perfect strain to have at weekend or the end of the day before getting into bed.

Further, the taste and aroma are like earthy skunks. While pinene is the dominating terpene.

Overall, consider Rockstar if you are in search of a medical strain as well as a pleasure-enhancer. Because this strain is capable to do both.  

And, people with sleeping disorders can also get benefit from it.

Which is the Best Strains for Male Arousal?

There are mainly three cannabis strains – Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid.

Though there is no specific conclusion that which strain is better for a wild or pleasing sexual life.

Even precisely, a strain does not matter at all.

The potency of an herb works differently for the different bodies. For instance, a potent strain might make you feel sleepy while your friend might feel more energetic with the same dosage.

And, depending upon the strains’ cannabinoid profile, the effects and their intensity might vary accordingly.

So, what matters?

The weed!

Whatever you are trying, you can experience on your own what is working for you and what is not.

While choosing a specific cannabis strain can be as usual as it is – choosing as per their cannabinoid profile and user experience.

In the end, the main thing that matters is the enhancement of your intimacy experience.

Irrespective of the strain, if it is making your sexual life better then you have already got the gem!

So, focus on the effects you are getting from the weed instead of the strain type.

Best Strains for Male Arousal: FAQ

  1. What is better for sex: edible or something else?

Edibles are more potent but they take some time to produce the effects. While smoking weed instantly mixes the cannabinoids in your bloodstream compare to the edibles.

Therefore, if you want to have a rapid effect, smoking weed is preferred rather than edible.

For female arousal, these are the best edibles.

2. Which cannabis strain is best for spice-up sex life??

There are hundreds and thousands of strains available. Also, everyone’s system is different and works accordingly. Hence, we cannot recommend one specific cannabis strain to spice up the sex life. You must choose on your own and find out which is working for you better.

3. Does strain matter?

Not at all. It all depends on the cannabinoid profile and your body. Irrespective of strain type, a higher THC level brings more highness than the lower levels of cannabinoids. Though it might be possible that a specific level of THC might be just warm up for a person while for the other it can be a roller coaster ride.

Best Strains for Male Arousal: Verdict

Cannabis has been proven beneficial in arousing both men and women. Finding out which works for your body is now easier as you have got the best strains for male arousal.

Choose a cannabis strain accordingly to your requirement and enjoy your sexual life in a better way.

Until then, you can share your experience with us in the comments. We will love to hear you out.


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