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Marijuana is helpful in Female Arousal

Do you want to make your girl go crazy for you?

If yes, check out these best strains for female arousal right now.

From cannabis connoisseurs and experts to users, everyone loves these strains, and edibles when they want to arouse their girl.

Now, it’s your time!

Let’s find out:

10 Best Strains for Female Arousal

1. Green Goddess

THC: Around 20%

Effects: Euphoria, arousing, body high

Aroma and Taste: Citrusy and fruity

As from the name you can guess it is a goddess strain for arousing females.

The perfect combination of THC, Indica dominance with appealing taste and aroma gives you an ideal strain that can be used before intimacy with your partner.

Effects are ultimately blissful body high, boosting libido, and finally a relaxing calmness.

While the taste aligns towards something grapefruit with the citrusy notes.

Additionally, dominating myrcene along with caryophyllene, and ocimene terpenes does a good job of producing exciting aroma and flavor.

While you get a crystal-coated appearance of the buds. Thanks to the Skunk #1 parent strain.

Apart from this, Green Goddess is also known for relieving some medical symptoms.

It can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression as well.

Therefore, this strain becomes the perfect choice to burst your stress and have fun on the weekends.

2. Sour Diesel

THC: Around 20%

Effects: Energizing, uplifting

Aroma and Taste: Pungent earthy, diesel

From the 1990s to now, Sour Diesel has been a legendary cannabis strain.

Because of its potency and effects.

And, if you are looking for boosting your energy more then, look no further than Sour Diesel.

With THC more than equal to 20%, you can expect an energizing high for sure.

Produced from Chemdawg and Super Skunk, this legendary strain fetches strong Sativa dominant genetics. That is why people who have used Sour Diesel have been fans forever.  

The main effects of the strain are uplifting, energetic, and a cerebral high with a clear mind.

While the aroma and taste lie to the pungent earthiness with diesel flavor.

For medical weeders, this strain may be helpful in depression, pain, and stress. So, it’s an overall beast combination with potency and multiple benefits.

Therefore, doesn’t matter you want to use Sour Diesel to impress your partner in your bed or want to have some relaxed time on weekends, this strain will handle everything.

3. Mimosa

THC: Around 20%

Effects: Energetic high

Aroma and Taste: Citrusy and orange fruity

With a THC level of around 20%, Mimosa is a legendary strain to arouse your girl.

This strain can make her crave sex if given the right dose. Because of its potency, more dosage can make her fall asleep as well.

Mimosa is enriched with the orange fruity flavor that makes it unique to taste.

While the effects of Mimosa are just amazing. It gives you a euphoric buzz with ultimate calmness and relaxation in your mind.

And, the energetic high makes the intercourse pleasure more pleasant while boosting libido.

As Mimosa is Sativa dominant strain with around 20% THC, therefore, it is one of the potent cannabis strains for beginners. Also, this can help reduce pain, anxiety, and stress too.

In some cases, Mimosa has also been beneficial in depression.

Moreover, the enriched terpenes give you an immense mouth-watering taste, which works as a cherry on the top.

4. Granddaddy Purple

THC: Around 17%

Effects: Cerebral euphoria and relaxation

Aroma and Taste: Grape with berry aroma and taste

Known as GDP, or Grand Daddy Purp, this strain is known for its beautiful unique appearance.

And, with deep purple structured buds, this strain is enriched in THC and Indica dominant genetics. Which are ideal for having an energetic high.

GDP is a cross of Mendo Purps, and Skunk which is why it can fetch some unique appearance and genetic quality.

Further, the effects of Grand Daddy Purple are euphoric high with immense happiness. That ultimately leads to double the sexual pleasure in the bed.

And, when it comes to best strains for female arousal then GDP becomes a far better choice than others. Thanks to its intense alpha-pinene, caryophyllene, and other terpenes with high THC levels.

Additionally, the spicy berry and grape flavor makes this strain unique to taste out.

While the eye-soothing appearance is cherry on the top.

Consider GDP to enhance your sexual pleasure in no time.

5. Green Crack

THC: Around 17%

Effects: Strong high and energetic

Aroma and Taste: Citrusy earthy

If you are looking for a potent Sativa cannabis strain then Green Crack is a perfect choice.

Also known as Green Crush, this strain has the potency to make you fly high! Thanks to 17% THC and 1% CBD.

With the combination of both cannabinoids, Green Crack is the strain that boosts your energy to have all-night fun with your partner.

The highness caused by Green Crack lasts for hours to make you feel the pleasure for a longer time.

While the citrusy, earthy and sweet taste makes this strain tastier to try out.

Though the x-factor that makes Green Crack an ideal strain is the high energizing effect. It boosts energy so that you can enjoy more time with your partner.

Additionally, the enriched terpenes make this strain even more special. As the taste and flavor make you have it again and again.

6. Blue Dream

THC: Around 18%

Effects: Uplifting and relaxation

Aroma and Taste: Blueberry and sweet

A legendary cross of Blueberry with Haze made this Blue Dream strain.

This strain is ideal for those who want to play a safer game. Because the balanced levels of THC, terpenes, and taste make this strain perfect for a beginner enthusiast.

The highness caused by Blue Dream aligns towards cerebral stimulation and ultimately relaxation. Therefore, you can have a better experience in your bed cuddling your partner the whole night.

Additionally, Blue Dream is also known for treating symptoms of depression, chronic pain, and nausea.

So, you can also use Blue Dream for multiple benefits as well.

Overall, Blue Dream is the strain that you can use any time in the day to stimulate your focus, and have ultimate relaxation.

If used during the night then it enhances your pleasant experience. While the terpenes and Sativa dominant genetics make this strain even better for balanced potency and experience.

7. Trainwreck

THC: Around 17%

Effects: Potent euphoria, creativity, happiness

Aroma and Taste: Pine, earthy, and pungent

Trainwreck is one of the potent cannabis strains right now.

This Sativa dominant strain was produced by breeding Afghani Indica to Mexican and Thai Sativa. Therefore, Trainwreck has potent genetics.

The effects produced from the Trainwreck strain are instant euphoria with an uplifting and creative mood. While happiness and relaxation will be the ultimate destination.

Additionally, you also get relaxation from migraines, pain, and arthritis with Trainwreck. So, medical weed enthusiasts can also consider this beast cannabis strain.

The best part is the Trainwreck’s intense uplifting effects that push your happy hormones to be active in physical activities.

And, after that, you will get deep relaxation and a sense of happiness that will make you smoke it again.

While the taste and aroma are common like other strains. A little pine earthy notes with a pungent aroma are the signs you have Trainwreck in your bowl.  

8. Girl Scout Cookies

THC: Around 19% with CBD 1%

Effects: Energizing and uplifting

Aroma and Taste: Sweet

Girl Scout Cookies or GSC is one of the best strains for female arousal. Thanks to its potent genetics and effects.

With around 19% THC and Indica dominant genetics, GSC gives an immense hunger for intimacy.

Crossed with OG Kush and Durban Poison legendary strains, Girl Scout Cookies is something that you will definitely want to use again and again in your bed.

Because of its strong effects. The sense of happiness, hunger, and ultimately stress-free is something that makes users use GSC.

And, to be honest, finding out the original GSC is tough as well.

Though if you are lucky to find out the original GSC then don’t miss out. Try out once while making love, you will feel the difference.

Additionally, you also get medical benefits as well. Symptoms of chronic pain, nausea, and appetite loss can be treated somewhat with the Girl Scout Cookies strain.

So, all in all, you will have a great time with your special one with this powerful cannabis strain.

9. Atomic Northern Lights

THC: 18%

Effects: Happy and aroused

Aroma and Taste: Earthy sweet

To make your girl flirt with you, Atomic Northern Lights can help.

Those who have tried Northern Lights know the capabilities of this strain. Not to mention it is one of the multiple times Cannabis Cup winner strains.

With an intense THC level of 18% and CBD of 5%, Atomic Northern Lights is the perfect combination of cannabinoids.

Expect an uplifting and mind-bending sensation once you inhale Atomic Northern Lights. While the boost in libido will make you have a deep conversation with your partner.

That will ultimately lead to a better experience in the bed.

Atomic Northern Lights have a pungent and sweet mouth-watering taste with an intense aroma. Thanks to the enriched terpene profile.

Therefore, from powerful effects to appealing taste with aroma, this strain has got everything for you. In a nutshell, lovers who want to take their game to next level can consider this powerful strain.

10. Alice in Wonderland

THC: Around 16%

Effects: Powerful euphoria and energizing

Aroma and Taste: Earthy and citrusy

Alice in Wonderland is one of the most preferred cannabis strains for sex. Because it boosts the libido and makes females crave intimacy.

That is why considering the potency of this strain, a limited starting dose is recommended. Especially for beginner smokers.

Because intense hits of this strain can also lead to sleepiness, which can also ruin your love-making experience.

Further, 16% THC with a good terpene profile makes this strain ideal to have during the night. Because this is when you want to be relaxed and experience deep pleasure after a tiring day.

And, for that, Alice in Wonderland works as a catalyst.

Thanks to its overall impressive strain profile.

Apart from this, you will get an earthy taste with Alice in Wonderland because of Myrcene terpene dominance.

While this strain can also help reduce anxiety, stress, and depression as well.

Therefore, consider this strain for a night to not forget!

Final Words

Finally, you know what are the best strains for female arousal. Hopefully, now, you can experience a better love-making time with your partner.

Although if you ask our recommendation then you can start with Mimosa or Grand Daddy Purple. Both strains will make sure you have a better sexual experience.


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