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How much do you love Cannabis?

Well, that’s the question of heterogeneous answers, depending upon an individual’s need and desire.

There are numerous varieties of marijuana seeds, probably in thousands, if considered each strain from various seed banks.

As you already know that the Sativa and Indica are two of the most well-known Cannabis strain assortments.

We found Sativa is one of the best strains.

Here in this post, you are going to traverse through a comprehensive list of the Best Sativa Strains of 2022.

Best Sativa Strains Review

As cannabis cultivators continue to grow several strains, here we have introduced some of the most demanded marijuana strains. Whether you’re looking for uplifting effects or therapeutic benefits, you’ll explore all the necessary details from this review article of our hand-picked Sativa strains. Let’s thoroughly explore each specimen in a detailed list of the following Top 30 Best Sativa Strains.

#1 – Amnesia Haze

The origins of Amnesia Haze are Thailand, Hawaii, Jamaica, South Asia, and Afghanistan. It’s a cannabis cup winning Sativa strain, which is highly preferred in the Netherlands. The parentage of this most exceptional Sativa strain is enormous. 

It will be tough for you to grow this cannabis strain if you are a novice. The strain needs a great deal of pure sunshine and a warm environment.

If you live in a location where there is a climate pattern like the Mediterranean with a lot of sunny climate and warmth, you should grow it outdoor.

It needs temperatures between 72 to 80 degrees to prosper well. Likewise, you must be extremely careful about pests too when growing them.

If you grow it inside, then you can control many environmental factors. 

It will make it comfortable and easier to grow Amnesia Haze. When it’s ready, its plant can grow up to 4 feet. So, ensure you have an appropriate height in your space.

It takes nearly 10 to 12 weeks to grow and start budding ultimately. A totally outside grown cannabis plant will provide 25 ounces of buds per plant. If you plant it indoors, you may collect 21 ounces of buds per square meter.

Smell, Taste, and Effect

It offers lemon and citrus tastes to the users. The feeling of the strain will evoke of lemony sweet taste. Amnesia Haze contrives 21% of THC content in it. It indicates that you will get a long-lasting blissful high. It will undoubtedly provide an exhilarating feeling while smoking.

If you need an imaginative mindset, then take a couple of puffs of this marijuana, and you will be filled with energy and interest to work. Other results of this strain consist of uplifting support.

Below you can check out all the strains which create this strain:
Thai Sativa, Cambodian Sativa, South Asian Indica, Haze Sativa, Jamaican Sativa, Amnesia Haze Indica, Hawaiian Sativa

Amnesia Haze Strain Specification:

  • Seedbank: ILGM
  • Sex: Feminized
  • Pack Size: 5, 10, and 20 strains
  • Variety: Sativa
  • Strain Genetics: See above
  • Flowering Type: Photoperiod
  • Difficulty: Moderate to expert
  • Flowering Time: 10 to 12 weeks
  • Where to Grow: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Medical Benefits: Fatigue, Stress, Pain and Low mood
  • Flavor: Citrus, Sweet, Earthy, and Lemon
  • Effect: Happy, Uplifted, Energetic, Creative, and Happy
  • Plant Height: Tall
  • THC Content: 21%
  • CBD Content: <1%
  • Yield: 21 to 25 oz/3 ft²
  • Outdoor Harvest: Fall

#2 – Bruce Banner

The ILGM seed bank has created this strain in its laboratories. Do you know who Bruce Banner is? You certainly hear about the hulk! Yeah, that’s right.

As the hulk crashes stuff, this strain will fill you with a charge of joy after smoking it. This 80% Sativa strain is obtained by breeding OG Kush with Strawberry Diesel. Bruce Banner has won many awards for its strain excellence. Bruce Banner is one of the most popular strains made by ILGM.

It can supply you with enormous yields and excellent potency. Growing this best Sativa marijuana plant is comfortable in both indoors and outdoors setting.

Although individuals who are planning to grow it outdoors should know that this plant has an overpowering smell, so, if you do not desire people to know, then it is better to stick indoors.

When grown in a controlled indoor atmosphere, it will be ready for harvesting in merely 8 to 9 weeks. You may receive up to 14 ounces of buds per square meter of your plantation.

When growing this strain indoors, make sure you have sufficient vertical space. It can rise to 4.5 feet high.

Outdoors, this strain will provide a yield of 17 ounces per plant. Nevertheless, the height of the plant outdoors will shoot up to 10 feet.

You can harvest the outdoor plant in October. If you love smoking, this strain is going to be extreme. It will induce supreme happiness inside you. The opening of the impacts will be a blended sensation of joy and euphoria, but then gradually, it will become energetic enjoyment.

Smell, Taste, and Effect

The potent smell of this strain will look like fruits and diesel. Anybody around you will undoubtedly observe the fragrance in a split second.

The taste of this strain is like diesel tones at first and fruity aftertastes. You will likewise detect a sweet strawberry taste in the mouth. Clinically, Bruce Banner will assist you in enhancing your mood. It will also eliminate strain and tension from both body and mind.

Individuals who smoke it report being anxiety-free after a long time, it will likewise assist you with your eating disorders. You are going to like smoking this strain all day. Whenever you smoke it, it gives you happiness and relaxation. The THC level on this monster is 29%, so be mindful of the dosage.

Bruce Banner Strain Specification:

  • Seedbank: ILGM
  • Sex: Feminized
  • Pack Size: 5, 10, 20 strains
  • Variety: Sativa
  • Flowering Time: 8 to 9 weeks
  • Where to Grow: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Genetics: Strawberry diesel + OG kush
  • Flowering Type: Photoperiod
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Medical Conditions: pain, depression, and eating disorders
  • Flavor: Pungent, Strawberry, Fruity, Diesel, and Earthy
  • Effect: Euphoric, Happy, Energetic, and Relaxed
  • Plant Height: Tall
  • Outdoor Harvest: October
  • THC Content: 29%
  • CBD Content: <1%
  • Yield: 14 to 19 oz/3 SqFt

#3 – Pineapple Haze

Pineapple Haze Sativa strain has no accurate parentage of elements. According to some people, it has Haze Sativa strain and Pineapple Hybrid. Nevertheless, there are also reports that it was made by breeding Hawaiian with trainwreck strain. However, it tastes similar to pineapples.

Growing this strain is not extremely hard, you have to take care of a couple of things, and anyone will have the ability to produce it by themselves.

It will be excellent to grow it indoors if you desire the most exceptional results. Although, if you have Mediterranean sunny weather conditions, then you can grow it outdoors.

Grow this plant outside when there are low daylight hours, which will offer the plant more time for greenery. It will produce a healthy plant, and then at the time of blooming, it will provide you with more budding and yield.

When you grow it in soil, it can shoot up to a height of 8 feet. So, ensure you have ample place before planting it. Well grown Pineapple haze marijuana tree will have an extraordinarily solid and thick forest-like color. It will have buds formed like a spade with light amber colored hair on them.

You will notice much white crystal on the buds once they are prepared to be harvested. The general flowering time of this strain is 10 to 12 weeks, which is quite longer than other strains, but it will surely assist you in getting more buds. You can anticipate a yield of about 250 to 500 grams of weed. 

Smell, Taste, and Effect

As the name recommends, the smell and the taste of this most delicate Sativa strain will be like pineapples. It will likewise smell floral and earthy at the start and, after that, turn into a sweet and hot smell. The after taste of the weed is soft and sweet.

Smoking will provide you a very positive and energetic sensation. It also has body impacts and buzz. Smoking Pineapple haze cannabis will not make you very tired or high. You can easily continue to do your operation in the daytime after smoking it.

The ecstasy, on the other hand, will be intense and lasting. Still, some people recommend taking small dosages at first instead of going overboard. The creative energy produced within you after smoking this weed will help you focus on your work all day. There are no sedative results of this marijuana strain.

Many people use Pineapple haze as a medical marijuana strain. It helps individuals lower anxiety and stress from both their bodies and mind.

Smoke before any celebration, and you will see that your anxiety levels are going to go down, and you will be relaxed. It can also help individuals who have headaches, fatigue, or nausea. Other medical effects include eating ailments, migraines, and chronic pain. 

#4 – Sour Diesel

This strain originated in the 90s in California. It is one of the finest Sativa strains out there you can get in 2022 if you are looking for a hybrid. Some people state that this strain is the mixture of Chemdawg 91 and Super skunk.

This strain will thrive anywhere where there is sufficient sunlight. It requires warm weather. Still, if you wish to grow it outdoors, ensure you use ideal plant guards. Also, don’t forget to keep the humidity low.

If you are preparing to grow this strain outdoors, then you may wish to drop that concept as it is going to be hard. This strain is exceptionally prone to get attacked by grainy mildew.

It’s comfortable to grow it indoors. You will need a dry room and excellent lights. It may take nearly ten weeks to develop and produce buds.

The plant can be significant in size, so make sure you have adequate area before growing it. If you look after the plant and give it appropriate fertilizers and nutrients, you may obtain a yield of around 16 ounces per 3 SqFt.

Smell, Taste, and Effect

If you enjoy cannabis strain, which offers you an energy boost and makes you alert, then this is it. This best Sativa marijuana strain is best for home relaxation.

As quickly as you smoke it, you will get a rush of euphoric sensation and happiness. We can say that it’s a fast-acting strain that will last long.

For medical advantages, this strain is capable of being called medical marijuana strain. If you have work stress, smoking this strain from time to time will certainly help. It will likewise get rid of anxiety and persistent pain within you.

People who discover it challenging to cause cravings are going to go on an eating spree after smoking this marijuana strain.

As the name recommends, the strain is going to be smelling like diesel. The more you feel it, the more flavors it is going to show you.
It also smells like lemon and herbs.

When you begin smoking it, initially, it will give you a citrus taste in your mouth, and then gradually, it will turn into sweets of pineapple and papaya.

#5 – Laughing Buddha

It’s introduced by Barney’s Farm that integrates the genes of 2 tropical Sativa strains. One is Jamaican, and the other is Thai. This heady Sativa is beneficial for the delighted, peaceful effects that its buds produce. It has as high as 22% THC content.

It’s easy to grow and has mold-resistant properties. It is a vigorous short growing Sativa strain that takes a little bit longer to mature at approximately 11 weeks flowering. Outside growers can expect to harvest by late-October.

Smell, Taste, and Effect

Due to the weight of the giant colas that form, the branches will require support throughout the last three weeks of flowering. An excellent resin material covers the dense silvery buds.

It weighs out perfectly and contrives tropical fruit flavors with a sweet fragrance. The effects provide a clear-headed rush of energy. Laughing Buddha is among Barney’s majority of aromatic ranges.

#6 – Maui Wowie

The Maui Wowie strain was first available in the 60s. It is a mix of South Asian and Hawaiian strains, both of which have their own attributes traits.

This strain requires 9 to 10 weeks to grow and provide you with buds. You can anticipate getting a yield of 14 to 17 oz per square foot of your plantation location once harvesting has begun.

The plant will require a tropical climate to grow. Maui Wowie strain enjoys fresh air and fertile soil, so make sure you have outstanding nutrients and fertilizer on hand before beginning to grow this plant at your backdoor.

You can achieve 16 oz per plant harvest if you grow it outdoors. When you open the seed packet, you will observe a potent smell of citrus and sweet flavor. You may also notice its earthy fragrance.

Smell, Taste, and Effect

The total taste after smoking it looks like pineapples. As soon as you have stopped smoking, the pineapple taste will remain around in your mouth for quite a long time. The effects of this best Sativa strains consist of joy and state of mind elevation.

Smoking this strain will immediately provide energy and a euphoric experience. If you are feeling down, it has the power to uplift your state of mind and make you relaxed.

As this strain has strong THC content, excessive smoking can trigger dizziness or paranoia. Take it in a limited quantity and see how it impacts your mood and physical activity. You will feel a little bit of cottonmouth after smoking it, so keep those liquids nearby.

People smoke Maui Wowie to get aid with their headaches and to relax. This strain can also cause hunger inside you and get your eating disorders sorted.

Smoking this strain will assist with that, too, if you have any pain or stress in mind or body. A few puffs of this weed can fill you with focus and energy.

Individuals tell that they feel like relaxing on a tropical beach after smoking this weed of the finest Sativa strains. You should certainly give it a try.

7 – Orange Bud Auto-flowering

Dutch enthusiasm breeders make the auto-flowering version of the orange bud. They used Auto daiquiri lime strain and Orange bud to create this strain.

A lot of people want auto-flowering marijuana strain strains as they do not need to worry about lighting or sunlight timings.

If you are among them, well, this is your chance to get your hands on a stunning auto-flowering marijuana strain.

It is a mainly Sativa strain that is going to give you a considerable amount of harvests. You may get up to 14 ounces of buds per square meter if you grow it indoors.

You can get nearly the same amount of yields if you grow it outdoors. The buds on this cannabis plant are going to be of high-quality. You will undoubtedly notice THC crystals on it.

Smell, Taste, and Effect

Orange bud tastes like orange when smoked. It will provide a mix of skunky taste along with citrusy orange flavor.

The breeders have blended this strain for 12 generations. So, you can presume the information that went into this process. They make sure that the THC content remains high. Breeders also took care of the bud quality and its effects. Orange bud is one of the most excellent strains from Dutch passion.

To grow this strain, you may need approximately 10 to 11 weeks, and then it will begin flowering. As soon as the buds are ready, they are going to smell extremely skunky and earthy. The buds will smell like citrus.

8 – AK-47

Unlike its name, which may point towards raw power and aggressiveness, this Ak-47 Top Sativa strain is very slow going and mellow.

It has a combination of 65% Sativa genes and 35% Indica genes. It will assist you during social depression times. It will offer you a steady buzz and will make you high for an extended period.

These Strains are feminized, so you won’t need to fret about male plants at all. Growing AK-47 Sativa strain is relatively easy if you utilize hydroponics and soil. You may notice that it starts flowering within 60 days.

If you are a novice, then it is recommended that you grow this cannabis strain indoors. If you are an expert Cannabis seeds grower, you can grow it outdoors without any fuss.

Being sensitive to mold and decaying, we would extremely advise everyone to stick indoors when growing it.

The very best precaution to prevent problems is to have sufficient ventilation together with low humidity. This plant loves fresh air.

This strain is a delightful kind of strain, so as quickly as you begin smoking it, it will induce joy inside you. You will also feel relaxed, euphoric, and energetic after smoking this strain.

Ak-47 cannabis Strains will give you weed worth 20% of THC, which will undoubtedly make you high for a long time. But don’t fret, keep it in an adequate dose, and you won’t be couch-locked.

Smell, Taste, and Effect

The smell of the weed will be strong and extremely earthy. At a time, you are going to observe different sorts of smells coming out of this marijuana strain.

Ak-47 strain tastes sour. However, depending upon many different conditions, the taste differs. You might also notice the floral, sweet flavor.

As a medical marijuana strain, these best Sativa strains will surely cure your disorders. It can help individuals suffering from queasiness and eating problems.

It contains a relaxant that provides much sensation without making you go to sleep. It has won many different awards all over the world, and because of that, many individuals like this strain.

It is also among the most excellent THC cannabis strains in the world. The breeders made Ak-47 by blending and reproducing Afghani Indica, Thai Sativa, Mexican Sativa, and South American Sativa.

It is made with many parent’s seeds, which makes it an extraordinary strain on the categories of Cannabis.

#9 – Durban Poison

It is it if you are looking for pure Sativa! Durban Poison is the very best African marijuana on the planet. It is 100% Sativa and extremely popular among Cannabis users.

If you want to achieve the highest yields, you ought to plant this cannabis strain outdoors. You will require a lot of sun and warm temperature levels for it to thrive. The strain is naturally resistant to insects and molds, so you won’t need to fret about it a lot. The plant will provide yields in nearly nine weeks. Outside plating will give you a massive 16 ounces per plant.

An American marijuana activist discovered it in the 70s and brought it to the USA. Smokers believe that consuming Durban poison will improve the state of mind within a couple of puffs. You will forget the early morning caffeine after smoking his Cannabis every early morning.

Smell, Taste, and Effect

It will likewise kill all the fatigue inside you and make you energetic. Furthermore, people who are combating eating disorders are going to gain from this strain as it induces ‘munchies’ after smoking.

It will provide you a sturdy metal high, which will be motivating you to do work all day long. Individuals get imaginative ideas after smoking it before brainstorming time.

Smoking it while traveling will help you enhance your interest and brings you fresh thoughts if you are a person who likes doing outdoor activities.

The odor that comes out of this weed is quite strong. It will smell very pungent, in addition to hints of spice and sweet taste. Durban Poison is considered one of the best medicinal Cannabis. It is incredibly well-known among medical marijuana users.

Smoking just one joint of this Cannabis will raise your state of mind and make you delighted. It is going to remove the stress and anxiety and tension from your mind.

Your mouth will get a delicious piney flavor when you start smoking Durban Poison marijuana. It will also have sweet and organic undertones to it.
The after taste of the strain will have plenty of sweet and citrus flavors.

#10 – Sativa Star

This strain is almost a pure Sativa strain. It is 90% Sativa and just 10% Indica. You can expect all of the Sativa qualities to be present in this cannabis strain.

The flowering time of this marijuana strain can reach up to 14 weeks, which is somewhat longer than any other strain.

Due to the longer flowering time, you can expect to get vast quantities of harvest. The strain may provide you a yield of 350 grams if you grow it indoors. And it gives a yield of 600 grams when grown outdoors.

The plant has an extremely high height. If you plan to grow it outdoors or indoors, you need to ensure a sufficient vertical height.

Smell, Taste, and Effect

It will contrive thin and long leaves with a light green color. In general, the THC quantity in the strain has to do with 22.6%, which is enough to provide you an energetic high.

You will feel like falling under a creative loop, and also feel energetic while smoking it. It will also raise your mood and make you pleased. Clinically, this strain has helped lots of individuals to remove their depression and stress, and anxiety.

#11 – Green Crack

It is a widely known American cannabis strain bred from a 1989 SSSC Skunk and an isolated Afghani cut. This high energy Sativa dominant strain is a favorite of West Coast outside growers.

It’s effortless to grow a plant that adjusts well to nearly all climates. It becomes a large tree formation that can be managed indoors with a short veg cycle and training strategies.

Huge soda pops that produce high yields exceeding 500 g/m2 indoors and over 3 kilos per plant outdoors. Surfaces fast. High mold resistance.

It has lime green, fragrant rock tight buds with unique fruit and skunky flavors. Green Crack offers a stimulating, energetic Sativa high.
An excellent strain for guerrilla growing.

#12 – Purple Haze

This strain is prevalent for its high effect. It is pleasing that the legend Jimi Hendrix indeed composed a song on it.

Let’s talk about making use of the Purple haze cannabis strain as medication.
This strain can assist individuals with eliminating the effects of chronic diseases. It also helps with mood swings. As it has high CBD and THC, it will have a long-lasting impact on smokers. If you even take one puff of it, you may notice that it will profoundly assist you in combating stress and anxiety. It is among the best relaxing marijuana strains on the market.

Aside from that, this strain can likewise assist you to cause and sleep appetite. While smelling, you will get the tastes of rich earth and a bit of blueberry flavor. It is somewhat unusual when it pertains to fragrance.

The taste of the weed feels like the exotic immaculate taste and a lot of grape flavor. The feeling of the Purple haze cannabis will stick in your mouth even after you have stopped smoking it.

As this strain has high THC, you must be ready to feel the high from your first joint. It will cause a favorable and happy sensation inside you. Relaxation and feeling boosted are also significant effects of this marijuana.

Smell, Taste, and Effect

Although if you smoke this weed in a high dose, then you can feel dizziness, dry mouth, and a bit of paranoia. Take it gradually and develop it up, and it will last for hours.

The long-lasting stimulant high is the reason individuals like this strain.
You can anticipate a yield of about 19 ounces per 3 square feet of plantation location if you are planning to grow this cannabis indoors.

The best time to harvest outside plants remains in October. Outdoors, you don’t have to stress over bugs and illness as this finest Sativa strains have high resistance for it. You will need a great deal of sun and heat to grow it outdoors.

If you are searching to find the moms and dad of this strain, then you might not discover a precise answer. There is no concrete reality about the origin of this strain.

#13 – NYC Diesel

NYC Diesel marijuana strain includes 0.2% of CBD in it. Along with the high THC, this CBD assists plenty of people with their psychological and physical diseases.

Soma Sacred strains made NYC Diesel marijuana strain. They mixed the Mexica strain and Afghani strain to produce this tasty strain.
You can grow outdoors or indoors. However, you will need warm and dry weather to plant it outdoors.

Smoking may assist you with nausea and other ailments. It makes you hungry after smoking it. NYC diesel can highlight the happiness and imagination within you from the first use only. It can likewise help individuals who are struggling with anxiety and anxiety.

If you grow it indoors, ensure you have correct nutrients and fertilizers on hand to help the plant thrive. The quantity of time the plant will require to flower is in between 9 to 11 weeks. Indoors, this plant can produce 14 ounces of awesome buds per square meter of planting location. It gives a yield of 12 ounces per plant if you grow it outdoors.

Smell, Taste, and Effect

The dominant smell is likewise among the factors we like this strain. The taste of the weed will look like tasty citrus fruits. It is sour and has a pungent taste.
If you love the lime flavor, then this is an excellent strain to try out.

The CBD is also great for healing inflammation and chronic discomforts. Other medical benefits include the elimination of laziness. The smell of this strain offers lime and grapefruit tastes. It also has a distinct diesel smell.

You will become extraordinarily talkative and a social person after consuming this weed. It increases your state of mind and wipes out stress and anxiety.

It generates lots of energy inside you so that you can move on with your work after. The clear-headed high will not make you sluggish or couch-locked in any way. You are going to like the blissful cerebral experience.

#14 – Buddha Haze

The origin of this strain is the combination of Amnesia haze and Manga rosa strains.
It is simple to grow the Sativa plant, which will provide you the complete fulfillment of growing cannabis by yourself. You will require to ready up on how to grow marijuana, and you will be ready to try it with this cannabis strain.

If you plan to grow it outdoors, you need to know that this plant can rise to 6.5 feet. It requires a Mediterranean climate to develop appropriately. This strain will quickly grow outdoors if you have adequate sunlight in the daytime.

When growing inside your house, the plant will take about 11 weeks to flower. It can give you as much as 10 to 14 ounces of buds per square meter. Along with that, it provides nearly 14 ounces of buds per plant when you grow it outside.

Smell, Taste, and Effect

Smoking this strain will provide you rest from stress and pain in your body. It is an expert at eliminating tension and anxiety. Individuals suffering from stressful conditions are also going to benefit from this Sativa strain.

As this strain includes high THC, we would recommend all beginners to go slow when smoking it for the very first time. If you go above your limitation, you can get paranoia. The effects of smoking this strain include joy, giggles, and a high blissful feeling.

Plenty of people experience tiredness after a long working day. All such individuals can smoke it to get an energetic high and relax.

The smell of this strain will evoke mango flavors. It has a sweet and pungent odor, which is pleasant. You will feel like you are resting on a tropical island after smelling this marijuana. The taste of this cannabis is a mixture of fuel and tea. It likewise has an aftertaste of sweet and spice flavors.

#15 – Super Silver Haze

Greenhouse strains created this Sativa marijuana strain. The breeders blended northern lights Indica, Skunk no.1 hybrid, and Haze Sativa to achieve this strain. All these parent plants are popular and have distinct qualities.

Super silver haze will provide you a delightful and enjoyable mood after smoking it. It will assist you to eliminate stress, depression, stress and anxiety, and tension. Just a couple of puffs of this most exceptional Sativa will make you happy.

As this strain includes medium levels of THC in it, you can smoke this cannabis in the daytime and be completely practical throughout the day.
If you are feeling low, smoking this strain will remove your fatigue and fill you up with energy.

Smell, Taste, and Effect

When feeling low and worn out, the smell of the Super silver haze marijuana strain is an excellent method to wake yourself up. When you start smoking, you may notice the taste of spices and herbs. It also has a light citrus flavor.

The after taste of this strain will render a lemonish feeling in your mouth for a very long time. It is one of the best Sativa strains to buy if you are looking for creativity, energy, and relaxation. As soon as you purchase the strains, it will only take about nine weeks for the plant to flower and give you fantastic yields.

If you grow it gently, you may achieve around 19 oz of yield per 3 square feet. You won’t need to worry about the smallest of things when growing this strain, as it is among the most uncomplicated cannabis strains to develop. All newcomers can grow it indoors by using hydroponics or soil.

#16 – Blue Dream

Blue Dream cannabis strain is for medical use. As it contrives CBD in it, it will help individuals a lot with their ailments. Quite a great deal of individuals all over the world use Blue Dream marijuana strain to eliminate their headaches, migraines, and menstrual cramps.

It can take around 9 to 10 weeks to flower and will provide you a whopping amount of buds too. When grown with care, it can contribute a yield of 21 ounces of cannabis buds per 1 square meter. 

Remember, the height can rise to 47 to 67 inches in the air. So, ensure you have adequate area before growing. It’s a sweet plant, so expect the bug to assault your plant. Buy excellent plant protectors to fend off all sorts of pests and germs.

Breeders in California made this strain by blending Blueberry Indica with a Super silver haze. It is among the best daytime marijuana strains.

Smell, Taste, and Effect

It can also give you a remedy for swelling and persistent diseases. Smoking may not make you lazy. However, this strain can likewise battle stress and depression.

The cannabis smells a lot like fresh blueberries. Moreover, it contrives undertones of mango smell and sweet vanilla flavors. It is thoroughly one of the most astonishing smelling marijuana strains on the planet.

If you enjoy blueberries, then this is the ideal strain for you.

The taste, on the other hand, has tips of berry jam, spice, and herbs. As quickly as you take the very first hit of the joint, you will see a burst of berry flavors in your mouth.

As it has a high level of THC, it will strike you highly and will provide a mind-altering experience. Individuals who are after substantial euphoric marijuana experience may like this strain. 

Individuals take pleasure while smoking this marijuana strain. We also enjoy the fact that this strain can give a great deal of imagination to your mind; it is the best marijuana for smoking before brainstorming. 

#17 – Trainwreck Hybrid

The name of this strain originated from the 70s legend. Then, a lot of individuals had to uplift their marijuana plants. The actual parents of this strain were Thai Sativa, Mexican Sativa, and Afghani Indica.

When you grow this cannabis plant, you will observe that it has big strong roots and thick stalks. All the novices will enjoy this strain as it does not require a lot of maintenance, although one thing you expect to be knowledgeable about is that this strain can grow up to 7 feet in the air.

Make sure you have sufficient space in terms of height and width to grow the Trainwreck cannabis strain. You can cut the plant from sides to prevent it from getting too large.

You can plant it outdoors if you have got bright weather. Nevertheless, we would recommend you grow it indoors because that way, you will have the ability to manage the majority of the environmental factors.

Within 8 to 10 weeks, your cannabis plant is going to be ready for collecting. You can obtain a yield of 18 ounces per square meter if you are growing it inside.

Furthermore, if the plant is grown outdoors, then anticipate a harvest of 25 ounces per plant in October or mid-November. As this strain is a mixture of Indica and Sativa, you will get to experience a little bit of both.

Smell, Taste, and Effect

When you smoke it, you may experience a rush of bliss and relaxation. It has cerebral sound effects, which make you pleased and uplifted.

Merely a couple of drags of Trainwreck marijuana, and you will be wrapped inside a warm, relaxing, and happy state of mind. It is a compelling marijuana plant, so keep it low at the starting to see how it responds in your body.

It is among the best ultimate tension cleaners. Smoking this strain will assist you to eliminate discomfort and will have excellent therapeutic effects. Individuals utilize it to keep mental clearness throughout the day; it helps you focus and eliminate jumbled thoughts.

Individuals enjoy this strain for its dank and wet texture. When you open a pack of buds, the entire space will flourish with the smell of cedar and pine. You can even smell tips of spice and sweetness in the air. The taste of the strain looks like pine flavor. It likewise has a mix of a spicy and earthy taste as well.

#18 – Waikiki Queen Best Feminized

If you are searching for an exceptional strain, then this is an ideal option for you. Waikiki Queen is an extraordinary strain, which is a mix of Hawaiian Sativa and AMS seed bank’s White Queen.

The scent of these strains is likewise really fruity and crispy. If you grow it outdoors, you may attain 1,150gm of harvest per meter square.

The overall height of the plant can rise to 100 inches in the air. If you decide to grow these finest Sativa strains indoors, then you can get up to 700 grams of yield. The plant may rise to 40 inches. You can increase the yields by around 30% by utilizing proper fertilizers.

Smell, Taste, and Effect

AMS seed bank developed this excellent cannabis strain, particularly for those individuals who are looking to get a very intense high from weed.

This strain gives you a new freshness while smoking.

When you first begin smoking Waikiki Queen, you will feel the regular Sativa high as you would make with any marijuana strain. After a while, this high effect will turn into a beautiful Hawaiian mind breeze.

It is an experience which you need not miss at all! Cannabis has a fresh and new taste, which will impress you on the first hit. You may get the taste like sugary fruits while smoking

#19 – Hulkberry

Hulkberry is one of the dominant strains of Sativa. It is not for beginners, so only experienced consumers should use it. Or, a beginner can ask for help before using it.

With a very high 27% THC material, its Colorado-bred genes result from a mixture of OG Kush, Strawberry Cough, NYC Diesel, and Chem Dawg DNA. Thus, it lands firmly in the Sativa category while sporting a tint of Indica.

The earthy root tastes like the luscious fruit, delivering a creative high. Its explosive and short growth duration yields are much appreciated. Of all the strains on the slate, this strain won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2014.

#20 – Strawberry Cough

No one understands from where and from that moms and dads this strain came. But the majority of people think that it originated from the Haze strain. You can grow it in a strawberry field, which gave it a sweet taste and strawberry aroma.

Strawberry cough is among the most sought-after cannabis strains all over the world. Due to its sweet taste, it is famous across the globe.

It is simple and easy to grow this strain by yourself. If a newbie wants to begin with their first strain, then this is a perfect strain.

It will grow short and bushy. You will not need to do plenty of maintenance, and it will not even need a numerous vertical height too.

Although to keep things clean and airy, you might want to do some trimming from time to time to remove unneeded foliage.

While grown indoors, this plant will flower in about 9 to 10 weeks times. It can give you harvesting of 14 ounces per three square feet of your growing area.

Outdoors, the plant will be ready in October and will offer you a similar quantity of yields. Smoking this strain will provide you with a slow-moving high in your body and mind. 

Smell, Taste, and Effect

This strain smells like fresh strawberries. The pleasant aroma of this strain is among the factors individuals love it. The aroma of this strain will remain in the air for an extended period.

You can smoke it and still be productive and extremely functional. Besides, the euphoric high will calmly affect you after smoking. You will get energized and relaxed altogether.

As the name indicates, you may cough a bit when smoking this strain. You will obtain tingling experiences in your throat when you breathe in the smoke, which will make you cough.

Smoking Strawberry cough is a happy experience as it keeps you in happiness even after you have stopped smoking it. When smoking it, the drawback to this cannabis strain is that it will offer you a little bit of cottonmouth. So, keep drinking fluid, and you will be okay.

There are medical advantages of smoking Strawberry cough. You will receive a relaxing nerve experience from it, and you will become calm after smoking.

The feeling of berry is going to fill your taste buds. Along with that, the taste of the strawberry cough resembles a sweet explosion inside your mouth. After you stop smoking it, you will observe a hint of spice and sweet taste on the tongue.

#21 – Power Plant

This strain first comes into the market in 1997 in the Netherlands. It has won lots of awards and prizes up till now. The power plant has won 3rd reward in 206 Lift Expo Canada Vancouver and 2nd reward in the 2016 Prairie medicinal harvesting cup Canada. It has won the Highlife Cup also.

The power plant is a natural and easy plant to grow. If they have a little bit of previous experience, beginners can try to grow this plant. This strain came from Africa, so it likes the weather condition to be bright and warm. If you have hot and dry weather, this plant is going to grow.

This plant takes around 7 to 9 weeks to flower while you grow it indoors. It provides a yield of nearly 18 ounces of buds per three square feet. On the other hand, it gives a yield of 15 ounces per plant when you grow it outside.

Smell, Taste, and Effect

Smoking this strain will provide you pleasure and happiness immediately. As it has a high volume of THC, beginners should consume it gently. It produces strong cerebral effects and will increase your mood. Other effects of the smoking Power plant will make you talkative and extremely social. 

If you are searching for a sweet-tasting strain, then this is not the very best alternative for you. The aroma of this strain is extremely earthy and woody. It will also smell skunky in the beginning. The power plant will taste like spice and pine, with no unique tastes.

The CBD levels on this marijuana strain are medium, which indicates it will have a significant medicinal effect on individuals. If you have seizures, smoking may help a lot in avoiding them.

Power plant marijuana will also get rid of numerous different types of aches and discomforts from your body. Additionally, it can likewise make you starving and assist you with the eating disorder. Some individuals similarly report that they also feel sleepy after smoking the Power plant cannabis strain.

#22 – Jamaican Dream

It is a favorite of growers and restless connoisseurs alike due to its fast flowering, with your yield of fruition in just eight weeks. 

You can rest assured that this seed will generate massive yields, that can reach over 1kg when you grow it outdoors. A stable 90% Sativa, Jamaican Dream originates from Jamaican landrace genetics.

Smell, Taste, and Effect

It tastes like coffee too! Perfect for day use, fast-hitting, and lasting, the Jamaican Dream is ideal for bouts of imagination and focus. 

You will also spot tasting notes of many other tropical enjoyments such as pineapple and citrus, however, with a peppery after kick.

In between 2011 and 2018, this strain swept awards from Slovakia to Spain, consisting of Copa Natura in 2013 and Copa Del Mar and Soft Secrets in 2016. 

#23 – Harlequin

The ILGM breeders make this strain. It has a high amount of CBD to battle numerous physical and psychological diseases. The breeders at ILGM seed bank blended the Nepali Indica, Swiss Sativa, Thai Sativa, and Columbian Gold Sativa to develop this strain. You may not find this strain easily across the globe.

While you are growing this cannabis by yourself, one this to look after is the amount of time you offer the plant to flower. The more time you provide, the more of the CBD is going to deteriorate. Because of that, individuals tend to harvest cannabis early on whenever they grow this plant.

You can grow it with hydroponics or in soil. The strain can stand up to high levels of moisture, and it will be best to grow it in regulated indoor surroundings. You need to take care that the temperatures should be somewhere between 72 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Make sure that you are using proper nutrients and fertilizers to improve the growth of your weed plant. The plant will harvest in around 8 to 9 weeks. You may obtain approximately 14 ounces of harvest per 3 square feet in indoor growing.

Nevertheless, if you have grown the plant outdoors, then you can receive a little bit more harvesting. It provides a yield of 17 ounces of bud per plant when you grow it outdoors. It’s not extremely difficult to grow it for a newbie as the plant is resistant to diseases, molds, insects, and bugs.

Smell, Taste, and Effect

The fragrance of cannabis will resemble herbs. With some weed in your hands, the whole space is going to be smelling like herbs. You will likewise whiff a few earth tones too. Along with that, there are tips for mango scents also.

You may find the taste of this marijuana, similar to the spicy herb. You will taste earthy and piney flavors whenever you burn and smoke it. The aftertaste will leave your mouth feeling like woody and cream. The effects of this strain include mood change and energy. 

Harlequin is likewise efficient in getting rid of most of the anxiety in the user. It removes tension and pain from the body as well. Not matter if you are experiencing joint pains, headaches, or muscle spasms, smoking this best Sativa strain will undoubtedly assist you. Lastly, due to low THC and high CBD, this strain will elevate your mood and make you more positive.

#24 – Super Lemon Haze

Whenever grown indoors, you can get a yield of 28 ounces per square meter of your growing location. You will require about 9 to 10 weeks for this plant to begin flowering buds. Outdoors, this strain can give you a massive 35 ounces of buds per plant in October.

It is perfect for smoking before gatherings, this strain is an excellent method to relax with your buddies. Growing it is even more comfortable as it is naturally resistant to molds and pests. If you grow it indoors in a regulated surrounding, you don’t have to fret about a lot.

This strain includes 0.1% of CBD in it, which, in addition to high THC, will create a lot of medical advantages. Smoking will help you chill out and unwind in your house.

Smell, Taste, and Effect

It is made with Lemon skunk and Super silver haze. So, it smells somewhat like citrus fruits. The fragrance of the strain will look like sour and sweet lemon sweets.

Anyone who has smoked this strain previously will surely recognize the tangy smell in a 2nd. Even after you stop smoking, the surroundings will smell like citrus for many more hours.

When you smoke it, you may feel like getting some energy inside you, and it will definitely raise your mood. A lot of individuals have problems with eating on time. They don’t acquire starving at all, so for those people, smoking extremely lemon Haze will be convenient.

If you wish to get up and do a few operate in your office or home, then smoking this strain in advance will help you a lot in focusing on your work. It will likewise help bring the imagination within you.

The strain will cause cravings in you, and you will get a severe case of ‘munchies.’ It has the power to eliminate the effects of migraines, depression, nausea, headaches, anxiety, and many other chronic diseases.

It will taste delicious and fruity in your mouth and will remind you of lemonade. The after-taste of smoking the Super Lemon Haze Cannabis strain will have organic and earthy tones to it.

It will spread a spicy and earthy odor all around the space when you burn the weed. The smoke will likewise have a lemony sweet tang taste to it. Like the smell, the feeling of this most delicate Sativa strain will consist of lemon flavor.

#25 – Amnesia Auto-flowering

The plant is going to mature to be short in height. It will have a lot of branches with a lot of long leaves on them. Amnesia Sativa plants will have lots of budding websites.

It will draw from 10 to 12 weeks for the plant to be ready for collecting. It is among the most psychoactive cannabis all over the world.

To increase the yields, you can utilize hydroponics and good LED lights.

When growing Amnesia, you do not have to fret about insects, molds, and bugs as this strain is natural resistive to all those stuff. 

Smell, Taste, and Effect

It is prevalent across the globe. If you are trying to find an Autoflowering Sativa marijuana strain to grow, then this is it! Smoking it may taste like skunk mix and earth.

When you smoke this cannabis, you will get an extremely fast-acting cerebral buzz together with an energetic rush feeling. The effect of this cannabis rushes very quickly and enormously. 

That’s the primary reason for individuals who are smoking marijuana for the first time. They should be cautious while consuming it. You may begin with a nominal dose and observe how you respond to it.

#26 – LSD Cannabis Strain

Some breeders in the Netherlands developed this strain by blending the Mazar strain with the Skunk primary strain. The result was a strain that provided ecstasy the like LSD, so then they called it LSD strain.

Are you searching for a high THC marijuana strain? This LSD marijuana is loaded with 24% THC. As this strain has a high THC quantity, it is a beneficial medical cannabis plant. Smoking may assist with a lot of psychological and physical disorders.

All of this makes LSD strain among the most natural marijuana plants to grow for newbies. If you grow it outdoors, you can obtain yields of 18 ounces per plant. It provides yields of nearly 21 ounces per square meter if you grow it indoors.

It’s not very difficult to grow LSD cannabis plants. You will require to look out for the right amount of sunlight and heat. The strain is naturally resistant to parasites and bugs, and you will likewise need to do nearly no maintenance on the plant.

Smell, Taste, and Effect

At the time of opening LSD buds, you may experience a room full of pleasant smells. It smells like fresh flowers. While smoking, you may enjoy the skunky sweet taste. Also, you will enjoy an earthy taste with sweet and skunky flavor.

Individuals who have chronic stress and stress and anxiety can smoke it to obtain instant relief. It will clear your mind and will assist you to remain relaxed.

Smoking this strain offers you an instantaneous psychological high, which will stimulate joy inside you. It is a soothing therapeutic experience. A lot of individuals who operate in imaginative fields smoke it ahead of time to raise the imagination and focus within themselves.

This marijuana will provide you a body high, along with euphoric and Enlighted sensations. Other things this best Sativa strains can assist with are cramps, migraines, muscle convulsions, joint discomforts, and PMS.

Ensure you begin with a minimal dose. If you exaggerate it, this strain is high on THC and will provide you lightheadedness and a dry mouth.

#27 – Franco’s Lemon Cheese

You can grow this strain utilizing the SCROG approach or the LST method. Whenever growing indoors, this strain will take about 9 to 11 weeks to flower and give you buds. Indoors cannabis growing will provide you with around 750 grams of buds per square meter of your plantation area.

One advantage is that all the profit generated from the sales of this strain is going to the kids for academic purposes. This strain has a THC material of 21.6% and CBD content of 0.6%.

The northern hemisphere is an ideal place to grow this strain outdoors. You will need a warmer environment without excessive humidity. Outdoors, this strain in November can give you an enormous harvest of 1000 grams per plant.

Smell, Taste, and Effect

Whenever grown outdoors, this plant will need supporting structure for its branches, or they might break. The smell and taste of the strain look like cheese. It also has a lemony flavor that you can feel.

This strain comes into the light as a tribute to Franco Loja in 2017.

The breeders at Greenhouse Seeds Business blended the Exodus cheese with the Super lemon cheese to produce this exotic cannabis strain.

Smoking gives you a subtle cerebral effect along with a boost of energy. Smoke this strain ahead of time and see your anxiety disappear if you are nervous during social gatherings. It can also assist individuals with discomfort relief and eating conditions.

#28 – G-13 Haze

Another mythological strain, like the AK, G-13, is commonly theorized to be the very first government-engineered strain. 

It may have initially hit the market in the eighties or seventies, however, that original purity might obtain by cross-breeding.

G-13 was initially a pure Indica and residential or commercial properties of the haze strain pair with it. Hence, the uplifting Sativa high combines happily with powerful Indica undertones.

You will get the harvest within ten weeks, and it increases to 30-40 inches. While the majority of G-13 strains are 70-30 Indica/Sativa, Haze flips it completely, and then some with an 80-20 Sativa favored ratio. 

Smell, Taste, and Effect

It presently sits at, amusingly, number 12 on High Times all-time strain list. It resembles tasting a delicious tropical fruit mixed drink laced with invigorating creativity boosters. 

G-13 Haze is a Top Place Cannabis Cup Winner in 2007 and voted the best strain on the marketplace two years running.

#29 – CBD Sour Tangie

You can anticipate obtaining 16 to 20 ounces of buds per square meter of your growing area. You can acquire a massive 24 ounces of harvest per plant if you are growing it outdoors.

Individuals can grow this marijuana strain either indoors or outdoors. They can get 10 feet high, so make sure you have adequate space before plating it. 

Smell, Taste, and Effect

This strain will require 9 to 10 weeks to flower and give you a handful of yield if you grow it indoors. It strongly smells like diesel, which also makes it the world’s best tasting and smelling cannabis strains.

DNA genes breeders made this excellent strain by mixing the Tangie strain with the East coast sour diesel strain. This strain is enjoyed all over the world because of its distinct flavor and high.

As quickly as you take the first drag of this best Sativa strains, you will feel an extraordinary cerebral mental high. You will be able to bring on your work with ease.

Tangie marijuana strain is likewise an outstanding choice for all medicinal marijuana users. It will assist you in eliminating stress from your system and help you with anxiety too. It will assist you in being active and energetic for a couple of hours if you are suffering from tiredness.

#30 – Mother of all Buds (MOAB)

Most people strive for this strain, according to the breeders. There are no rivals of the MOAB strain. It includes whatever you might desire from a cannabis strain. The breeders made this from Hindu Kush, Blueberry 420, Chem Dawg, and Bluedream XTRM.

You can anticipate a harvest of about 19.4 ounces per square meter if you grow it indoors. Outside growth will give you a yield of 31.7 ounces per plant.

The time considered the plant to be all set for the gathering will be in between 9 to 11 weeks, relying on different ecological conditions.

If you are exploring an Autoflowering Sativa strain to grow in your backyard, then this is it! It makes LSD strain an easy plant to grow for newbies. You can grow this strain utilizing the SCROG or the LST approach. 

This strain may produce in around 9 to 11 weeks when you grow it outdoors. If you wish to develop this plant outdoors, then you will need to be in the northern hemisphere.

Smell, Taste, and Effect

Because of all the unique parents, the taste and the flavor of this cannabis are unique. It tastes like both earthy and sweet tastes. You may also experience blueberry and diesel flavor.

As it has a high level of THC, you may obtain a burst of blissful experience. It’s 80% Sativa strain, so you should expect it to fill you up with energy and supply uplifted moods.

It’s a mixture of all the delightful tastes that the very best marijuana offers. Smoking MOAB will resemble bathing in a pool of happiness, joy, and happiness. The THC levels on this cannabis are between 20% and 30%.


Know Your Cannabis Subspecies

Sativa Cannabis StrainSativa strains are the best choice for stoners who want an energetic, motivating, and psychedelic high. These Sativa strains can grow in large plants from seed and produce a high yield, although their flowering times are longer than Indica strains. Sativa plants are usually found in dry and hot climates that have long sunny days. Some of the regions include Southeast Asia, Africa, and Central America. Sativa plants grow thin and nearly 12 feet tall with finger-like leaves. It takes a prolonged time to mature than other varieties of Cannabis.

Indica Cannabis StrainIndica strains are the best choice for medical marijuana users. The reason behind that is the Indica strains are renowned for their strong body-centered effects. It helps in pain relief, anxiety release, sleep and comfort, and relaxation. Moreover, Indica’s short flowering time attracts a large crowd of growers who look for that particular factor before growing.

Hybrid Cannabis StrainHybrid strains are grown to produce unique strains from combinations of parent plants. Hybrids are usually categorized as Sativa-dominant (Sativa-dom), Indica-dominant (or Indica-dom), or balanced. These are grown to achieve particular effects. They are grown on farms or greenhouses from a combination of strains. 


To sum up, we can conclude that Sativa strains can deliver their effectiveness on various levels, and that’s why it’s essential to choose the best Sativa strain as per your preference. The purpose of Sativa strains can be distinguished by — most energetic, creative, psychedelic potent, productive, purity, and landrace strains.

Final Verdict

There are numerous Sativa strains available from various seed banks. We have compiled this list to get you nothing less than the best in the world of Sativa-dominant Cannabis strains.

Below are some of the best and reliable seed banks that we highly recommend to our dear readers to buy their Cannabis seeds.

We hope that you have found your favorite Cannabis strain while you have been reading this article. 

If you come across any question regarding marijuana seeds quality, strain varieties, plantation, places to buy, shipping, or payment, feel free to write us in the comment box. We will gladly respond to any of your queries.

Enjoy choosing your favorite Cannabis strains!

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