7 Best Outdoor Strains for New England to Start Growing

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Growing weed in New England is tricky, so you need to find the best outdoor strains for New England.

Because most of the growers don’t know how the climate will affect weed seeds and how that will affect marijuana growing.

Best Outdoor Strains for New England

Though experienced growers are already growing heavy buds even in that climate. So, why don’t you?

I am about to tell you the world’s finest and best outdoor strains for New England that can make your marijuana growing experience far better than before.

So in this post, we are going to cover what are the best outdoor strains for New England, and which are the reliable seed banks to buy these outdoor strains.


Let’s get started:

Best Outdoor Strains for New England

1. White Widow

2. Blue Cheese

3. Northern Lights

4. Gorilla Glue

5. Sour Diesel

6. Purple Haze

7. Big Buddha Cheese

Reviews of Best Outdoor Strains for New England

1. White Widow

White Widow Marijuana Strain

Strain Type: Indica dominant

THC: Up to 25%

White Widow is one of the best outdoor strains for New England’s climate.

It is a robust strain, which is capable to thrive in different conditions.

Popular from the times of 90s, White Widow is still one of the favorite choices of growers across the globe.

It is due to the potency and growth profile of this beauty!

With up to 25% THC content, it gives you an intense ride of euphoria.

While ultimately, it will make sure you feel a deep relaxation.

Also, it can burst the stress and anxious thoughts in your mind. So, use this strain as your end-day strain to chill with your friends.

Further, the aroma and taste align to the earthy and fruity side.

Doesn’t matter wherever you grow this beauty, it is capable to reward you with ultimate heavy yields.

If grown well in outdoor conditions, you can get up to 900g yield production from this strain.

And, the best part is that it has a short flowering period of just 8 weeks. That allows you to harvest White Widow up to the end of October.


  • One of the most popular strains
  • Highly potent
  • Powerful effects
  • Heavy yield
  • Short flowering time


  • Effects might be overwhelming for novices

White Widow is the perfect strain to kick-start your weed cultivation journey in the climate conditions like New England.

Due to its adaptability, it is capable to give you jaw-dropping results even with less effort.

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2. Blue Cheese

blue cheese marijuana strain

Strain Type: Indica dominant

THC: Up to 20%

Blue Cheese is the strain if you are looking for a faster strain to grow in difficult climate conditions like New England.

It has a very short flowering time of just 49 to 56 days.

And, therefore, it gets instantly ready for the harvest within just a few weeks.

That is why it becomes an ideal strain to grow in tough weather conditions. However, ideally, it should be grown indoors but it can still give you a decent yield outdoors.

The compact plant size makes it fit and grow in different spaces.

While this strain is easy to grow, a beginner cultivator can also make the most out of it.

Also, the mouth-watering taste of berry, blueberry, and cheese will make your experience far better.

And, up to 20% THC will be ready to give you a euphoric rush, and make you fly high.

The initial effects might be slightly hard though ultimately it gives you a deep sense of relaxation, which is just amazing.

That is why people often use this strain to take off their tiredness after a busy day.

While Blue Dream can also be used for different medical symptoms after the physician’s recommendation.


  • Faster strain
  • Very short flowering time
  • Better taste
  • High THC
  • Adaptable to different climates


  • Not impressive yield outdoors

Go with Blue Cheese if taste and fast harvesting time are the priorities for you.

While this strain is capable to thrive in different climates, still, you can achieve your gardening goals faster with it.

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3. Northern Lights

northern light strain

Strain Type: Indica dominant

THC: Up to 23%

Need a perfect strain to grow in New England?

Choose Northern Lights!

This strain is one of the most popular and recommended strains by growers.

It has nearly perfect genetics to thrive anywhere.

While growing it is very easy.

That is why most novice growers start their weed cultivation journey with Northern Lights.

Doesn’t matter wherever you grow this strain, indoors or outdoors, it will give you the results more than you will expect.

With a short flowering time of 7 to 9 weeks, it can produce a decent yield of up to 300g/plant.

While the higher THC content can make you reach cloud nine.

The intense body buzz with a euphoric and energetic rush will make you feel uplifted.

That is why the Northern Lights can even be used to alleviate pain, stress, anxiety, and even depression.

Though taste and aroma are quite common like earthiness with a hint of pine and sweetness.


  • Highly potent strain
  • Perfect for novices
  • Medically beneficial
  • Decent yield
  • Powerful effects


  • A higher dose can be overwhelming for first-timers

Northern Lights has nearly the perfect grow profile, high THC, and medical benefits.

If you are a beginner cultivator then you should not miss this strain.

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4. Gorilla Glue

gorilla glue strain

Strain Type: 50% Indica, 50% Sativa

THC: Up to 26%

Gorilla Glue is the strain for extreme weed lovers.

Those who want to level up their weed experience can grow Gorilla Glue.

It fetches extreme THC levels up to 26%.

The highness caused by Gorilla Glue is extremely intense and therefore, it makes you couch-locked.

While it also helps you alleviate your pain and boosts the mood by uplifting your energy.

The taste of Gorilla Glue is something more like cheesy, earthiness.

While the aroma is pungent.

This strain is perfect to grow indoors or outdoors. That is why it produces a heavy yield if grown in good conditions.

Also, the plant size of Gorilla Glue is generally taller, and therefore, it is perfect for growing outdoors so that it can show its full potential.

While the best part is that, this strain has just 8 weeks of flowering time.

Therefore, you don’t have to wait longer for getting the buds.

And, the cherry on the top is that it is quite an easy strain to grow. So, even a novice grower can also get the desired outputs from it.


  • Extremely potent strain
  • Up to 26% THC
  • 8 weeks of flowering time
  • Heavy yield
  • Intense effects


  • Strictly not for novices or beginner weed users

Gorilla Glue is an award-winning strain developed for weed enthusiasts to level up their journey with marijuana.

And, therefore, if you want to dive deeper into the cannabis world, start growing Gorilla Glue!

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5. Sour Diesel

sour diesel cannabis strain

Strain Type: Sativa dominant

THC: Up to 20%

If you want to have a potent outdoor strain for New England then Sour Diesel is the one.

Slightly dominant to the Sativa side, Sour Diesel has a THC content of up to 20% that perfectly delivers a mild to intense high.

The euphoric rush uplifts your mood and boosts energy to make you happy, relaxed, and ultimately calmed.

Therefore, use Sour Diesel to chill at the weekends.

While the best part is that this strain is easy to grow.

And, even new growers can also make the most out of it. Adaptable to different growing conditions, Sour Diesel can produce immense yield to enjoy for several weeks.

Though it has an average flowering period of just 10 weeks.

Indoor growers can also make this strain beneficial. Thanks to the compact plant size.

However, if grown outdoors in good conditions then Sour Diesel can show its full potential growth.

Further, this strain has a pungent diesel aroma with a taste of herbal lemon and earthiness.

Therefore, you can expect a different taste from the regular weed as well.

And, the bonus part is that Sour Diesel can help alleviate pain, stress, anxiety, and fatigue as well.

So, medical weed enthusiasts will also find Sour Diesel the perfect strain.


  • Potent strain
  • High THC
  • Medically beneficial
  • Different aromas and taste
  • Decent flowering time


  • The yield for indoor growers is average

Sour Diesel is the strain that became popular in the 90s and even now growers go crazy for it.

It is known for its unique aroma and taste with mild potency that attracts every weed lover.

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6. Purple Haze

purple haze marijuana strain

Strain Type: Sativa dominant

THC: Up to 20%

Want to have heavy yield strain?

Don’t miss Purple Haze!

Perfect for the colder climate like New England, Purple Haze is the strain that can make weed rain!

Doesn’t matter wherever you grow it, indoors or outdoors, you will find this strain producing immense yield.

And, on top of that, it possesses a short flowering time of just 9 weeks.

That helps you achieve your gardening goals quickly.

Though don’t get fooled by its heavy yield because it is capable to give you knock-out punches with its effects as well.

The high THC content gives you a high rush of euphoria. That burst the stress from you, boosting your mood, making you happy, and ultimately relaxed.

Some people have also reported a sense of creativity after having Purple Haze.

Further, Purple Haze can also be used to cure anxious thoughts, stress, and fatigue.

That means, it can be the perfect night partner when you just want to listen to your favorite track and chill.

Also, the growing profile for this strain is amazing. As it is an easy strain to grow.

So, beginner cultivators will also find this strain attractive.


  • Easy to grow
  • Heavy yield strain
  • Strong effects
  • High THC
  • Capable to thrive in most climates


  • Effects might be stronger for novices

Purple Haze is the strain for growers who wants to have a bigger yield from their garden without compromising the potency of the strain.

Capable to thrive in most climates, this strain can deliver your desired outputs.

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7. Big Buddha Cheese

big buddha cheese marijuana strain

Strain Type: Indica dominant

THC: Up to 20%

Big Buddha is one of the favorite strains for growers to try out something new. And, also it is UK’s #1 strain among the growers.

It has been known for its cheesy smell that delivers spicy, and taste of earthiness.

While this strain features high THC to give strong, uplifting, and long-lasting effects.

Initially, the rush might feel heavier, however, within time, Big Buddha Cheese will give you ultimate relaxation.

Therefore, you can also use it as your end-day strain to get off from the fatigue.

Known for its pungent cheesy aroma, this strain has a very short flowering time of 7 to 9 weeks. That helps you to finish this strain up to the end of October.

Also, it is an ideal strain to grow outdoors. Because it produces heavy yields of up to 500g/plant.

Don’t worry even if you have beginner cultivation skills, still, this strain will reward you with a beautiful yield that you can enjoy for several weeks.


  • Unique aroma and taste
  • Short flowering time
  • Heavy yield strain
  • High THC
  • Ideal for outdoor cultivation


  • Yield is average if grown indoors

Multiple award and cup winner Big Buddha Cheese is the strain that has the perfect weed features to make you feel the pleasure of the weed world.

From having a unique aroma to producing heavy yield and giving an intense high, it has got everything for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many weed plants can I grow in New England?

If you are an adult the age of 21 and above then you can grow up to six marijuana plants in your home. With a maximum limit of 12 plants per household.

Keep in mind that you have to keep that out of reach for teenagers.

2. Where can I get weed seeds in New England?

There are several seed banks to buy quality weed seeds in New England. However, ILGM, MSNL, and Crop King Seeds are right now the top seed banks in the world.

3. How much cannabis can I possess in New England as of 2022?

We recommend you confirm it with your local authorities.

Outdoor Strains for New England – Final Take

Now, you know the best outdoor strains for New England. Though I have kept my list beginner-friendly so even a novice can also make the most of their garden.

However, it is your turn to show your skills.

Go, and start growing. Have experience on your own.

You can also share your experience with us. We will love to hear you.

Until then, keep growing, keep enjoying!

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