15 Best Hybrid Strains in 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Looking for the best hybrid strains?

If yes, then you are at the perfect place!

Hybrid strains have their own benefits. Whether it is about smoking or growing professionally, you will have a better and more unique experience with it.

Therefore, we bring here the top 15 hybrid marijuana strains of 2022, which will help you choose the perfect strain for yourself.

Let’s get started:

The Best Hybrid Marijuana Strains

1. OG Kush


  • Up to 20% THC
  • A highly potent hybrid strain
  • Most popular
  • Energetic and uplifting effects
  • Medically beneficial

OG Kush is one of the most popular and powerful hybrid strains.

It has been popular among weed lovers since the 90s.

And, due to its high potency, it has helped develop more powerful strains further. Such as Girl Scout Cookies and Headband.

With a high THC level of up to 18%, you can expect couch lock high with a high dose.

Therefore, beginners must start with a small dosage.

Although after an intense hit of euphoria and rush of energy, you can feel the ultimate relaxation in your body.

That is why OG Kush is also helpful in different medical symptoms. Such as stress, anxiety, and pain.

While the enriched terpenes produce an earthy aroma with hints of pine and woodiness. Myrcene is the dominant terpene in OG Kush.

This hybrid weed strain has a great history of being a legendary cannabis strain and therefore, it is one of the best ways to start your journey in the hybrid cannabis world.

2. Blue Dream


  • Potent hybrid strain
  • Up to 20% THC content
  • A unique taste of berries
  • Powerful effects
  • Medically beneficial

Blue Dream is a cross of Blueberry and Haze.

And, it is one of the potent strains like OG Kush. Because it possesses an intense THC level of up to 20%.

Therefore, the effects produced by the Blue Dream are quite intense. It gives you head to toe high with a deep sense of happiness and relaxation.

Though ultimately it will boost your mood and creativity as well.

Although Blue Dream has been a powerful strain, still, it is less likely to make beginner enthusiasts overwhelm.

Further, the flowering time of this strain is also average. You can get the buds ready within 9 weeks.

While it can easily thrive in both indoor and outdoor growing conditions.

Additionally, you also get medical benefits from using the Blue Dream hybrid strain.

It can alleviate anxiety, stress, nausea, chronic pain, and even depression. Therefore, people looking for the medical strain can also choose this hybrid strain.

With Myrcene dominant terpene, expect the aroma and flavor of sweet berries, which is quite mouthwatering.

3. White Widow


  • Around 17% THC
  • One of the most famous hybrid strains
  • Short flowering period
  • Potent effects
  • Medically beneficial strain

If you are looking for a strain to enjoy daytime look no further than White Widow.

Because even though it possesses a high THC level but the effects of White Widow are relaxing and calming.

However, initially, it gives you a powerful hit of euphoria but as time goes on, you will feel a sense of relaxation and creativity in your mind.

With that said, White Widow becomes the perfect hybrid cannabis strain that can be used even in the daytime. When you don’t expect such high to be couch-locked and want to relax after a heavy workload.

Further, White Widow delivers a pungent aroma with earthiness and woodiness. Thanks to dominant Myrcene terpene.

Moreover, this hybrid strain can help reduce anxious thoughts in your mind while cutting the stress off.

It can also alleviate pain as well.

Summing up, White Widow is a cross of Brazilian Sativa landrace with South Indian Indica, and this hybrid strain has also helped developing more potent strain further due to its capability.

Therefore, if you are in search of a balanced yet powerful strain to enjoy daytime, choose White Widow.

4. AK 47


  • Up to 20% THC
  • Gentle buzz effects
  • Short flowering time
  • Decent yield
  • Award-winning hybrid strain

AK-47 is the perfect hybrid strain if you want to be felt uplifted.

This hybrid strain fetches up to 20% THC from the parent strains of American Sativa and Afghani Indica.

Still, the body buzz you will be getting from this will be quite gentle and it will also boost your mood too.

And, the best part is that due to its powerful and unique cannabinoid profile, it has won 16 awards. Isn’t it amazing?

Well, yes!

This hybrid strain was introduced to the marijuana world during the 90s but even in 2022, it has the same popularity among who knows what it can do for them!

Though AK-47 also helps in reducing anxiety and stress. So, medical patients can also use this.

Further, the short flowering period of AK-47 will allow you to harvest buds in October. While the yield will be decent enough to make you enjoy several weeks.

However, this hybrid strain can do wonders if given the right growth environment indoors.

5. Chemdawg


  • A highly potent hybrid strain
  • Up to 25% THC
  • Mind soothing effects
  • Short flowering period
  • Moderately difficult to grow

Want to get better sleep at night?

If yes then, Chemdawg is for you!

The sky-level of THC can make you reach cloud-nine with its mind soothing effects. However, after a roller-coaster high, you can feel a better sense of calmness and soothe in your body.

Also, this Chemdawg is a strain that has unknown parent genetics but still, it can make you fan of itself.

Suitable to thrive in most climate conditions, Chemdawg can produce impressive yield if given the right growth conditions.

While it allows you to harvest earlier than other strains. Thanks to its short flowering time of 8 weeks.

If you plan to grow Chemdawg hybrid indoors then you might have to adjust it with some training techniques as the plant size is taller.

Not to mention, with such potency, you can get better sleep at night. While it can also help reduce stress and anxiety.

6. GSC or Girl Scout Cookies


  • Up to 28% THC
  • Intense effects
  • Multiple award-winning strain
  • Can be grown indoor and outdoor
  • Medically beneficial

Formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies, GSC has won the first-place trophy as the best hybrid at the 2013 Southern California Cannabis cup.

GSC is a cross of legendary OG Kush and Durban Poison that is capable to fetch up to 28% THC.

And, with such levels of THC, you can expect knock-out punches of euphoria.

While you can feel happy, uplifted, and stress-free with just one hit of GSC.

Due to its high potency, beginner weed enthusiasts are recommended to start with a small dosage. As it can easily overwhelm them.

The potency of GSC is also used to treat several medical symptoms. Such as chronic pain, nausea, and appetite loss.

Caryophyllene is the dominant terpene and therefore, you can get the unique and pungent aroma. While the hint of mint and sweet cherry is quite common.

Further, the flowering period of GSC is decent. Within 9 to 10 weeks, you can make this strain ready to be harvested.

Therefore, from a growing perspective too, GSC is impressive.

7. Wedding Cake


  • Up to 22% THC
  • Long-lasting powerful effects
  • Intense high
  • Unique taste
  • One of the popular hybrids

Wedding Cake is the cross of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints.

The strain produces clear mind relaxation with full-body effects. Though the dominant effect is intense euphoria.

Thanks to high THC cannabinoids.

Limonene terpene makes Wedding Cake produce a unique tangy flavor.

Therefore, people who want to taste something unique can also try Wedding Cake.

Though the powerful effects of this hybrid can make beginners overwhelm. Hence, they need to start with a small dose.

Growers can make this strain ready for the harvest within around 9 weeks.

Irrespective of the growing area (indoors or outdoors), Wedding Cake produces a decent yield.

Further, medical patients can find this hybrid strain beneficial for alleviating the symptoms of pain, insomnia, and appetite loss.

Use this hybrid strain during the weekends to get the most out of it. As the effects will last longer while cutting off the stress of weekdays.

Overall, Wedding Cake is an ideal strain for experienced weed enthusiasts who want to try something unique and adventurous.

8. Mimosa


  • Up to 19% THC
  • Arousing effects
  • Unique citrusy taste
  • Highly energetic strain
  • One of the newly popular hybrid strains

Mimosa is one of the hybrid strains that can help you get more pleasure in your bed with your partner.

Because with THC up to 19%, Mimosa produces arousing and uplifting effects.

While initially, it develops a rush of energy in the body with a sense of happiness.

Sometimes, the dominant effect can be energetic as well.

That is why people looking for long-lasting fun can try out Mimosa.

The enriched terpene profile of this hybrid will give you notes of fruits and citrusy flavors.

Additionally, you can also use Mimosa to alleviate symptoms of stress and depression. So, even medically as well, this hybrid is beneficial.

Growers looking to grow Mimosa strain might find difficulty somewhat. As this is one of the new strains in the market which people have started liking.

Although with the right growing conditions, this strain can do wonders too.

Summing up, try Mimosa if you feel lazy and inactive. It will boost the energy in you combined with some other effects.

9. Trainwreck


  • Highly energetic strain
  • THC up to 17%
  • Intense euphoria
  • Medically beneficial
  • Short flowering period

After Mimosa, Trainwreck is our second favorite hybrid strain for getting a fantastic experience like never!

Even though this hybrid strain possesses a balanced level of THC but it is a highly energetic strain.

Therefore, it will make you get a rush of energy with just one hit. And, as the effects will slow down, you will feel the sensation of happiness.

Even some users have also reported the effect of creativity.

Due to its potent cannabinoid profile, the strain is capable to alleviate different medical symptoms.

Migraines, pain, arthritis, anxiety, ADHD, and PTSD are the medical conditions that can be alleviated by this potent strain.

Further, growers who want to have a potent and fast strain will find Trainwreck as the perfect choice.

Because apart from its potency, Trainwreck has a short flowering period of just 8 weeks.

That means you can harvest this hybrid up to the end of September. While the yield will be decent both indoors and outdoors.

10. Bruce Banner


  • THC up to 21%
  • Powerful effects
  • One of the best hybrid strains
  • 8 to 10 weeks flowering
  • Strong high

Now, we are on a higher level of the best hybrid strains.

Bruce Banner is the strain that experienced smokers will love the most.

Because this hybrid strain is capable to deliver you a roller-coaster ride every time you smoke it. THC up to 21% allows this strain to take over your body.

While the effects are more likely to be the quick rush of euphoria, stress-bursting, and ultimately deep relaxation.

Some users have also reported that this hybrid boosts creativity too.

Additionally, the effects of Bruce Banner last longer. So, be ready to go into deep thoughts after inhaling this hybrid once.

Therefore, medical patients looking to alleviate stress, pain, and depression will find Bruce Banner useful.

Further, the shorter flowering period of Bruce Banner allows the grower to harvest earlier.

With myrcene dominant terpene, expect a sweet, earthy, and diesel aroma from this strain.

Overall, Bruce Banner is a potent hybrid strain for smokers looking to level up their smoking game.

11. Skunk #1


  • THC up to 16%
  • Energizing effects
  • Medically beneficial
  • Unique skunk aroma
  • Easy to grow hybrid strain

Skunk #1 is the strain that possesses various genetics of the marijuana world.

Though this strain is unique in itself.

Because of its balanced potency and different experience.

The balanced THC level in Skunk #1 allows the beginner to the pro-weed enthusiast to get the most out of it. Though the effects of strains are quite energetic.

While the end feeling of Skunk #1 smoke will be a happy and relaxed zone.

Even beginner cultivators can also grow this strain easily. While the short flowering period of 8 weeks to 9 weeks will allow you to finish it faster.

With the capability to thrive in different climate conditions, Skunk #1 will be able to produce satisfactory yield indoors and outdoors.

Additionally, medical patients can also find this strain useful for the symptoms of chronic pain, depression, and fatigue.

Choose Skunk #1 if you are just stepping into the cannabis world or want to try out a balanced hybrid strain that must not overwhelm you.

12. Bubble Gum


  • Award-winning hybrid strain
  • Balanced strain for every weed smoker
  • THC up to 17%
  • Short flowering time
  • Decent yield

Bubble Gum is an ideal strain for every weed enthusiast.

As it consists the balanced THC levels.

Even the effects Bubble Gum produces are also balanced high. That means no worries about being couch-locked.

Though the end effects will leave your body in a completely relaxed zone.

Therefore, medical patients also use this strain to treat disorders like chronic pain, nausea, stress, and depression. So, even medically as well, Bubble Gum is quite a potent strain.

While the growers find this strain as a faster strain to finish. Because of its quick flowering time of 7 to 9 weeks.

Moreover, the buds produced are beautiful. Thanks to the frosty look they possess.

While the flavor and aroma lie to the sweet berry side.

And, due to its balanced potency, unique aroma, and medical benefits, it has won several awards.

Overall, considering Bubble Gum if you want a combination of energization and highness. This will serve you the best experience.

13. White Fire OG


  • Up to 21% THC
  • Intense effects
  • Pungent aroma
  • Average flowering time
  • Easy to grow

White Fire OG or WiFi OG is one of the best hybrid marijuana strains.

It is a cross of Fire OG and The White.

From parental genetics, WiFi OG has a pungent aroma and tones of earthiness. That means your friends can easily get to know if you are smoking this.

And, it fetches a sky-level THC content. Therefore, expect hard-hit of euphoria first.

Though it also increases creativity and makes you able to socialize. So, don’t worry about getting stuck in one place.

Further, this strain is also helpful in several medical symptoms including anxiety, pain, glaucoma, depression, and even up to cancer.

If you have a loss of appetite, try White Fire OG.

Further, growing this hybrid marijuana strain is easy. Therefore, even a beginner cultivator can make the most out of it.

Also, the short flowering period with a high yield in most climates will help you achieve your gardening goals easily.

14. LA Kush Cake


  • Arousing effects
  • New hybrid strain
  • Up to 23% THC
  • Ideal for pro smokers
  • Tingling aroma

For weed lovers trying to try something powerful should try LA Kush Cake.

It is one of the most potent and energetic marijuana hybrid strains.

With sky-level THC, you can easily expect deep sleep at night, happier weekends, and a great time in bed with your partner.

As LA Kush Cake also makes you aroused.

However, in the end, you will have a deep sense of relaxation.

Although this strain is quite new in the market and therefore, people will love it the most to try out something unique.

Caryophyllene dominant terpene will give you a vanilla cum peppermint taste with notes of earthiness.

So, a unique taste will also help you to have a different experience.

For growers, this strain can result in a decent yield. Though you have to make sure the growing environment is according to the requirement for this strain.

Overall, LA Kush Cake is the hybrid strain that will give you a unique and powerful experience of smoking weed.

15. Sour Diesel


  • THC up to 18%
  • One of the most popular hybrid strains
  • Highly energetic strain
  • Unique diesel aroma
  • Average flowering time

If you are into the cannabis world for a while then most probably you might already know this legendary hybrid strain.

It is a cross of Chemdawg and Super Skunk.

The potency of Sour Diesel helps medical patients to treat symptoms of depression, stress, and pain.

Although this strain has a medium level of THC, it is capable of making you fly high!

As with just one smoke, you will feel the rush of energy. Though in the end, it will make you feel a sense of relaxation and calmness.

Moreover, Sour Diesel features a unique diesel aroma with a slight earthiness.

However, for growers, this strain takes around 11 weeks to show its full rewards.

Summing up the features of this hybrid strain, this is an ideal strain for almost every weed enthusiast. After having Sour Diesel in your bowl, you will have a strain that has made weed lovers happy since the 90s!

What is a Hybrid Strain?

There are mainly three types of strain in the cannabis world.

Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid.

While a hybrid strain is the combination of Indica and Sativa. That means hybrid strain will possess the properties of both Indica and Sativa strains.

Although it is not originated from a specific land or country.

Rather hybrid strains are developed on farms or in greenhouses with the purpose to achieve some unique properties of weed.

Moreover, breeders often develop hybrid strains to either increase THC cannabinoid (the intoxicating compound in weed) or fetch medical properties to treat some medical symptoms.

That is why generally hybrid strains are potent.

Advantages of Hybrid Strain

  • Hybrid strains possess unique properties according to their parent strains.
  • You can access a hybrid strain for your specific need. For instance, to get deep sleep, you can look for a hybrid strain that contains intense THC levels.
  • Medical patients can also get benefits from hybrid strains to treat several symptoms.
  • In the hybrid strain category, you will have more options to choose from according to cannabinoid content as compare to Indica and Sativa.
  • Also, with a crossbreed of different genetics, you will be able to get a different and unique flavor of marijuana.

Hybrid Strain: FAQ

  1. Is hybrid a potent strain than others?

Hybrid strains are developed to increase the potency of the strain. That is why generally, hybrid strains contain sky-level of THC cannabinoids. Although Indica and Sativa are also known for their unique properties.

  • Is growing hybrid strain tough?

No, not at all. It depends on the specific weed strain you are choosing. Depending upon the parental genetics of chosen hybrid strain, you can grow accordingly.

  • What is the most popular hybrid strain?

OG Kush, AK 47, and Sour Diesel are some of the most popular hybrid cannabis strains.

Best Hybrid Strains Review: Verdict

Hybrid strains are a better way to fulfill your expectations from cannabis. And, now, you know what are the best hybrid strains currently in the market.

Summing up everything, if you are confused about which hybrid cannabis strain to choose to kick start your journey in the cannabis world, then you can definitely consider any strain to go with from this list.

Hopefully, now, you will be able to enjoy your weekends better!

Happy Smoking!

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