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Every indoor grower needs the best grow tent.

It is one of the most convenient ways to start your cultivation journey.


When it comes to buying grow tent online then there are a lot of things to keep in mind.

Because the quality of grow tent will decide whether your cultivation will be successful or not.

Therefore, it becomes really important to know which grow tent is best for you.

And, that is why I am here to help you be a better indoor grower by helping you choose the perfect one for yourself.

By the end of this special guide, you will be an expert on growing tents.

So, let’s get started:

What is a Grow Tent?

Starting from the very basics, a grow tent is nothing but fabric framed around the steel frame to make it a space for plants to thrive.

best grow tent

Grow tents have different types of materials fabricated but mostly nylon or polyester.

While the internal layer of the fabricated layer is made of Mylar which is reflective. It is so because the plants can grab the most of light for photosynthesis.

Further, nowadays there are grow tents which are quite developed with additional space for accessories and more, which you can look for accordingly your need.


Grow tents can be fragile as well.

Until or unless you buy the one of good quality.

Best Grow Tents Review

The top 5 grow tents that you can pick right now to start cultivation:

1. Gorilla Grow Tent – Best 4×4 Grow Tent

Gorilla Grow Tents are one of the best tents in the market.

This 4 by 4 sized grow tent is a medium-sized tent that is suitable for every type of professional and serious hydroponic grower.

Apart from a strong metal frame, highly denser fabric, and strong zip flaps, this tent includes all of the ports that you might need including exhaust and electricals.

Further, the mylar reflective layer makes sure all the light inside the tent stays inside.

And, the interlocking steel poles give your grow tent a strong frame to be stabilized on.

Additionally, you also get the tool kits, flood tray, and the adjustable height in the tent which makes it an ideal grow tent for you to start your hydroponic cultivation.


  • 4 by 4-feet medium size
  • 1680D highly dense fabric for better strength
  • Durable metal poles for a strong frame
  • Free 1-foot height extension kit including floor tray
  • Diamond reflective inner walls

What’s the best?

First of all, Gorilla is a brand that you can blindly rely on. While the grow tent’s strong build and highly dense fabric with lots of features make your cultivation journey quite easier.

Though this tent might be heavy on your budget your every penny will be worth it.

Order Now.

2. Dark Room 300 by Secret Jardin – Featured Packed

Secret Jardin is already a known and popular brand for grow tents.

And, their DR300 is the featured-packed grow tent, which is ideal for every hydroponic grower out there.

The stainless-steel metallic poles in this grow tent gives a strong build and frame which is an edge over other grow tents.

While the mylar reflective inner walls will help your plants to get the most of light.

Additionally, you get all the accessories that are not available with any cheap brand out there.


  • 297cm x 297cm x 217cm medium size
  • Weight capacity up to 250kg
  • Mylar reflective layer
  • 400D density
  • Stainless steel poles

What’s the best?

The best part about the DR300 from Secret Jardin is their quality.

Even though they might not be top in showing you numbers but they will surely be at the top for providing quality grow tents worth the prices.

Growers around the world have been more than happy by using their products.

3. iPower 4×8 – Best 4×8 Grow Tent Value for Money

iPower is one of the budget-friendly brands that a beginner cultivator can afford.

Under a decent price segment, it has got 400D denser fabric with interlocking metal poles which are quite strong.

While the 95% mylar reflective layer is perfect for keeping your grow tent full of lights.

Even the zippers and door sides of grow tent are of high quality that allows zero light leakage.

If you are looking for a low-price 4×8 grow tent then this is the perfect deal you can have.


  • High-quality built
  • 95% mylar
  • Budget-friendly grow tent
  • Strong metal poles
  • Flood tray

What’s the best?

The price segment of this grows tent is quite attractive. It is budget-friendly and suitable for newbies who are just starting hydroponic cultivation.

And, the bonus part is that it has got all the features that a feature-packed grow tent should have.

4. Apollo Horticulture 3×3 – Best 3×3 Grow Tent for Small Grows

Ideal for beginner growers, the Apollo Horticulture 3×3 grow tent is something that you can’t miss.

First of all, it has got the perfect size to fit most of the household.

While this grow tent includes all the ports, features, and the high-density fabric, which is something that keeps every photon of illumination inside the tent.

Additionally, you also get the flood tray, and filter straps which help you to cultivate better.

This is why it is one of the best grow tents for beginners.


  • Double-stitched fabric
  • 400D density
  • Flood tray with filter straps
  • Metal poles for double strength
  • 3×3 size

What’s the best?

For the more than a smaller size, this 3×3 sized Apollo Horticulture has the metal poles for the stronger frame, and double-stitched fabric to make a better canopy.

What I liked the most is its durability and the quality of the zippers which are quite strong compared to the other grow tents.

5. Gorilla 5×5 – Best 5×5 Large Grow Tent

If you want to get a larger grow tent that is sturdy and perfect for your budget then Gorilla’s 5×5 grow tent is the best choice.

More space means more plants and more results!

The 1680D denser fabric will make sure you have the strongest grow tent in your house as it is 9x denser than the regular ones (~200D).

Further, the diamond-cut reflective layer of the fabric keeps every photon inside the tent.

Not to mention again, steel and interlocking frame system are easy to assemble and dissemble. While the frame is one of the strongest in the market.

Well, if you always keep a backup solution then too, Gorilla grows tents are the best. Because they provide the additional 1’ extension kit so that you can raise the height just in case you want to.


  • 9x thicker fabric
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • 4 electrical ports
  • One of the best brands
  • Height extension kit

What’s the best?

For the expert growers who want to take their cultivation journey to the next level, Gorilla 5×5 has everything that you can expect from an ideal grow tent.

From strong fabric, and steel frame to multiple electric ports, it has got everything!

The best part is that even after a larger size, you will still have an option to extend the height of your grow tent.

Things to Consider before Buying Grow Tent

Buying a grow tent of the best quality for yourself requires research and thorough homework before selecting one.

Well, don’t worry, I have got you covered:

There are certain features that growers should look for in a grow tent. And, these features can help you choose the perfect grow tent for yourself.

So, let’s get into it:

Fabric Density or Strength of Fabric

Fabric is the main part of your grow tent.

It gives the whole tent strength and coverage.

Therefore, fabric density is the very first feature that you should look for.

It is measured in ‘denier’ and denoted by ‘D’ (e.g., 500D).

Averagely, the grow tents in the market have a fabric density of 100D to 600D.

The higher the number, the better the fabric density will be, and the better the strength of your grow tent.

However, the price of the grow tent also gets higher as you chase the higher numbers. So, choose such grow tent which you can afford and has a better fabric density.

A denser fabric not only gives your grow tent strength but also tolerates excessive heat just in case, and protects from the external factors to affect the internal growing environment.

The bonus part is that a denser fabric helps your plant to avoid plant diseases as well.

Therefore, this is how much important to look for a denser fabric in a grow tent becomes the need.

Heat Resistance

Though it is an interlinked feature with the fabric density of your grow tent, still, you should look for the heat resistance feature of your grow tent.

If your grow tent fabric is made of better quality then it can easily tolerate the excessive heat which might be produced by the grow lights.

Otherwise, a poor-quality fabric can rip off easily making your all efforts for cultivation worthless.

Zipper Quality

One of the features that most of the growers miss out on initially.

And, this is also one of the vulnerable parts of your grow tent. Because it can easily get damaged.

Keep in mind that you will be using the zip every day and therefore, if the zippers are of not good quality, then they can easily be the leak spot of light.

Hence, have zippers of better quality.

Frame Strength

Look for steel frames preferably.

Because plastic frames can break in the worst-case scenario, while the steel frames are durable and last for a longer time.

While the frames are assembled with interlocking poles mechanism. Therefore, it is easier to set them up.

Even some companies also provide an extra set of poles so that you can adjust the height of grow tent as per your need.

Overall, you have to choose the best frame as per your budget.

Number of Exhaust, Ventilation Ports

You are going to set oscillating fans, exhaust fans, and other accessories.

Therefore, your grow tent must have the ports for the same. Most of the grow tents available in the market have the ports that a grower might need.

Still, you should look in a grow tent.

However, if you have planned something else then too, you can choose a grow tent with fewer ports as well.


Other than zippers, corners are the vulnerable spots where usually grow tents get damaged.

However, in the case of steel frames of grow tent, the corners get completely covered up. Thanks to the interlocking mechanism.

Also, the sturdy corners are the base of your grow tent upon which the whole tent gets established. Therefore, making them stronger is necessary.

Windows (Optional)

Though this is an optional feature, still, it can help you a lot.

Grow tents with windows make you able to sneak peek into your plants without opening and disturbing the internal grow environment frequently.

Therefore, this optional feature can give you an edge over other grow tents, and hence you can look out for this feature in your next grow tent.

FAQs About Grow Tent

1. Which brand is best for growing tents?

Gorilla and Secret Jardin are some of the popular brands. You can go with any of these. Your money will be worth the investment in these grow tent companies.

2. Do I need an expensive grow tent for better quality?

Gorilla grows tents are expensive but their quality is premium. Therefore, you need to look out for yourself if the expensive grow tent is worth the price.

3. How to deal with the odor of grow tent?

You can use a carbon filter or deodorizing gel to deal with the odor of grow tent.

4. Which grow lights are best?

LED grow lights are much better than any of the other options. Especially for the serious growers. Because they are efficient, long-lasting, and work perfectly.

5. How many fans do I need?

Depending upon the size of your grow tent, and climate conditions in your region, you can use one to three fans.

6. What is better? Grow boxes or grow tents?

Grow tents are good. While the grow boxes are not common nowadays. However, still, if you need that, you can go for grow boxes as well. Keep in mind that, you might feel a slight difference while shifting to grow box after the grow tent.

You can also learn about growing weed in a closet.


Till here, you must be aware of everything about growing tents. Now, you will be able to choose a better-quality grow tent for yourself.

Hopefully, now, you are a better hydroponic cultivator.

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