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Have you ever been to an exotic place?

How was the experience?

Most likely it must be super amazing! Right?

The same goes with the best exotic strains as well.

best exotic strains

Doesn’t matter you are bored with the regular weed or even you are just stepping into the weed world, exotic cannabis strains can make your experience extremely amazing.

So, what are those exotic weed strains?

Just be with me, I’ll take you through the best exotic marijuana strains on the market right now:

Best Exotic Strains – Top 10 Exotic Marijuana Strain

1. Malawi Gold – One of the Best Exotic Strains

Strain Type: Sativa

THC: Up to 16% THC

What else will be better to start your day with this pure Sativa queen?

Malawi Gold is the strain that is the perfect example of an exotic weed strain in the market. Though it is one of the rare strains which is natively originated from the land of Africa.

And, that is even growing Malawi Gold is not easy.

While finding out this pure exotic strain is tough in itself.

Up to 16% THC is there to boost your mind with its potent cerebral effects.

While the earthy, woody, and little tone of flowery taste will make your mouth crave for it. However, don’t fall for its delicious taste.

As it is one of the potent weed strains.

And, it can easily knock out with its intense effects.

You will feel a deep sensation of euphoria and happiness after an intense hit of an energetic rush.

That is why beginner weed enthusiasts are recommended to deal with this strain in limited doses.

Further, for the growers, this strain is a little tough to make the most out of it. Because of its long-lasting flowering time.

What’s good?

  • Potent exotic strain
  • High THC level
  • Delicious taste
  • Powerful effects
  • Medically beneficial

What’s bad?

  • Long flowering time
  • Not easy to grow

Strain Type: 70% Indica, 30% Sativa

THC: Up to 23%

After that Sativa queen, this India dominant strain, Bubba Kush is what you might need right now the most.

As Bubba Kush is a highly potent strain. That can help you relax for a longer time on your bed.

This award-winning strain is capable to produce up to 27% THC. However, on average the THC stays around 23%.

Therefore, it is not a strain to be played with easily.

The intense hit of body buzz and deep relaxation, in the end, can make you sit on the couch for hours.

That is why Bubba Kush can even help to burst the stress. Due to the heavy effects of this strain, some people have also reported that it can make you fall asleep faster.

While the tasty chocolaty flavor with sweet aroma will make you fall in love with it.

For weed enthusiasts, who want to take their smoking journey next level, this strain is perfect.

It is not hard to grow, produces a decent yield, and can suit the most of environmental conditions.

What’s good?

  • Highly potent exotic strain
  • Easy to grow
  • Up to 27% THC
  • A chocolaty and sweet aroma
  • Intense effects
  • Decent yield
  • Colorful buds

What’s bad?

  • The effects might be overwhelming for beginners

3. GDP or Granddaddy Purple – Best Exotic Strains on the Market

Strain Type: Indica

THC: Up to 17%

This High Times Cannabis Cup winner strain is my all-time favorite.


Because it has a balanced level of THC, which enables one to use it any time without fearing getting stuck at one place.

Even if you use Granddaddy Purple in the right way, it can make you feel better from several medical conditions as well.

Such as stress and anxiety.

Therefore, you can surely use GDP as your weekend strain to relax and chill. However, it is an ideal strain to use any time, day or night.

While there will be no fear of getting couch-locked. Thanks to the balanced THC in it.

On the other hand, grown anywhere, Granddaddy Purple will be a treat to the eyes. Because the beautiful purple buds are something that will behold your sight.

And, above that, you can easily make the most out of this strain in your garden irrespective of your growing skills.

Further, the effects of the strain will be euphoric high that will ultimately lead to a deep sense of relaxation.

Moreover, the unique grapy taste with an intense aroma will make your hard work worth for this one of the best exotic weed strains.

What’s good?

  • Ideal for all weed enthusiasts
  • Balanced THC level
  • Intense aroma
  • A unique taste of grapes
  • Potent high

What’s bad?

  • Yield is average

4. Snowcap – Cheap Best Exotic Strains

Strain Type: Hybrid

THC: Up to 22%, CBD up to 0.5%

Snowcap is a new exotic marijuana strain.

Although the origin of Snowcap is mysterious, however, it can surely make you remember its mind-blowing effects once you inhale it.

Sky-level of THC and a slight percentage of CBD will make sure you have the best weed experience with this exotic cannabis strain.

The unique citrusy and lemony flavor will be a treat to your mouth. And, on top of that, high THC will make sure you go on a roller coaster ride.

For growers, this strain might be a little tricky to get the desired output.

As Snowcap is one of the new strains in the market.

While the good news is that, some growers have reported that you can easily get a higher yield from this strain by providing it optimal environmental conditions.

Keep in mind that the effects of this strain might be a little overwhelming for the newbies.

However, for frequent weed users, this can surely be a step-up experience. Though as a beginner, you can start with small doses to feel what a powerful exotic strain means.

What’s good?

  • New exotic strain
  • Highly potent
  • The citrusy and lemony flavor
  • Powerful effects
  • Medically beneficial

What’s bad?

  • Growing this strain can be a little tricky
  • Highly potent strain for newbies

5. Green Crack

Strain Type: Sativa

THC: Up to 17%

If you want energy at the night after a tiring day, try this one of the most potent exotic strains.

With a whopping 17% THC, Green Crack is capable to rush instant energy into your body. While the ultimate relaxing effect will make you burst the stress.

Due to its uplifting and energizing trait, Green Crack is also used for treating some medical symptoms as well.

Such as stress, anxiety, fatigue, and even depression.

However, the most reported benefit is energizing your body. That ultimately helps in cutting down the work stress and feeling uplifted and energetic.

Additionally, the tangy and fruity flavor of the strain will make your mouth crave for it.

While growing Green Crack is easy.

As a beginner grower, you can get the most out of this strain in your garden by providing optimal growing conditions.

Even the yield from this strain is quite decent, which will make sure your stash is filled for several weeks.

What’s good?

  • Highly energetic strain
  • Can cut off the stress and anxiety
  • Medically beneficial
  • Easy to grow
  • Decent yield
  • Unique taste and flavor
  • Ideal for most weed enthusiasts

What’s bad?

  • Using it above the limits can lead to anxiety

6. Pinkman Goo

Strain Type: Indica

THC: Up to 18%

Want to be calm and relaxed?

Pinkman Goo is for you, my friend!

The ultra-sedative effects of this strain will relax you and keep you calm. That is why this strain is ideal for those who want to go on a vacation or holiday.

The soothing effects of Pinkman Goo will be perfect for an evening with your loved ones on a holiday.

Up to 18% THC can deliver balanced effects. Therefore, smokers with mild tolerance can also try this exotic strain out.

Apart from this, Pinkman Goo is also one of the beautiful strains. As it produces eye-catching fluorescent buds with brown pistils, which is a treat to the eyes.

Moreover, growing Pinkman Goo is not that tough. You can easily make the most out of this strain in your garden while keeping the required environmental conditions.

While the aroma lies to the flowery side mostly.

Also, medical patients can find this exotic strain helpful in insomnia, and chronic pain as well.

What’s good?

  • Beautiful exotic strain
  • Sedative and relaxing effects
  • Gives relief in insomnia and chronic pain
  • Easy to grow
  • Decent yield

What’s bad?

  • Not for people looking for a wild weed effect

7. OG Kush

Strain Type: Hybrid (55% Sativa, 45% Indica)

THC: Up to 24%

OG Kush is the perfect exotic strain for those who want to know what a potent weed feels like.

Sky-level THC up to 24% will perfectly give you the roller coaster ride once you smoke it. A full-body buzz along with a sense of happiness is the perfect feeling that you can have on weekends.

Additionally, OG Kush delivers a spicy, skunky, and fuel-like aroma, which is somewhat a different experience.

Therefore, people looking for potent yet unique exotic strains can surely go for OG Kush.

While growing OG Kush requires the perfect growing conditions to produce a higher yield. Though novice growers can also get decent results.

Also, OG Kush is medically beneficial. If you have a loss of appetite, anxiety, and stress, OG Kush can help with that.

As said before, it bursts the stress and uplifts your mood, therefore, it can be your go-to option for a tiring day for relaxing time.

Overall, OG Kush is ideal for experienced weed users.

What’s good?

  • One of the most potent strains
  • Up to 24% THC content
  • Powerful body effects
  • Stress burster
  • Unique aroma and taste

What’s bad?

  • Too potent for novices

8. Super Skunk

Strain Type: Indica

THC: Up to 15%

Cross of Afghani and Skunk #1, Super Skunk is for those who want to try out something different and unique.

This exotic weed strain possesses a Skunky aroma that might give you a different experience from your regular weed strain.

Potency is balanced in this strain.

Though initial euphoria is high while in the end, a deep sense of relaxation will be there in your body.

Therefore, Super Skunk can be your perfect night partner or weekend partner to chill out with friends.

While the skunky aroma with earthiness gives you a unique experience with it.

Medical patients find this strain useful in treating chronic pain, anxiety, and stress. Thanks to its potent effects.

The best part is that while using this strain you don’t have to be worried about falling to the couch every time. As it has balanced effects. Still, don’t take it as a challenge.

Because more doses of it can also lead to some powerful euphoric ride, which might not be good for everyone.

So, play safe.

What’s good?

  • Unique aroma and taste
  • Balanced exotic strain
  • Up to 15% THC
  • Medically beneficial
  • Best for beginners

What’s bad?

  • Not everyone will find skunky aroma appealing

9. Blueberry

Strain Type: Indica

THC: Up to 17%

Blueberry is the High Times Cannabis Cup winner strain for the ‘best Indica’.

And, therefore, weed lovers who love Indica strains will surely love this queen!

The beautiful appearance of this Indica strain will make you fall in love with it.

While genetically it is one of the potent yet balanced exotic strains to right now. Purple Thai and Thai are parents and therefore, it fetched the taste and flavor of sweetness and blueberries.

While the effects are balanced with up to 17% THC.

The best part about this exotic marijuana strain is that even a novice weed user can also use it without getting couch-locked all day.

After the initial hit of euphoria, the ultimate relaxation will make your pain and stress fade away quickly.

Therefore, it is also medically beneficial. Medical patients can find this strain useful for different symptoms after the physician’s recommendation.

Further, growing Blueberry is moderately easy. Nothing to put in the extra effort, until you are providing it the right growth environment.

What’s good?

  • Balanced exotic strain
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Medically beneficial
  • Easy to grow
  • ‘Best Indica’ cup winner strain

What’s bad?

  • Experienced weed users might find it less potent
  • Yield is average

10. Girl Scout Cookies or GSC

Strain Type: Indica Dominant

THC: Up to 19%

Girl Scout Cookies or GSC is the strain made for experienced weed users.

Because the intense THC level can make you fly high with just one inhalation.

The 19% THC is capable to develop an intense high to give your body full euphoria and ultimately deep relaxation.

While the initial effects of this exotic strain will be energetic and uplifting. That is why people with stress, nausea, pain, and loss of appetite opt for this exotic weed strain.

Additionally, GSC possesses an interesting aroma and taste that you can’t get off easily.

With unique pungent, and dessert-like aroma with notes of mint will make you have this exotic strain again and again.

However, don’t fall for its taste and aroma.

As it can easily knock out beginner enthusiasts due to potent effects.

Therefore, start with small steps with GSC.

Growers can easily get the most out of it. Thanks to its capability to grow in most climates.

Also, this award-winning strain has a decent flowering time of 9-10 weeks, which will allow you to get the results from your garden quickly.

What’s good?

  • One of the most popular exotic strains
  • Highly potent
  • Unique aroma and taste
  • Easy to grow
  • Short flowering time
  • Award-winning strain
  • Beautiful buds
  • Medically beneficial
  • Decent yield

What’s bad?

  • Overwhelming strain for newbies

What Makes a Weed Strain, Best Exotic Strain?

Simply, exotic weed strain is a perfect combo of potency, taste, flavor, and mind-blowing effects.

Most people prefer an exotic weed strain which can give them an intense hit of weed effects. Well, this is not the whole truth.

According to weed connoisseurs, an exotic marijuana strain is a strain that has the perfect flavor, taste, and potency to develop an intense high.

How to Buy Top Best Exotic Strains?

As of now, you know what are exotic cannabis strains and what makes them exotic.

But the thing is how to buy them?

Here is the answer:

There are two ways:

  • Online seed banks
  • Physical shops

For the first option, buying exotic weed becomes easy when you have experience with online vendors.

Because for the newbies, it might be difficult for them to find out the original exotic strains. And, sometimes they even get trapped for ordinary strain instead of exotic.

This is where you have to be aware of some fake online vendors.

Therefore, I will suggest that before trusting an online seed bank to buy exotic weed strains, you must check these key factors and if they are good or not.

1. Seed Bank Reputation

Doesn’t matter how cheaper the price offer is, go for checking the reputation of the seed bank first.

Sometimes, some seed banks trap you by offering one of the cheapest prices while promising for the original exotic strain. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that comes out as exotic.

Therefore, don’t fall for a cheaper price, go for checking if the seed bank is having exotic weed strains in real.

2. Quality of Strains

This is obvious but sometimes we miss it.

Check on the strain-info page, if it is having something unique quality than the regular weed strains.

Check if the strain is either of specific origin, landrace or has strong THC content, or has a unique aroma and taste which can thrill you on.

Because this is what ultimately exotic means.

Also, confirm from the strain reviews on the same page as well, check if the previous buyers have a great experience with it.

3. Reviews

You might already check this while buying something online.

However, the key to spotting the real truth from the reviews is to check the reviews from different platforms.

Don’t stick to one specific review site. Go for checking some grow forums and read customers’ experiences if they have a good experience from that specific online vendor.

You can also check out the history of the online seed bank and their existence in the market, however, the above three are the main factors that can help you hunt a quality seed bank to buy exotic strains online.

While on the other hand, for physical shops it becomes easier to get these strains because there’s more trust and credibility.

However, not everywhere you will find physical shops. This is where online seed banks come into play.

Where to Buy Best Exotic Strains?

Once you hunt the best online seed bank, you can buy exotic weed strains from there.

However, to make this thing even easier for you, here are some world’s best online seed banks that most weed lovers trust:


ILGM is one of the top seed banks right now.

It stocks only premium exotic strains. You get a 100% germination guarantee as well. And, ships to the U.S as well. Keep in mind that ILGM ships to specific countries only.

Check their website for more info.

While pricing is reasonable here.

Shipping and delivery time is very good. They ship instantly and deliver the orders within 2 to 5 days max depending upon your location.

In addition to that, ILGM has a great market reputation. If you want a premium experience then without any doubt ILGM will be the best choice.

2. Crop King Seeds

My second-best choice after ILGM.

The plus point of Crop King Seeds is that unlike ILGM it ships worldwide. While the exotic strains are of the finest quality. You get an 80% germination guarantee here.

Pricing is quite affordable. Large seed selection is there to let you find your favorite strains in one place.

Further, CKS is quite popular and has a great market reputation like ILGM. Also, this is one of the rare seed banks which has physical branches as well.

3. MSNL or MSNL is the best seed bank for beginners. Though they have a large strain selection for pro-growers as well.

However, it doesn’t give you a germination guarantee. That is why I kept it third.

MSNL ships worldwide. Delivery time is faster in the European region. While U.S orders might take some time. Budget and affordable pricing have made this seed bank one of the favorites among novices.

Conclusion: Which one is Best Exotic Strain

Till here, you know the market’s top 10 best exotic strains that you can try right now. However, there are many more strains, but, I have kept only the best ones for you.

Now, it is your turn.

Go and have fun!

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