BC Bud Depot Seed Bank Review 2022

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BC Bud Depot has quite mixed reviews on different forums.

Many people are unsatisfied with their services. While some of them are quite happy as well.

Therefore, you might be confused here about whether to trust this seed source.

Well, don’t worry!

I will clear all your doubts in this honest BC Bud Depot review.

And, till the end, you will come up with a final decision if you should buy weed seeds from BC Bud Depot.

So, let’s get started:

Is BC Bud Depot Legit?

First thing first, let me clear this:

BC Bud Depot is a 100% legit breeder cum online store.

They have a good presence over social media. Good numbers of growers are following them.

bc bud depot review

They have been in the market for several years. And, top of that, they have won multiple industry awards which shows their quality work.

In addition to that, their loyal customer base has said a lot of positive things on different forums. Though previously they didn’t have had a good reputation, to be honest.

However, the good thing is that BC Bud Depot has done a great comeback with improvisation.

And, therefore, you can completely rely on this source for weed seeds.

Although if their weed seeds will be worth the investment, we will find it next.

Quick Review of BC Bud Depot

In a hurry?

Check my quick and instant review for BC Bud Depot:

Established: in British Columbia, Canada, around 20 years ago.

Seeds available: feminized, auto, high CBD, high yield, and more varieties are available.

Shipping: worldwide.

Pricing: decent pricing, price per seed varies from $7.5 to $12.5 depending upon the strain you choose.

Reviews: 5.77 out of 10 from 101 reviews at Seedfinder, listed as “Green/Yellow”. Insufficient reviews at Trustpilot.

Expert’s Recommendation: Yes

Official Website

Pros and Cons of BC Bud Depot


  • 500+ strain selection
  • High-quality seeds
  • Higher germination rate
  • Decent pricing
  • Faster delivery in the local locations


  • Limited payment options
  • Shipping time is slow
  • No returns or refund

About BC Bud Depot

Well, there is no exact information available about BC Bud Depot.

Because even this store has not its “About Us” page on the website.

Still, the available data says BC Bud Depot is a breeder that sells high-quality marijuana seeds across the globe.

It is established in British Columbia, Canada. So it is a Canadian seed bank.

BC Bud Depot has a great strain selection and decent pricing.

The company was started around two decades ago with a mission to provide high-quality weed seeds across the globe.

And, after serving within these many years, BC Bud Depot has earned a great market reputation among the growers.

Though around a few years back, BC Bud Depot was not an ideal choice for the growers to buy weed seeds.

Because of its poor services. Even though BC Bud Depot has won multiple industry awards.

However, in 2022, this seed bank has come with a bang!

With improved services, strain selection, and a better approach, BC Bud Depot has been one of the great options to buy weed seeds.

Detailed Review of BC Bud Depot

Now, let’s dive deeper into it:

1. Seed Selection and Quality

BC Bud Depot has a very extensive seed selection.

They have feminized, auto, limited edition, Scorpio Crew, DNA Genetics, and a separate selection for medical weed enthusiasts – high CBD seeds.

Even though they have also their seeds under the “BC Bud Depot” category, which will make you access their top selection of cannabis seeds.

All in all, BC Bud Depot has a stock of 500+ cannabis strains, which is quite huge.

And, they are perfectly categorized for the buyers, which makes finding your favorite strain easier.

Some of the best seeds of this seed bank are:

  • BC Good Bud
  • Star Cookies
  • Star Fruit
  • 24K Gold
  • BC Kush

While you can dig more to find some quality strains according to your need.

Therefore, considering the strain selection, there is no complaint to BC Bud Depot.

While coming to the quality as well, this seed bank has been quite impressive.

All weed seeds are imported from high-quality sources and therefore, they have a higher germination rate.

Though you don’t get a guarantee here, still, many growers have reported an excellent germination rate with impressive yield.

Their years of experience of being in the marijuana industry can be seen in their quality of seeds.

So, considering even the quality of seeds as well, you can expect BC Bud Depot as your perfect seed bank.

However, it would have been nearly perfect if this seed bank gives the germination guarantee. Though still, you get one of the finest quality seeds here.

2. Shipping and Delivery Services

BC Bud Depot ships worldwide.

Though its shipping service is quite slow. Because they take up to one week to ship the international orders once the payment is received, which is unexpected from such a quality seed bank.

However, local orders are shipped priority and even delivery time is quite better.

Well, this seed bank claims to ship the local orders within 24 to 48 hours after the payment is received.

And, if the order is placed on the weekend, then, of course, the order will be shipped on the next week’s working day.

While the international orders get delayed for some reasons, however.

One thing that is commendable here at BC Bud Depot is that they offer stealth packaging. And, therefore, your privacy will ultimately be completely maintained here.

Also, the company doesn’t mention something suspicious on the package which ultimately helps avoid the customs as well.

And, the best part is that they pack your seeds in a crush-proof package, which ensures your seeds stay safe during transit.

Moreover, this seed bank guarantees delivery as well.

Apart from shipping, the delivery service is also quite decent here.

You get your order within 10 days after shipping here. However, again, the international orders are delivered up to 30 working days after shipment.

And, this is something that needs to be improved at BC Bud Depot.

Of course, the delivery time depends on the location as well. Therefore, remote areas might take some time.

Well, it was the regular shipping of the company. And, this shipping costs you just $5.

While you will also get another option for shipping – express shipping. And, this cost you around $35.

The express shipping is much faster than the regular one.

The order placed with express shipping arrives within half time of the regular shipping. However, you have to pay extra for that.

Summing up, the shipping and delivery services at BC Bud Depot are decent. Though there is space for improvement, however, the guarantee on delivery covers up that space as well.

3. Customer Support

BC Bud Depot has decent customer support.

They have given you a contact number and e-mail as ways to reach their backend team in case of queries.

Therefore, you will always have back from the company.

Further, the customer service executives are supportive, fast, and reliable. They respond within 24 working hours.

However, sometimes the response gets delayed, which makes things frustrating. Though most of the time, their backend team works excellently.

Well, before contacting their team first, I will recommend you to check their FAQ page first. There you will get the answer to most general queries.

While ultimately, you will have a team of the company for any kind of help regarding their seeds.

4. Pricing

Compared to other affordable seed banks, BC Bud Depot has a slightly higher price for their premium range of seeds.

Though the starting price for their marijuana seeds varies between $7.5 to $12.5.

And, therefore, it becomes the perfect store for both novices and professional weed enthusiasts.

Well, of course, if you will be buying weed seeds in bulk here, then you will get the reduced price here.

5. Payment Options

There are very limited payment options available at BC Bud Depot.

However, you get convenient options though.

These are:

  • Credit Card (VISA & Mastercard)
  • Bitcoin
  • Money order/cash

My recommendation will be to choose either bitcoin or credit card as an option. Because it is a more safe and discrete option compared to the others.

Also, while ordering internationally, cash or money order is never an ideal option. As it takes more time to reflect on the vendor’s side.

And, the shipping of the order is done only when the amount is received. Therefore, you will never want your order to be delayed more.

That is why a credit card is one of the convenient, fast, and instant options.

6. Discount and Offers

There is no direct discount coupon code or offer available on the website.

However, you have a promotional offer available. The offer is available only when you will place the order with bitcoin.

Well, as the offers are not updated regularly, therefore, you have to keep a regular eye or contact the customer support team if there is an ongoing offer on the website.

7. Website Review

bc bud depot website

The website of BC Bud Depot is quite impressive.

It is designed professionally, has an interactive theme and all the required information.

At first glance, you will get everything to know at the homepage, which will help you what to expect from here.

While there is less info available about the store itself.

And, scrolling down the page will take you through their seed inventory.

At the most bottom, you will get a section of distributors, and industry rewards. You can also connect to the company on the different social media handles, which are given on the website as well.

Overall, the website leaves a decent impression at first glance. While every information is given that you might need to know.

8. Market Reputation

To be honest, right now, BC Bud Depot has a poor market reputation.

Because the reviews at different platforms consist of multiple complaints about the services of this seed bank.

And, the reviews at Trustpilot are not sufficient enough to conclude.

Grow forums, and review websites have mixed experiences.

Therefore, considering the latest available data, the market reputation of BC Bud Depot needs improvement.

The company has to work on different areas where they lack the most such as delivery time, providing discounts, and more payment options.

Though still in 2022, if you will be buying weed seeds from here locally then you can expect a better experience from BC Bud Depot.

9. Refund and Return Policy

Well, there is no return or refund policy available at BC Bud Depot.

And, therefore, the seeds once purchased cannot be returned to the company.

That is why even this seed bank says to buy a small number of seeds from them and see if they are up to your expectations.

And, if they are, then you can buy more.

Otherwise, you will not get a refund or return service here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it safe to buy weed seeds from BC Bud Depot?

Of course, yes! BC Bud Depot is a 100% safe and legit store to buy weed seeds. They have a great selection and multiple varieties of seeds that have won multiple awards including the High Times Cannabis Cup.

2. Can I place an order for BC Bud Depot with cash?

Cash on Delivery is not available at BC Bud Depot. However, you can opt for a money order/cash for placing your order.

3. Is there any better option available?

Yes! if you want a 100% germination guarantee, premium weed seeds, and top-notch services then ILGM is the better option. Though if you are budget conscious then you can visit MSNL as well.

4. What are the seed varieties available?

From feminized to high CBD, autos, you get the basic categories of weed seeds. However, you can also check the company’s selection as well under the “BC Bud Depot” section.

5. I received the wrong package, how to return it?

The package you get might rarely be wrong. However, there is no return or refund policy available at BC Bud Depot. Still, you can contact their backend team if something wrong has happened.

They will surely help you out.

BC Bud Depot Review: Verdict

At the end of this BC Bud Depot review, I will say try this seed bank if you want to get a small number of weed seeds.

Because there are better options available. And, this seed bank also doesn’t have any germination guarantee, which might be a concern for some growers.

Therefore, you can surely buy small packages from here. However, if you are a serious grower and want better services and quality then I will recommend looking for other seed banks.

Until then, have a safe and happy shopping!

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