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If you reside in Australia and desire to buy cannabis seeds in Australia of the highest quality.


It can be a daunting job to find the best Australian seed banks to buy marijuana seeds online.

Due to the law surrounding cannabis in Australia, you might need to order your seeds with international seed banks that offer discreet parcels.

You will find many reliable dispensaries that claim a delivery guarantee in Australia.

Here in this post, we are going to list some of the top best Australian seed banks.

We gathered seed banks that ship to Australia.

Australian Seed Banks: Overview

You can buy cannabis seeds in Australia from these top Australian seed banks

  1. I Love Growing Marijuana
  2. Australian Seed Bank
  3. Crop King Seeds
  4. MSNL
  5. True North Seed Bank

Many countries worldwide have certain limitations on using, buying, selling, and growing cannabis.

Australia is one of the nations where the debate on making the use of medical marijuana is progressing.

Buying, selling, possessing, and using marijuana in Australia is not fully legal. When you are caught, the punishments are different depending upon the laws of that region.

We strongly recommend that you follow the government’s guidelines from time to time before buying, selling, growing, or using cannabis in Australia.

1. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)


I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is the best seed bank in the world from where you can order your marijuana seeds online. The company ships the cannabis seeds in the USA and Australia.

One of the main reasons to go for ILGM is its strain quality and excellent customer service. You will find many mouthwatering strains on its easy-to-use website. Moreover, they have given complete details on each strain so that you can make an informed buying decision.

Apart from that, the blog of ILGM has numerous articles and growing guides that can help you even if you are a beginner or an experienced grower. The company also gives a germination guarantee, so if your seeds don’t get germination, you will receive free seeds.

2. Australian Seed Bank

With over 20 years of experience, Australian Seed Bank is one of the best cannabis vendors in Australia that you can trust. You can order from the seed bank without any worry as they provide discreet shipping for your privacy.

The stealth packaging offered by the dispensary will give you a sigh of relief as they pack the seeds into some random objects to avoid unnecessary attention. Moreover, you can remain anonymous by paying the vendor in bitcoin. Though, you can also pay them via money orders, credit cards, or debit cards.

3. Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is another reliable firm in the cannabis business. With many unique strains and attractive offers, Crop King has earned the trust of users worldwide to purchase their seeds. The company ships to Australia for an additional $10. Apart from autoflower cannabis and feminized strains, the vendor also offers Mix and Match strains and Fast Version strains.

The customer service from Crop King Seeds is tremendous. Furthermore, you will most probably get all your answers from the website’s FAQ page. To remain anonymous, you can pay using bitcoin. Apart from that, you can also use Mastercards and US or Canadian dollars to buy your seeds.

You can rest assured that all your seeds will be at your doorstep with discreet shipping. You can get free shipping if your order is above $200. Moreover, you need to pay $20 or $40 for Express Registered with Tracking Guaranteed Delivery with insurance.

4. (MSNL)


With a headquarter in Amsterdam, (MSNL) is one of the world’s most reliable seed banks. MSNL sells many marijuana products and strains, which are also available on other seed banks, exhibiting their trust and quality in the cannabis market. Most users worldwide trust MSNL for its genuine customer service and high-quality cannabis seeds.

The MSNL website is user-friendly with lots of strain-related information. You can choose from high-CBD strains, high-THC strains, autoflower strains, feminized strains, and many more. The company claims quick delivery, discreet worldwide shipping, and some unique strains that you will love. Plus, you will get discounts and offers on many value pack strains.

5. True North Seed Bank

best Canadian seed bank

True North Seed Bank is based in Canada, and you can order your favorite marijuana seeds in Australia with its discreet packaging. The company sells top-quality cannabis strains worldwide. You can also explore some of the best medical marijuana strains on the True North website. The 100% fresh cannabis and excellent customer service make them earn users’ trust.

True North only procures its seeds from the best breeders globally, so you don’t have to worry about the quality. You will find Next Generation Automatics, Old-School Regular seeds, landrace Sativa and Indica, and popular hybrid strains from the store.

What is more attractive about the vendor is that they offer free seeds with each order! The company claims to fulfill the orders with a guarantee. Due to uncertain cannabis laws, they pack your seeds discreetly.

Cannabis Legalization in Australia

Australia approved medicinal marijuana in 2016. As the climate in Australia is suitable to grow cannabis, the government is reviewing the laws surrounding cannabis for industrial usage. Australian Capital Territory (ACT) was passed in January 2020, making possession and cultivation illegal in Australia. As of now, it’s not sure whether the federal laws will be aligned with the ACT or not.

Moreover, the plantation and possession are allowed at a minimum quantity. And, the status of cannabis in most regions is decriminalized. Legalization is something that is permitted within the law, while decriminalization implies that a particular product, service, or process is not legal by the law, but it will not be charged as a criminal offense.

Can you grow medical marijuana legally?

Yes, you can grow medical marijuana plants legally in Australia if you comply with all the government’s guidelines. First, you need to acquire a license from the Office of Drug Control. Furthermore, you need to have permission and import-export licenses, follow government conventions, along with complying with TGA endorsements. As long as you conduct your operations legally, you will not be in any trouble. Make sure you attend courses on medical marijuana plantations and regulations.

People with severe medical conditions can have easy access to medical marijuana if the laws are friendly. Not everyone can afford costly prescribed pharmaceutical medicines, so the legalization of cannabis has offered such patients a huge relief.

Buying, possessing, and growing medical marijuana in Australia is legal with certain limitations. Patients with severe disorders that have a proper prescription from their doctors can use medical cannabis. Apart from that, growers of medical marijuana should comply with all the government guidelines and Therapeutic Goods Act to stay out of trouble.

There’s good news that some cannabis products have been reclassified as Schedule-8 drugs at the federal level to use with proper prescriptions. All you need to take care of is the law of different regions in Australia as they vary to some extent.

Legal Usage of Medical Marijuana in Australia

Queensland allows people to use cannabis in severe health conditions like HIV, epilepsy, MS, or cancer. You can use cannabis for specific health conditions in South and Western Australia if you have a proper prescription. The patients living in Tasmania can use medical marijuana under the “Controlled Access Scheme,” making unregistered cannabis available. However, the Northern Territory banned cannabis altogether.

Children with epilepsy that live in Victoria can use medical marijuana for their treatments. Elder people living in New South Wales and who have critical life-threatening health conditions can use medical marijuana legally. If you reside in the Australian Capital Territory, you can use some medical marijuana products under ‘Schedule 8’ drugs legally.

Penalties for Growing Marijuana Plants in Australia

With the status of ‘Schedule 9’ drug, using and growing cannabis recreationally can put you in some trouble. As we discussed, the laws surrounding cannabis are different for all regions; the same goes for penalties. If you grow a non-hydroponic marijuana plant, you might have to pay a fine of $50 to $200.

Make sure to pay the fine before the deadline they give you. If they catch you with 100g marijuana or 20g hash in South Australia, you may be fined between $50 to $150. Besides, you will be given 60 days to clear the penalty.

Legal Penalties of Using Cannabis in Australia

As you cannot directly buy cannabis seeds easily from an Australian vendor, the best way to buy your favorite marijuana seeds is from reliable international online stores. Make sure you choose the right seed bank or dispensary that offers discreet shipping and stealth packing to stay out of trouble from the Customs officers. 25g of recreational cannabis in the Australian Capital Territory may attract a $100 fine to be paid within 60 days.

Moreover, 60g cannabis or 10g Hash in the Northern Territory states will attract a $200 fine to be paid within 28 days. Victoria and Tasmania allow 50g of cannabis with a warning. If users are caught with recreational cannabis in Western Australia, they will be fined $2,000 even if they possess 10g of cannabis.

Plus, they might also get a couple of years in jail. Summing it all up, Western Australia has the strictest laws, and Southern Australia has a somewhat soft approach when it comes to cannabis.

In a Nutshell

As we reviewed here, various states in Australia have a varied stance on cannabis. It’s advisable to look out for up-to-date information before using, buying, selling, or cultivating cannabis. If you plan to grow weed in Australia, comply with all the necessary federal rules to run your business legally.

We have briefly reviewed the laws and punishments surrounding cannabis, so if you reside in Australia or are traveling to any of the states, make sure you are not putting yourself in trouble.

Many reliable seed banks can get you discreet parcels in stealth packaging. We have reviewed some of the best seed banks above that offer high-quality cannabis seeds in Australia. So choose your favorite strain from the above-given places.

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